Essence "Blossom Dreams" TE - PREVIEW

The new essence trend edition “blossom dreams” is welcoming the spring season from March until April 2017 and plays with the shimmer of the sun’s rays. 

Essence "Blossom Dreams" - Highlighter & Blush Brush

The flat brush with thick bristles is ideal for the application of blush and highlighter.

Available in 01 The Whisper of Spring.

Essence "Blossom Dreams" - Rainbow Highlighter

 The multi-colour highlighter with a rainbow look gives the cheeks a soft glow.

Available in 01 Prism Of Light.

Essence "Blossom Dreams" - Blush

Delicate blush with a blossom embossment in two shimmering colours. 

Available in 01 Call me Coral and 02 Kiss from a Rose.

Essence "Blossom Dreams" - Scented Nail File

One end files the nails while the other shapes them – and on top, it has a lovely flowery fragrance.

Available in 01 Smells like spring spirit.

Essence "Blossom Dreams" - Waterbased Top Coat

The waterbased Top Coat is essential for the nail pigment styling as it seals the look and ensures a longlasting effect.

Available in 01 Set the look.

Essence "Blossom Dreams" - Nail Oil

The moisturizing 2-phase nail oil pampers the nails and cuticles.

Available in 01 Smells like spring spirit.

Essence "Blossom Dreams" - Chrome Eyeliner Pen


The pen sets statements around the eyes. Easy to apply thanks to the “easy glide” texture.

Available in 01 Of petals and pearls and 02 Do you hear the chirping birds?

Essence "Blossom Dreams" - Liquid Eyebrow Lifter

The liquid highlighter with light-reflecting pigments visibly opens the eyes.

Available in 01 Just gimme the light.

Essence "Blossom Dreams" - Eyeshadow Palette

Rosé, nude, mauve and highlighter shades create a gorgeous spring look.

Available in 01 Spring is in the air.

Essence "Blossom Dreams" - Velvet Lip Pencil 

The wooden pencil can be sharpened and offers bright colours with a fabulous coverage for velvety lips.

Available in 01 Kiss from a rose and 02 Call me coral.

Essence "Blossom Dreams" - Voluminizing Lip Gloss

The gloss with a plumping effect makes the lips appear fuller and provides a beautiful shine.

Available in 01 The whisper of spring.

Essence "Blossom Dreams" - Iridescent Effect Nail Pigment

The special pigments provide all nail polish colours – especially pastel shades – with an iridescent finish. Apply with a finger and rub into the nail.

Available in 01 Rosy Reflections.

Essence "Blossom Dreams" - Mirror Effect Nail Pigment

The pigments contain real silver and create a chrome look, especially on top of nails polished in light colours. Apply with a finger and rub into the nail.

Available in 01 Mirror, mirror on my nails.

Ebay Finds #5

Hello :)

I found some great things on Ebay recently, so I wanted to share them with you. If you don't like replicas, you're not gonna like this post :D I found a replica of The Balm's travel palette and Colourpop's supershock eyeshadows. You can see what I found on Ebay in my previous Ebay finds -> CLICK.

So the first item I found on auction was this replica of The Balm's Voyage vol. 2 travel palette. I love The balm's designs/packaging so that's why I decided to buy it :)

I really love the retro packaging and design. It's very travel friendly since it's sturdy and comes with a nice size mirror integrated. It contains 9 eyeshadows, a bronzer, luminizer, two blushes and two lip colours. It seems perfect to travel with!

A few swatches from shadows:

Blush swatches:

And lip colours:

I actually think this is a nice palette, very travel friendly. I paid 4,04$ which is a bargain! :)

The second item I found on Ebay are replicas of Colourpop's eyeshadows. I decided to buy only one of the colours, to see how it performs.

I bought mine in Kathleen Lights, which is a gorgeous bronze shimmery shadow.

The texture is amazing, feels really buttery and it's very pigmented. I would never guess it's a replica if I had not known. This swatch is made only with one swipe:

I really enjoy using it. I paid 1,39$ for it.

Let me know if you like these :)

Happy Sunday <3

Born Pretty Store Gemstone Necklace*

Hi loves :3
Born Pretty Store gave me yet another opportunity to chose items for review purposes. I've been working with this company constantly. This time my sister chose a necklace and I decided to chose a jewelry organizer.

They offer free worldwide shipping, always have great deals and an amazing variety of products! The package usually takes 4 - 5 weeks to arrive to Slovenia and it's always safely wrapped in a bubble wrap, to prevent any damage. 
The first item is a necklace that was chosen by my sister and I actually envy her because it really is beautiful.
It looks very interesting and beautiful, even more so in real life than on photos! I love how detailed the crescent moon is, and the centre dangle has absolutely stunning colours.

You can choose different patterns, my sister chose it in #2. It retails for 1,75$ (on sale) and you can buy it here -> CLICK.

And the item I chose for myself is a jewelry organizer because I definitely have too much jewelry :D

I love the fact that this organizer is very compact and that's why it's handy to travel with.

It closes with a button and it has 3 compartments for jewelry. 

You can get it in four different colours, I got mine in #1 which is a purple. It retails for 7,90$ and you can buy it here -> CLICK.

If you want to save even more money, you can use my code TJAT10, which is valid for all non-discounted items on Born Pretty Store.

Thank you for reading and big thanks to Born Pretty Store for sending me the items.

Till next time, kisses,

*items were sent to me for review

REVIEW: Revlon Nearly Naked

Hello everyone :)

The last foundation I bought was Revlon Nearly Naked foundation because it was on sale and today I wanted to review it for you guys :) I went with shade 120 Vanilla after spending way too much time looking at swatch photos. 

I paid around 6€ (on sale) for 30 ml of product. The formula itself is relatively watery but surprisingly pigmented. The biggest con I have about the product is the same one shared by bloggers all over, which is the lack of a pump. Pouring the foundation out  is not convenient. It’s not a deal breaker for me, but it might be for some.

This foundation is perfect for those looking for light coverage. I find that it can even act as a concealer/eye primer because of how light it is. It glides on the skin smoothly and covers up pores and redness.

It has never oxidized on me, which is great, but I can't seem to get all day wear from it. Nearly Naked gives me roughly six hours of wear before it starts to break down. It is wonderful for day to day wear, but I'll need something more for work days. The finish and coverage is just right for me, this is probably the most natural looking, skin-like foundation that I've tried.

My only complaint really only has to do with the container of the product. I'm really not very fond of bottles you have to pour out of, it's just so messy and really wastes a lot of product. 

Do you have this foundation, what do you think? :)

Katja Dresses*

Hey guys :)

I've recently came along the store called Aisle Style was founded in 2007 and is a global online retailer of evening dresses, wedding dresses, prom dresses, and dresses for special occasions. Their factory and operations are located in the city of Suzhou, China.
They offer great variety of dresses, for example bridesmaid dresses UK, prom dresses, communion dresses and any other evening/special occasion dresses.

My favourite wedding dresses are these:

Their dresses for weddings look absolutely stunning and I think any woman would find a perfect one for herself because they do have a great variety of different dresses. So classy and beautiful at the same time!

I also browsed through their bridesmaid dresses 2017 and these are my favourites:

Couldn't go past their homecoming dresses, because they're so pretty as well :)

Let me know which one's your favourite ;)


*sponsored post


Hello :)

Today I want to show you my burgundy outfit, I bought this shirt in store called Newyorker and I've been loving it. Earrings are from Born Pretty Store.

Thank you for reading <3

Empties #26

Hello everyone :)

Today I'll share with you my empty products I gathered since the last empties post :D

Let's jump into it :)

Balea Anti-Transpirant Deospray Active - I really like Balea deodorants, they're so affordable and work great. 

Repurchase: Another scent.

Avon Winter Dreamland Shower Gel - really enjoyed the scent of raspberry and apple especially now in the winter. It got thick at the end and it was really hard to squeeze it out, not sure why that happened.

Repurchase: It was limited edition.

Syoss Anti-Dandruff Shampoo - this one worked great for some time and really got rid of some of my dandruff however somehow it stopped working on my hair. I have a big dandruff problem and also oily hair so I'm in desperate need for a good shampoo, any recommendations?

Repurchase: I have a bottle left but than I won't repurchase it.

Balea Mizellen ReinigugsTucher - these were basically cleansing wipes with micellar solution. I did enjoy them for the times when I didn't feel like cleansing my face properly :P

Repurchase: Maybe.

Clinique 7-Day Scrub Cream - rinse-off formula. I did enjoy the scrub but it was quite rough on the skin.

Repurchase: Probably not.

Maxfactor Mascara - not sure about the name of this one, because it totally removed from the packaging, sorry. I really liked it because it separated my lashes nicely and also gave them quite a lot of length.

Repurchase: Maybe in the future.

Catrice Eyebrow Designer - it was basically a brow gel. I liked it, worked great but started smelling bad so I had to throw it out.

Repurchase: Maybe, currently I have Essence's one.

Lisa Lip Gloss - I got this one when I purchased a magazine called Lisa, ages ago. It was just a clear gloss with shimmer in it. I had it for a long time so it was time to throw it out :)

Repurchase: No.

Parodontax Classic Fluoride Free Daily Toothpaste - if you follow me for some time you know I love Parodontax toothpaste. I'm always repurchasing it because it's the only toothpaste that helped me with bleeding gums. Totally worth every cent.

Repurchase: I did already.

Aquafresh High Definition White Toothpaste - An average toothpaste, nothing special about it.

Repurchase: Nop.

Hope you guys enjoyed, have a great day! :)