REVIEW: Bellapierre Kiss Proof Lip Creme

Hey everyone!

Another post about the product I got in mine LookFantastic beauty box. We got a full size Bellapierre lip creme in various shades, I got mine in shade 40s Red. Bellapierre's answer to liquid lipsticks are these lip creams :)

You get 3,8g of product for a price of 20€ on Bellapierre's official website.

Ingredients: Isododecane, Beeswax, Cyclopentasiloxane, Hydrogenated Styrene/Isoprene Copolymer, Dimethicone, Phenoxyethanol. May contain +/- {D&C Red No. 6 & 7, D&C Blue No. 1, Iron Oxides (CI 77491:2, CI 77491:9, CI 77492, CI 77499)}.

It has a standard doe foot applicator. It's very creamy, applies smoothly and dries to a beautiful matte finish. It has a fruity scent, but it goes away with time.

40s Red is a brick red colour and I'm usually not a big fan of reds. Don't get me wrong, I think they're beautiful and classy, but they just don't suit me. This one is an exception if I say so, because it almost hints a little bit on the dark violet side and violets flatter my skin tone.

It stays on very well, survives eating and drinking, plus it's kiss proof. It does however feels sticky and a little bit drying as well, but that's standard for liquid lipsticks.

- longwearing
- kiss proof, survives eating, drinking
- creamy and fully opaque in one swipe

- feels sticky
- fruity scent may bother some

All in all it's a nice liquid lipstick, lasts long and what's important to me - it's kiss proof and survives eating/drinking. The colour I got suits me and I think it's perfect for the festive December :)

Do you own any Bellapierre lip cremes? Let me know


REVIEW: Skimono Hand Mask

Hey loves :)

Since face masks are the total rave right now, this product was very interesting to me because I never heard of hand masks before. It was included in one of the LookFantastic beauty boxes.

Designed for hardworking hands, the Beauty Hand Mask for Intense Nourishment is a unique, bio-cellulose glove created by Skimono, a London-based brand inspired by Asian beauty trends who aim to provide a solution to the damaging effects of pollution, sun damage and stress. The mask is made from naturally-derived bio-cellulose with a three-dimensional matrix structure that has been saturated in a unique serum to maximise absorption capacity. It boasts hydrophilic properties able to retain up to 200 times its dry weight in serum with ultra-thin, tightly-woven crystallinity fibres, which closely adhere to every contour for optimum penetration.

You get 14 ml of product in one hand mask and it costs 11,95€. It's free from parabens and toxins. It''s infused with shea butter and aloe vera which provides a boost of nutrients and vitamins. I have to tell you I don't have very dry hands at all, but this felt amazing.

It did felt a little bit weird at the beginning just because the gloves are very big. Otherwise it was nice and I left them on for about 30 minutes. My hands felt moisturized and really soft. I think these are perfect for those that are constantly fighting the dry hands. I don't have that problem as I mentioned so I wouldn't purchase them again, just for that reason alone.

- very moisturizing
- makes your hands very soft
- feels like you're in a spa ;)

- I just didn't like the gloves as big as they are

To conclude, I would totally recommend you these if you have very dry hands. It feels amazing and leaves your hands feeling soft and moisturized. Perfect for a day of pampering at home :))

Have you tried the hand masks before, what do you think?

Happy Monday <3

LookFantastic Beauty Box - November

Hey everyone!

A new beauty box from Lookfantastic has arrived for the month of November. The theme of this month is Ready, Set, Glam.

You get an Elle magazine with the box. It costs 20€ with a free shipping and let me tell you, I've been subscribed for quite some time now and I absolutely love the boxes.

Let's jump into it :)

1. BellaPierre Cosmetics Kiss Proff Lip Creme

Have you been searching for the perfect matte liquid lipstick? This amazing Bellapierre Kiss Proof Lip Creme will not disappoint. It stays on the whole day - even throughout the night, whether you eat, drink or kiss it will not budge. We have selected a few shades that suit all skin tones - red, rosy or nude - which one will you get?

2. Murad Essential-C Day Moisture SPF30

A daily cream that acts as a shield on your skin, protecting it from UV damage and pollution. This powerful hydrating cream will also help to improve radiance (thanks to the vitamin-C) and over time, your skin will feel firmer, stronger and look younger.

3. Filorga Time-Filler Eye Cream

An innovative treatment that will give some serious lift to the eye area and also to your lashes! This product is a multi-tasker and results can be seen very quickly, apply it morning and night under your eyes, on your eye lids and at the roots of your lashes (only a small amount is necessary) and see for yourself!

4. Pixi Beauty Glow Booster in White Pearl

Get the glow girl! This is the new addition to te PIXI Liquid glow boosters and this new shade is out of this world - literally. The formulation makes the product super blendable and doesn't sit on the skin, as if your skin was reflecting from within.

5. Teeez Cosmetics Spectrum Of Stars Eyeshadow

Which little golden ball will you get? Those super high pigmented eyeshadows are perfect for party makeup. From metallic to high gloss effects they will make a hell of an impression! Trust us.

6. This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

A superblend of Lavender, Camomile and Vetivert that is clinically proven to increase sleep quality so you wake up looking and feeling refreshed, with skin that's ready for the day ahead!

An amazing box this month. Love the pixi beauty glow booster!

What do you think? Let me know <3

Look Of The Week - Metallic

Hey loves :)

Today I decided to show you the look I've really liked recently. I'm currently testing the Pixi glow booster and a metallic lipstick from Essence. I also used the Burgundy Bar palette from Maybelline.

Hope you like it :)


3 Tips To Finding The Best Beauty School In Your Area

Hey guys <3

If you are on the job market and are determining what your next move should be, consider doing something that you truly enjoy. Are you interested in hair care or makeup as a career? Perhaps it has crossed your mind but it is not something that you have chosen to pursue because you do not know where to begin? The first step is to look in your local area for Beauty Schools Listings as you will need to get certified to be a beautician. This article will highlight some tips to helping you find the best beauty school in your local area.

  1. Consider your budget. Before you start to look at schools, determine how much money you have in savings to be able to pay for schooling. The reason that this is important is because you need to know how much funding you currently have in order to be able to pay for your classes. If you do not have any funding, you will want to look for programs that offer scholarships, grants, or loans. This is important to know before you begin to look for schools so that you know what questions to ask of admissions advisors before you submit an application.

  1. Make a list of schools in your area. When you have a list of schools in your area, begin to conduct some research. Look for things such as the teacher to student ratio. How long is the program and what does it entail? Does the program require internships and on the job experience? If so, do they have a placement program to help you find a salon where you can conduct your on the job training hours? Do some additional research and see if you can find out any feedback or any information from former students and alumni. It is also a good idea to look and see if they have a social media presence and if the school is offering an open house so that you can attend and get a vibe for the program before you put in the work to submit an application.

  1. Consider looking outside of your local area. If you are not completely sold on any of the beauty school programs in your local area, consider looking outside of your home town and in a bigger city that may have more programs. For example, if you live in a suburb outside of Philadelphia, you may want to consider looking at programs into the city and researching the costs of commuting versus living in the city. Larger cities will often offer better programs with more experienced and trained instructors. In addition, more training opportunities with well-known beauticians may be available to you because of the larger city locale.

There is much to consider when choosing any school, but especially a beauty school. Conduct a great deal of research on the beauty schools in your area to determine if the right fit is nearby. If not, consider looking at larger cities in the vicinity of your home town for an even richer experience.


I'm always looking for more opportunities and one day I'd love to join the beauty school as well.

Hope you enjoyed today's post, till next time, xx

Essence "Winter Dreamin" - PREVIEW


Let's head to the mountains! From mid December 2017 to January 2018, the new trend edition "winter dreamin" is sure to put you in the mood for a day in the snow - with crisp, clean air and the sun's rays gently warming your face. And we're bringing along lots of pampering beauty products in pastel shades with cute snowflake designs and Norwegian style patterns.

Essence "Winter Dreamin" - Eyeshadow Palette

Twelve highly pigmented nude tones with matt, metallic and shimmering effects in a top-quality packaging.  The included eyeshadow brush makes it easy to apply and blend creamy textures.

Available in 01 Warm Blankets & Hot Chocolate.

Essence "Winter Dreamin" - Inner Eye Rim Pencil

The longlasting eye pencil is applied along the waterline for an instant wake-up effect.

Available in 01 Snowflake Kisses, 02 Sleigh Rides & Snowball Fights.

Essence "Winter Dreamin" - Sheer Lipstick

The lipsticks in a wintery packaging come in soft colours and offer a light shine.

Available in 01 Hot Cocoa & Fuzzy Socks, 02 Girlstalk At The Fireplace.

Essence "Winter Dreamin" - Nail Sticker

Norwegian-style patterns, hot chocolate and sleighs are here to adorn the nails - thanks to the cute nail stickers.

Available in 01 Sprinkle Me With Snowflakes.

Essence "Winter Dreamin" - Snow Ball Topcoat

Applied on top of nail polish, the top coat conjures-up a cute snowflake look on the nails. A donation will be made to the charity Off Road Kids for every instagram post of a wintery snowflake designs with #mynails4charity.

Available in 01 Ready, Set, Snow.

Essence "Winter Dreamin" - Nail Polish

The wintery nail polish colours in pine green, dark purple, ice blue and rosewood are fast-drying and create a longlasting manicure with a high coverage.

Available in 01 Cozy Mountain Mornings, 02 Hot Cocoa & Fuzzy Socks, 03 Sleigh Rides & Snowball Fights, 04 Girlstalk At The Fireplace.

Essence "Winter Dreamin" - 2 in 1 Highlighter And Blush Powder

This highlighter and blush comes in an innovative duo packaging and creates a fresh complexion like you've just taken a walk in the cool morning air.

Available in 01 A December To Remember.

Essence "Winter Dreamin" - Fluffy Snow Touch Hand Cream

The innovative hand cream texture feels as light as fresh powder snow and makes the hands feel soft and supple.

Available in 01 Ready, Set, Snow.

Essence "Winter Dreamin" - Heat Pack

The reusable mini heat pack provides warmth for 60 minutes after activation to keep hands nice and warm in the wintertime.

Available in 01 Cold Days, Warm Hearts.

Essence "Winter Dreamin" - Colour Correcting Powder

This correcting powder made up of three colours optimizes the complexion, reduces redness and conjures-up fresh accents for a flawless look - even at sub zero temperatures.

Available in 01 Footprints In The Snow.

Essence "Winter Dreamin" - Lip Butter

Dry lips are a thing of the past thanks to the rich, pampering lip butter.

Available in 01 Snowflake Kisses.

The top 3 ways that LED light therapy can help you

Hey guys, a little bit different topic today, but very interesting indeed!

With the advancement of technology, numerous solutions to beauty and skin related problems are on the rise. The use of LED light therapy, which was previously used for speeding up the healing of wounds and muscle regeneration by NASA and Navy Seals is currently used in beauty therapy and has become quite common among celebrities and many women. Light Emitting Diode is a light treatment used to rejuvenate skin. The LED releases infrared light which come in different colors is directed to the skin benefiting your skin in the following ways.

1. Reduces acne

LED light therapy offers an affordable and painless method of getting rid of acne and scars. The blue light spectrum destroys the bacteria located deep under the skin which causes acne. The light activates porphyrins, which destroy acne producing bacteria (P. acnes) preventing acne. Both blue and red light are used in acne treatment. Red light penetrates deeper into the skin reaching the sebaceous glands, shrinking them, which reduces the amount of sebum that is released. Acne is a stubborn skin condition, but with repeated sessions and exposure to LED light, P.acnes is destroyed.
LED light therapy is different from laser treatment and since no chemicals are involved, it is one of the ideal ways to prevent and reduce acne breakouts.


2. Anti Aging effects

Many women are looking for effective ways to maintain a healthy and young skin to improve their appearance. Collagen production reduces with age and elastin fibers which hold the skin together diminish affecting the skin’s elasticity, causing the skin to sag. With the use of the red light therapy, which boosts blood circulation in the skin, allows nutrients into your skin, improving your overall skin health, you can improve your overall skin appearance.
Aside from that, the red light repairs cells that cause discoloration resulting in an even skin tone, reduce photodamage from harsh sun rays. It also increases the production of elastin and collagen smoothing wrinkles and frown lines resulting in a flawless youthful look. The green light inhibits the production of excess melanin smoothing out your skin.

3. Boosts the healing process

Scars, bruises, and marks from other treatments make many people uncomfortable. LED light therapy is one of the treatments that can boost your body’s healing process and reduce the redness and bruises left after undergoing other treatments such as laser therapy. Red light therapy offers the best wavelength for the healing process.
Pure Smile offers you skin rejuvenation treatments and an opportunity to attain flawless skin with led light therapy. LED light therapy is one of the easiest and quickest treatments for the skin and is a great choice. The different wavelengths that are used in light therapy can improve your body and skin in various ways depending on which skin problem you would want to be treated.
Blue, green and red lights have different functions and effects, but they both activate processes in the skin that helps in detoxification. Detoxification improves blood circulation, allowing nutrients to be transported into cells, giving the skin a glowing and healthy look.

Hope you enjoyed and learned something different today :)


New In - October

Hey guys :)

Finally a post about what I bought in the month of October :))

Balea Mizellen Augen Makeup Entferner Pads
Balea Mizellen Reinigungs Tucher

Balea Tuchmaske Cool Melon
Balea Tuchmaske Fancy Pomegranate
Balea Tuchmaske "Born To Be Lazy" LE
Balea Tuchmaske mit Aktivkohle

Kiko CC Cream Cushion System 
Kiko Eyebrow Fiber

Balea Extra Dry Deodorant
Balea Sensitive Deodorant

Parodontax Classic Toothpaste

Subrina Cherry Blossom Shower Gel
Balea Sweet Berry Rasiergel

Balea Chai Tea Vanilla Maske
Balea Anti-pickel Warme Maske
Balea Anti-pickel Pell Off maske

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink

Balea Milde Seife
Balea After Sun Dusche

And that's all guys, really just some everyday things I needed to pick up and some new products that hit our stores ;)

Have a lovely day <3

REVIEW: Illamasqua Gel Sculpt

Hey everyone!

Today's review is about the product that I got in my LookFantastic beauty box.  It's about the Illamasqua gel sculpt in shade Silhouette. It's not a full size.

You get 8g of product with a full size and it costs 32,50€, which is expensive, I know. 

The first ingredient is water, second one is a moisturizing ingredient and many others. Palmitic acid can be acne causing ingredient as well as stearic acid. It also contains yellow, red and blue pigments. All in all there are actually good ingredients in this product.

Take off the cap and you’ll find a cylinder of solid gel (it reminds me of roll-on deodorant) with a fresh floral smell. I sometimes apply it directly on my face and sometimes I take a brush, both work just as fine. In the tube, Silhouette looks a terrifying black colour but this actually translates to a soft grey/brown when on the skin.

The only thing is that it's very sheer, so I don't think it would show up on darker skintones, although Illamasqua claims it's universally flattering It's amazing for everyday, natural contour and it's easy to build it up.

It's also very light, almost creamy in texture. It is a one shade only product but I've seen it being used on all sorts of skin tones and somehow it just seems to work on everyone. I have no idea what magic powers they've put inside Silhouette but I'm loving whatever it is! 

Because of the gel formula, this seems to sink into the skin making it look really natural, like you're not wearing any makeup at all. It's  also great if you have dry skin as it doesn't leave a powdery residue, but also lasts well on oillier skins due to the water resistent formula.

- only one shade, darker tones may not find it suitable
- expensive

- blends easily
- you can build it up
- looks very natural
- lasts well (water resistant)

To conclude, I never found a product for contouring that looks as natural as this gel sculpt from Illamasqua. It's perfect and I would totally buy it when I finish this one that I got in my LF box. Thank you LF for introducing me to one amazing product again!

Have you tried this, what do you think about it?

Happy Monday <3