REVIEW: Labello Lip Butter / Blogmas Day 1

Hey loves :) I decided I'll try to do Blogmas this year, which means blogging from the 1st of December to 25th, everyday, but I'll try to do it till the last of the month, so till 31st. I'll hope you enjoy, I have some posts planned already :)

Today's review is about the Labello Lip Butter. I know I'm late to the party with this one haha, but anyway :) I got this lip butter from my dear friend last year for Christmas :3

Mine is the Vanilla & Macadamia version, but they also have the original, raspberry, blueberry and coconut.

It's not that bad, hydrates nicely if you don't have extremely dry lips, and the formula is not to heavy or waxy, but it can leave a slight white cast on the lips. Smells nice, but I mostly smell vanilla, not really macadamia.

To be honest, I've waited with reviewing this because I've been kinda waiting for a miracle to happen and I start to love it.. I've read only good reviews, but I'm sorry, I really don't get the hype.

Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad lip balm, however it really is nothing special, I prefer my Burt's bees when my lips are in bad condition.

Oh and I absolutely HATE the packaging. I have to keep it a little bit open, because it's so hard to open the lid, so I only use it at home. It's not really travel friendly plus I also don't like applying it with fingers and that's the other reason why I only use it at home.

The product didn't convince me and when I ran out of it I won't be buying it. To conclude, it's an average lip balm with the exception of horrible packaging, but if the packaging and using fingers to apply don't bother you, you may actually like it :)

- nice smell
- not too heavy or waxy
- hydrating

- you have to reapply it a lot
- using fingers to apply

If any of you have tried this product, please tell me I'm not the only one that doesn't get the hype around this :D


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  1. Amazing post dear! You have a wonderful blog:)
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  2. That product is very good I have one and I like it a lot, have a good day

  3. Ta vonj je edini, ki ga odpiram z največjo muko, ostale brez problema :D Diši super ampak so mi ostali še boljši :D Priporočam ;)