New In - October

Hi cuties :)
Today I'll show you new products that I bought in October ;)

Let's start ;)

Balea Romantic Star Deo Bodyspray
Avon Senses Seventh Heaven Shower Gel

Balea 'Getönte Feuchtigkeits Creme (Naturell)

Ebelin Professiona Express Nagellackentferner
Maybelline Colorama Bleached Neons (242)

Dotting Tools 

Avon Chevron Chic Earrings

That's all for October :)
If you want me to do a review on anything, comment bellow!


Slovenian bloggers 20. - 26. 10. 2014

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REVIEW: MUA Glitter Ball Eyeshadow Palette


This palette claims to "add sparkle to your eyes for ultimate impact" - so be aware all people who dislike glitter and shimmer, this is not the palette for you! 

There are 12 colours and in total this weighs 9.6 grams.

 Let's start with the swatches ;)

The first 3 colours are these:

Black - very pigmented
Peach Pink - not as pigmented as black one
Emerald Green - shimmery with heavy glitter

The next 3 colours:

Pale Green - greys out
Bright Blue - well pigmented

The next ones:

Plum/Taupe - such an unusual colour, much nicer than the swatch
Golden Copper - my favourite! 
Pale Pink - pigmented, but hard to blend

And the last 3:

Dark Plum 
Dark Golden Brown

My final complaint is, the most annoying to me - the fallout. There is an awful lot of it.

           - 12 shades 
           - very cheap
           - the shades are very wearable

           - a LOT of fallout
           - the palette doesn't have a mirror
           - applicator is useless

To conclude, it's still a good palette for the price :)

I hope you like this review and have a nice weekend :)


NOTD*13: Avon Colortrend - Lioness

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Avon Colortrend - Lioness (2coats) + Avon Colortrend Silver Plated (1coat on ringfingers)

Essence "Come to town" Trend Edition - Preview


"make a wish! essence whisks you away to a christmas shopping spree in new york with the new trend edition “come to town”! beautifully decorated window display, the xxl christmas tree in front of the rockefeller center, and a sparkling sea of lights puts you in the ideal mood to shop for gifts.

and this trend edition is a perfect present: the gorgeous color scheme consists of classic yuletide shades like red and green but also silver, gold, beige and pink. highlights include the shimmering body powder with a powdery light vanilla fragrance and two cute nail polish sets with three different colors each – all with a festive gift look that no beauty will want to give away. there are also exciting beauty pieces for your eyes, lips, face and nails. on top of all this, there is a set of five cards so that all girls can send their loved ones christmas greetings."

a wonderful christmas time… with essence

Essence Come To Town - Quattro Eyeshadow
 shimmery star! the quattro eyeshadows with metallic effects creates endless eye make-up styles. both versions contain gold and silver, and are combined with green-mint or dark red-pink respectively. the long-lasting texture is super-soft and blends easily.
available in 01 make a wish and 02 naughty or nice?


Essence Come To Town - Eye Pencil
merrytallic! the cool eye pencils in gold, dark red and green create long-lasting eyeliner styles with an ultra-metallic finish. the pencil can be used along your waterline or in the inner corner of your eye.
available in 01 make a wish, 02 naughty or nice? and 03 the most wonderful tree

Essence Come To Town - Lipstick
under the mistletoe… the limited colors in classic red and dark pink ensure gorgeous lips with a wow-factor. the creamy, light lipsticks last for hours and won’t dry out your lips.
available in 01 is that you, santa? and 02 wrapped in pink


Essence Come To Town - Cream Blush
 christmas cheeks. deep red and intensive pink brighten up your winter complexion with a fresh touch of color. the soft, creamy texture practically melts with your skin and blends really easily.
available in 01 is that you, santa? and 02 wrapped in pink.

 Essence Come To Town - Shimmering Body Powder
 pretty gift! the shimmering body powder in a cute gift packaging gives your skin a soft glow and is easy to apply with the decorative powder puff. with a subtle vanilla scent – simply irresistible!
available in 01 make a wish. 


Essence Come To Town - Nail Polish Set
trio-time… the two nail polish sets are the ideal small gifts to treat your best friend – or yourself! each set contains two nail polishes and a glitter topper in christmassy color combinations to ensure trendy nail styles during the festive season! in a cute gift box.
available in 01 naughty or nice? and 02 got my list? 

Essence Come To Town - Lametta Topper
glam in green… this nail polish topper with cool effect-particles creates an eye-catching tinsel style on your nails. the ultimate look for all christmas fans.
available in 01 the most wonderful tree. 

Essence Come To Town - Greeting Cards
 happy holidays! these greeting cards are ideal for all beauties that love to write and wish to put a smile on the faces of their loved ones. the set contains five lovingly designed christmas cards.
available in 01 season greetings. 

 This LE will be in stores in November 2014.

Will you buy anything? :) The nail polishes are actually similar to the last year christmas LE :)


Falling with.. TAG

Hi cuties :)
Today I have for you a fall TAG. This one is a little bit different than the other tags, and I think it's awesome :) I was tagged by a fellow blogger Invisibly Perfect :)

Question 1: If you could fall for one of your eyebrows, which would it be?
It would probably be a left eyebrow, because it looks better than the right one hehe :D

Question 2: If any celebrity could fall for you, which celebrity would it be?
 Channing Tatum, Ashton Kutcher or Ryan Gosling. :P

Question 3: If you could fall and land anywhere on earth where would it be?
Hmmm.. Bora Bora :)
Question 4: If you could fall into a jukebox and listen to one song on repeat for the rest of your life, what song would it be? 
OMG I can't answer this question :D  I don't have a favourite song and I can't even choose only one.

Question 5: If you could fall into any movie, what movie would it be?
The fault in our stars. I would probably cry all the time, but anyway :P
Question 6: If you could fall back in time, where would you fall back too?
Probably in my teenage years, when you don't have a lot of problems and responsibilities.

Question 7: If you could fall and hit your head and lose one memory, what memory would you lose?
I wouldn't lose any. Memories just made me who I am today. :)

Question 8: If you could fall into any season and stay there all year round, what season would it be?
I don't know.. spring maybe :D when it's not that hot and not that cold either :P

Question 9: If you were going to fall into trouble, what would it most likely be?
When i fell into troubles it was probably because I came home too late or something like this :D

Question 10: If you were to fall into 1 million pounds and you could only spend it in one store, which store would it be?
Müller or DM absolutly :)

I had fun doing this tag and I hoped you enjoyed reading! :)

And of course I TAG:
Tanita from Smile Everyday

Empties #2

My second empties post is here! :D (you can find my first one HERE)


Vichy Idealia BB creme sample - It's for all skin types, paraben-free and has SPF 25. I LOVED it! I have oily skin and it worked for me brilliantly. It did reduce redness and also gave me an increase in general luminosity and glowiness. I just don't love the price, which is around 25€ for 40 ml.

Purchase: A little bit too pricey for me at the moment. But when I'll have the money, absolutely!

Green Line Natural Clear - Tinted Moisturizer sample - It's against spots and blackheads and it also covers minor skin imperfections. It contains lemongrass and honey extracts. This one really suprised me. It's very light and absorbs into the skin quickly. I always use it under my foundation and it works perfectly. The price tag is definitely a big plus!

Purchase: I already bought it! :)


 Avon Advance Techniques 2 in 1 shampoo & conditioner (anti-dandruff) -I think I already wrote about this one. However, it's really cheap and you actually save money because you have a conditioner in it also. It does work against dandruff, so I keep repurchasing :D

Repurchase: I already did, but in 400 ml bottle :D

Avon Naturals Superfruit Souffle - Yumberry & Yogurt - Well this is a hair mask that has a pleasant smell and it's texture is something between smoothie and gel and it is recommended for all hair types (something I find suspicious every time). I bought it out of sheer curiosity and because it was on sale :D However, I did not see any improvement on my hair and it also made them greasy sooner.

Repurchase: Nop.


Ombia cosmetics Eye make-up Remover - did a great job, better than some of the expensive products.

Repurchase: I'm using a remover from Maybelline at the moment, so not right now, but definitely in the future.


Nivea Harmony Time Cream Shower - an awesome shower gel that smells wonderful and is creamy enough. The scent did last on me for a few hours.

Repurchase: When I finish my enormous collection of shower gels :D

Avon Senses Awakening - Citrus Zing - just an average shower gel. Had a nice fruity smell, but didn't last on my skin very long and wasn't as creamy as I would like.

Repurchase: Probably not, maybe if it's on amazing offer :P

Balea Young Deospray Mademoiselle Chic - OMG I hated the scent of this so much. Smelled like oranges and chocolate.. very weird combination I must say :D

Repurchase: I think it was a limited edition, but even if it wasn't - NEVER!

Balea Dry Anti-Transpirant Deospray - my 2412412 bottle :D I keep repurchasing because it has a nice scent and works for me.

Repurchase: I already did.


Avon Today Tomorrow Always AMOUR - a very sweet, floral scent that I loved.

Repurchase: Maybe.

That's it for this post, I hope you enjoyed it! :)


Slovenian Bloggers 6. - 12. 10. 2014

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Lana`s Fairytale: The vampire diaries tag.

Confession of a makeup shopaholic: Essence all-in-one bb cream review.

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Beauty chat: Essence: Say No To Imperfections Concealer and Essence XXL Longlasting lipgloss Review.

Life of Invisible Blogger: Flower Photos

Low Maintenance Beauty:
Labello reviews and my first giveaway!  

NOTD*12: Essence - Candy Crush

Essence - 185 Candy Crush (The Matt) - 2 coats +  Essence - 20 The bees and the birds (special effect topper) - 1 coat on ringfingers

REVIEW: Essence All-In-One BB cream


Hello beauties ! :) 

Today I have for you a review  of Essence's BB cream that was requested :) 

What Essence says: light formula for a healthy look, less visible imperfections, even, smooth, radiant and moisturized complexion, doesn't clog the pores, oil-free and fragrance-free with SPF 30, dermatologically tested.

I bought it in 01 Universal (which is the lightest shade) and thought it's gonna be perfect for my skin tone, because normally universal means it's from fair to light to light to medium skin tone.   
Well, sadly for me, it's too dark.

You can also see and say, it actually looks orange. It's really horrible.

In addition, it offers virtually no coverage at all. I had to build up a few layers, before it actually did anything, which was quite disappointing. The smell of it also.. horrible. I can smell the alcohol in it actually.


           -    spf 30
-          price

           -   The lightest shade is too dark
-          No coverage at all
-          Orange
-          Horrible smell

All in all in despite of the budget price of this product I would not recommend it. It's quite unimpressive as far as BB cream's go.

Do you have this BB cream and what do you think?