Haul From Born Pretty Store*

Hello loves :)

Hope you all who celebrate Easter had an amazing one ;) Born Pretty Store actually gave me another opportunity to choose items from them for review purposes. Thank you so much, all the items I get from you guys are amazing! Born Pretty Store has an amazing variety of products and they offer worldwide shipping while they offer great deals as well :)

I chose three items and it usually takes 4-5 weeks for the package to arrive to Slovenia.

The first item I chose is this beautiful heart shaped adjustable ring.

It's gold rose and has a pretty heart shaped rhinestone. I love the fact that it is adjustable, since we don't all have thin fingers :P

It retails for 0,99$ (currently it's on sale), which is definitely an amazing price for such a cute ring! You can get it here -> CLICK.

The next item that seemed so unique to me was this earring.

I love earrings like this because they look amazing and give that special touch to any outfit :)

It retails for 2,46$ (on sale currently) and you can buy it here -> CLICK. I got mine in silver, but you can also get it in gold :)

And the last but not the least is this awesome necklace/watch organizer.

I've been always wanting these organizers, since I always lose my jewelry. I did got the necklace tree organizer from Born Pretty Store also and I love it so much, but it holds only my necklaces and earrings. So this one is perfect for my bracelets and my watches! Such a nice organizer indeed.

Beautiful! You can get this one for 7.44$ here -> CLICK.

If you want to save even more money, you can use my code TJAT10, which is valid for all non-discounted items on Born Pretty Store.

Big thanks to the company again!


*products were sent to me for review

Essence "Little Eyebrow Monsters" Trend Edition - Preview

flashy brows! brows are leading the beauty top list this season and should be accentuated and definitely eye-catching. with the right shape, they highlight the eyes and give any make-up style an individual touch. the new essence trend edition “little eyebrow monsters”provides girls with everything they need for perfectly defined wow-brows. the collection includes care products and cute tweezers for preparation, an eyebrow & highlighter set and practical helpers like stencils in three different shapes for fabulous “look at me” brows. brow wow… with essence!

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters - Eyebrow Treatment

treat well! this eyebrow treatment provides ideal overnight care. enriched with valuable oils, it ensures smooth hair and makes brows look gorgeous while you sleep. 

available in 01 no trick just treat.

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters - Tweezers

shaping. the tweezers with a funny brow-monster design has a flat, slanted tip for particularly accurate plucking. this way, the brows can be shaped in a flash. on top, the tweezers come in a practical pouch.

available in 01 don't touch the monsters!

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters - Eyebrow & Highlighter Set

gimme brows! two eyebrow powders in brown shades including a highlighter are sure to put the focus on the brows. thanks to the baked texture and the integrated brush, the fine brow hair captures the colour wonderfully. in a subtle, lighter version for blonde and light brown hair and an expressive, darker version for brunettes and black-haired beauties.

available in 01 little miss natural and 02 little miss bold.

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters - Eyebrow Pen

perfect frame. the powder in a pen-shape comes with a soft sponge applicator that perfectly deposits the colour on the brows. three different shades of brown for light, medium and darker hair offer just the right colour for every girl.

available in 01 little miss natural02 little miss bold and 03 little miss dark.

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters - Eyebrow Mascara

beau-brows! the tinted gel of the eyebrow mascara is available in a lighter or a darker shade. the gel contains tiny fibers to fill in any gaps and creates beautifully defined, full brows.

available in 01 ernie knows best and 02 bert knows better.

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters - Eyebrow Lifter

lift it up. set gorgeous highlights below the brows with the silky-shimmering texture of the eyebrow lifters. radiant white and soft rosé visibly lift the brows.

available in 01 lift'em up in white and 02 lift'em up in rosy.

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters - Eyebrow Fixing Gel

in top shape! the gel fixes the brows in their natural shape and keeps them in place all day long. thanks to the transparent texture, this gel is suitable for all hair types.

available in 01 hold'em in place.

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters - Eyebrow Stencils

expressive! three different stencils offer help with your brow make-up – they make it super easy to accentuate the brows and give them a new, cool shape that makes a statement.

available in 01 say yes to statement brows.

Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters - Eyebrow Styler

multitalent. the duo-stylist is ideal for combing the brows and applying eyebrow powder.

available in 01 monsters in style.

Empties #17

Hey loves :)

I've been quite good with using up the products, so I have another empties post for you :) 

Syoss Anti-Dandruff Shampoo - I like it, did help me with my dandruff problem, but it doesn't prolong washing the hair.

Repurchase: Yes, I did already.

Ebelin Nagellack-Entferner Express - I love this "spongy" nail polish remover, makes the removing of the nail polish so easy and quick.

Repurchase: Always.

Moj Dan Hand Soap - I bought it on clearance, 50% off. It was milk and honey scented and I enjoyed it quite a lot :)

Repurchase: It was discontinued.

Green Line 3 in 1 Cleansing Emulsion - at first I was quite skeptical about the whole idea of cleansing and toning with a cream - the consistency of this emulsion was thick, like a cream. But when I started using it on a daily basis I really liked it! It was a nice product, cleaned my face completely.

Repurchase: Maybe, but not at the moment because I have other cleansing products.

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer - I had a love/hate relationship with this primer. Sometimes it worked great for my skin, but sometimes it just didn't cooperate :D

Repurchase: No.

Oriflame Nature Secrets Soap Bar - with anti-bacterial extracts, tea tree & mandarin. I always buy soap bars from Oriflame, since they are very good. Moisturizing, smell nice and all in all they're a nice product for the money.

Repurchase: I will, but a different scent.

Parodontax Daily Toothpaste - Gentle whitening. Another product that's definitely not new to my blog. This toothpaste is a holy grail for me, does it's job and keeps my gums from bleeding. It's more expensive than a regular toothpaste, but it's worth the money.

Repurchase: Yes, but a different kind, probably without fluoride.

Essence Studio Nails 24/7 Nail Base - I did use it as a nail base, but it wasn't anything special, quite average I must say. It did got thick quite quickly.

Repurchase: Nop.

Catrice Kohl Pencil in Dark Brown - I used it as an eyebrow pencil and it matched my brow colour perfectly.

Repurchase: I think it's discontinued :(

Maybelline Shiny-Licious fruity gloss in 805 Bubblegum Twinkle Berry - well this one is very, very old. It was probably one of my first glosses I ever bought. It still smells nice, but I had to get rid of it now :D

Repurchase: Discontinued.

Avon Perfect Kiss Lip Gloss in Naturally Nude - Oh I was totally obsessed with this gem. It was amazing, "my lips but better" colour. Beautiful, but they're discontinued and I hope they at least bring them back in the clearance brochure.

Repurchase: Discontinued, but yes definitely if they appear in the clearance brochure again ;)

That's it guys, hope you enjoyed and have an amazing weekend ;)


The Liebster Award

Hi everyone :)

Today's post is a little bit different than usual - I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Isabelle, an awesome blogger that I always love to read. She's very passionate, loving and so sweet, thank you honey for the nomination <3  Definitely go check her blog, you won't be disappointed! ;) 

The rules are pretty simple:

- Include the Liebster Award sticker

- Nominate 3 followers with 1000 followers or less by commenting on their blog and spread the love on social networks if you feel like it

- Answer your nominator's questions and make 10 questions for your new nominees

So I'll start with the answers on the questions the lovely Isabelle had asked me:

1. What was your motivation to start blogging?

My biggest motivation to start a blog was basically my passion for makeup. I always like to share my opinion on products with other people, so why not do it on a whole new level ;) I also was reading a lot of other blogs and that wish to start my own blog was always there, so one day I just did it! :)

2. Do you make up a strict blog planning or are you more a go-with-the-flow writer?

I tried to have a schedule, but unfortunately it doesn't work for me at all. I see a blog as my hobby which I write whenever I feel like it and the schedule started to annoy me, or I'd say I wasn't as excited to write posts as I was before. So I dropped it and now I write when I feel like it :) I do however write the ideas for future posts in a special notebook :) I think it's very important to go with what works for you, because even the style of writing changes when you're annoyed or happy/excited.

3. If you have to stick with one topic to write about, what would it be?

Not a hard question for me, since I already mostly write about makeup ;) So yes, makeup indeed. In particular, reviews.

4. Which qualities do you think a good blogger should have?

In my opinion a good blogger should be honest! That's the first one I have to mention since I find more and more blogs everyday that are not honest. I mean, even if you do get products for free to review, please be honest to your readers. Otherwise I'd say a blogger should have to be patient, since a blog takes a lot of time and effort. And passionate for things that you write about doesn't hurt either, since it definitely shows in the writing ;)

5. Who's your favorite blogger? Why?

Oh sorry to disappoint you, but I really don't have a favorite one. I follow a lot of blogs, which are very different, from self love, makeup to clothes, makeup, traveling... I love the diversity I have in my following ;)

6. Is there something you're really passionate about? If yes, tell me about it

I'm passionate about makeup - which is obvious now I think haha :P I am also quite passionate about finding deals in the stores, I think I'd be on the show Extreme couponing if we had coupons here in Slovenia like they do in America haha :D

7. What's your biggest dream?

My biggest dream would be working for some kind of makeup company, doesn't matter what I would do. I'd be happy working as a cashier in Drogerie Markt for example :) My dream also includes having a loving husband and a bunch of kids<3

8. What's your favorite book?

Again, sorry to disappoint you, but I don't have a favorite one, since I read a lot. There are a lot of good authors out there, Coben, Patterson, Anders de la Motte etc. But if you are very open minded I would definitely recommend you David Icke's Human Race Get Off Your Knees - the lion sleeps no more. It's quite a controversial book, banned in some countries too, but it's amazing. You cannot read it and be the same person you were when you picked it up. It is life changing.

9. Do you watch a lot of TV series? If yes, what was the last episode you watched?

I do! I in fact mainly watch series :) The last episode was the episode from Better call Saul, such a great series! Definitely check it out, if you're a fan of Breaking Bad ;)

10. If you could pick one big star you were able to get a meet and greet with, who would it be? Why?

That's a hard question for me since I'm not really that much about "big stars".. But I'd say it would be Adele, she seems so down to earth person, really funny and of course she's an amazing singer. In fact I'd be happy just to see her perform live.

Isabelle, I hope you enjoyed my answers ;) Thank you again dear, I wish you all the best, you're an amazing person.

My nominees:

- Kerona from Simply being me  I always love her positive posts. I enjoy reading her opinion on life.

- Ivonne from Crafty-zone. Her blog is definitely worth reading, I love her DIY's, weekly inspirations always lift me up and her outfits are just beautiful! :)

- Irreaplaceable Fashion. If you want style inspirations, she always posts great outfits. She's very talented and very pretty as well :)

My 10 questions:

1. Where would you like to be in 5 years?
2. What is your biggest fear?
3. If you could go to any place in the world, where would that be and why?
4. Who/What inspires you?
5. What is one of your talents?
6. Best gift you've ever given? Received?
7. Biggest goal for your blog in 2016?
8. What are some of your favourite quotes?
9. What is the story behind your blog name?
10. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to your 15-year-old self?

That's it guys. I hope the nominees are happy with their nomination ;)

I hope you all enjoyed my answers and have a lovely day <3


Sleek Pout Paint REVIEW - 154 Mauve Over

Hey everyone :)

Today's review is another product that's totally my first one from this company. I bought myself a Sleek Pout Paint in 154 Mauve Over, since I found it interesting and it was also on sale. Mine is from Click2chic.si -> for Slovenian readers, they have them on sale for 4.48€, which is 50% off, great deal if you want one!

It's basically a highly pigmented lip stain and you get 8 ml of product. It can be used alone or you can mix it up with other shades in the range as well. Let me tell you, it really is VERY pigmented, so a little goes a long way.

The formula and consistency is also very thick and creamy. I love the fact that this product is so versatile! It can be also used as a cream blush if you mix it with a little bit of foundation :)

It's not drying and applied over a lip pencil actually lasts for hours. The only downside to me is that it's more difficult to apply than a normal lipstick. Oh and it's not transfer proof at all!

I would definitely recommend using a thin lip brush (and have patience :P) if you want a precise application. Also you have to reapply it throughout the day, since it definitely doesn't last that long.

- thick, creamy consistency
- dewy finish
- 11 shades in the range
- highly pigmented so a little goes a long way
- not drying

- not transfer proof
- not as longlasting as I would like
- difficult to apply, a lip brush is a must!

To conclude, this pout paint is very pigmented and don't judge it by the small tube, it will last you a long time since a very little amount goes a long way! It definitely doesn't last a whole day and the application is a bit tough - a lip brush is a must. But I'm in love with colour and with the versatility of the product, so it's a "thumbs up" for me ;)

Have you tried this product? I'd love to read your opinion ;)


Essence "Lights Of Orient" Trend Edition - Preview

Oriental beauty express! Let essence take you on an exciting journey into the world of 1001 Arabian Nights with the new trend edition “lights of orient” from mid April to mid May 2016 and dive into the oriental culture. The pulsating bustle around the souks, desert landscapes with magnificent Bedouin tents and the temperamental rhythm of the belly dancers – the unique flair fascinates all visitors. And the oriental look with deep black eyeliner and golden highlights is also impressive. The colour scheme of this bronzing edition is as warm as the Arabian sun with cream, gold, copper and various nuances of red. There are many treasures just waiting to be discovered, including a beautiful bronzer in an oriental design with a matt bronzing texture and shimmering golden powder in the center. The matt lipsticks in trendy oxblood as well as two additional red tones and the golden body tattoos are particularly eye-catching on tanned skin. The body splash with a warm, floral fragrance provides a boost of freshness on hot, sunny days. essence loves… Arabian nights!

Essence Lights Of Orient - Eyeshadow Palette

Light and shadows! The eyeshadow palette with six warm colours creates either subtle or intensive nude-looks as desired. With it's small duoapplicator, integrated mirror and ornamental design, the palette is sure to become a true favorite. 

Available in  we   arabian nights.

Essence Lights Of Orient - Eyebrow Shaper

Genie in a pen. The eyebrow pen with a retractable mine in light or dark brown ensures perfectly defined brows. The second end combines a sponge for blending and a sharpener. 

Available in 01 sunkissed beauty and 02 oriental beauty

Essence Lights Of Orient - Magic Eyeliner Pen

Mystic eyes! This eyeliner pen with a round, conical felt-tip in mysterious black is ideal for creating classic eyeliner looks and smokey eyes - and it's perfect for oriental cat eyes, too! 

Available in 01 Aladdin loves cat eyes.

Essence Lights Of Orient - Matt Lipstick

Arabian nights. These bold red shades – trendy oxblood, intensive purple and warm rosewood – with a matt finish provide the lips with a true glam factor! Comes in an elegant slim-stick shape. 

Available in 01 belly dancing queen, 02 princess jasmines choice and 03 the sultan's daughter.

Essence Lights Of Orient - Bronzer

The rising sun! The bronzer with an oriental pattern unites a matt powder with a shimmering golden center – both can be mixed and matched to your heart’s content. Available in two versions – for lighter and darker skin types – to ensure a slightly tanned-looking complexion. 

Available in 01 sunkissed beauty and 02 oriental beauty.

Essence Lights Of Orient - Highlighter Stick

Desert glow. The creamy jumbo stick with golden shimmer pigments creates gorgeous highlights on your face. Quick and easy to apply thanks to the practical pen-shape, it is ideal for the trendy “strobing” look. 

Available in 01 golden gate to orient.

Essence Lights Of Orient - Blush

Light of dawn! The two-tone powder blush with a soft texture in rosewoodwith a pink part ensures a fresh complexion – as if you have just returned from an exciting tour of the desert. 

Available in 01 princess jasmines choice

Essence Lights Of Orient - Blush Brush

ARTifact. The slanted shape of the brush allows an accurate application of powder blush. The brush is a true beauty-gem with its golden handle and ornamental design. 

Available in 01 a whole new world.

Essence Lights Of Orient - Nail Polish

Colours of orient. Gold and purple with metallic effects as well as rosewood and oxblood with a high-shine finish provide the nails with longlasting colour and great coverage. 

Available in 01 golden gate to orient, 02 the sultan's daughter, 03 princess jasmines choice and 04 belly dancing queen.

Essence Lights Of Orient - Body & Cuticle Tattoos

Body art. Golden and turquoise body and cuticle tattoos in various ornamental designs ensure wow-styles, especially on tanned skin! 

Available in 01 magic carpet ride. Three sheets with a total of 56 tattoos.

Essence Lights Of Orient - Oriental Body Splash

Refresh! The light body spray with a summery, floral scent provides a boost of freshness on hot days at the bazaar or in the souks. 

Available in 01 genie in a bottle. 100 ml.