The top 3 ways that LED light therapy can help you

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With the advancement of technology, numerous solutions to beauty and skin related problems are on the rise. The use of LED light therapy, which was previously used for speeding up the healing of wounds and muscle regeneration by NASA and Navy Seals is currently used in beauty therapy and has become quite common among celebrities and many women. Light Emitting Diode is a light treatment used to rejuvenate skin. The LED releases infrared light which come in different colors is directed to the skin benefiting your skin in the following ways.

1. Reduces acne

LED light therapy offers an affordable and painless method of getting rid of acne and scars. The blue light spectrum destroys the bacteria located deep under the skin which causes acne. The light activates porphyrins, which destroy acne producing bacteria (P. acnes) preventing acne. Both blue and red light are used in acne treatment. Red light penetrates deeper into the skin reaching the sebaceous glands, shrinking them, which reduces the amount of sebum that is released. Acne is a stubborn skin condition, but with repeated sessions and exposure to LED light, P.acnes is destroyed.
LED light therapy is different from laser treatment and since no chemicals are involved, it is one of the ideal ways to prevent and reduce acne breakouts.


2. Anti Aging effects

Many women are looking for effective ways to maintain a healthy and young skin to improve their appearance. Collagen production reduces with age and elastin fibers which hold the skin together diminish affecting the skin’s elasticity, causing the skin to sag. With the use of the red light therapy, which boosts blood circulation in the skin, allows nutrients into your skin, improving your overall skin health, you can improve your overall skin appearance.
Aside from that, the red light repairs cells that cause discoloration resulting in an even skin tone, reduce photodamage from harsh sun rays. It also increases the production of elastin and collagen smoothing wrinkles and frown lines resulting in a flawless youthful look. The green light inhibits the production of excess melanin smoothing out your skin.

3. Boosts the healing process

Scars, bruises, and marks from other treatments make many people uncomfortable. LED light therapy is one of the treatments that can boost your body’s healing process and reduce the redness and bruises left after undergoing other treatments such as laser therapy. Red light therapy offers the best wavelength for the healing process.
Pure Smile offers you skin rejuvenation treatments and an opportunity to attain flawless skin with led light therapy. LED light therapy is one of the easiest and quickest treatments for the skin and is a great choice. The different wavelengths that are used in light therapy can improve your body and skin in various ways depending on which skin problem you would want to be treated.
Blue, green and red lights have different functions and effects, but they both activate processes in the skin that helps in detoxification. Detoxification improves blood circulation, allowing nutrients to be transported into cells, giving the skin a glowing and healthy look.

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