Essence "Counting Stars" TE - PREVIEW

Reach for the stars! The sky shines in a purple blue, the stars sparkle and the sound of last night’s party still echoes softly in the distance. The new trend edition “counting stars” by essence whisks you away to the big city and its dreamy atmosphere at dawn. The sparkling beauty pieces with shimmer effects and star prints are inspired by that special moment when night turns into day.

Essence "Counting Stars" - Highlighter & Eyeshadow Trio

A trio palette consisting of eyeshadow and highlighter with a soft texture for radiant eye make-up styles.

Available in 01 Make Your Own Magic, 02 A Sky Full Of Stars.

Essence "Counting Stars" - Star Shot Lip Topper

Iridescent pigments reflect the light, sparkle like the stars and create full, voluminous lips. Applied as a topper or on its own, it makes the lips look ready to party without feeling sticky.

Available in 01 Live, Love, Sparkle.

Essence "Counting Stars" - Star Lipstick

The lipstick with a high coverage and a soft formula creates a glamorous look in red or purple – also a visual highlight thanks to the cool star-shape of the lipstick.

Available in 01 Bring The Glam On, 02 Shine Bright.

Essence "Counting Stars" - Glitter Nail File

The glitter nail file is ideal for shaping and shortening the nails – and it adds a touch of glamour to any cosmetics bag!

Available in 01 Glitter Is My Favourite Colour.

Essence "Counting Stars" - Water Based Top Coat

    Transparent top coat; absolutely essential for fixing the magic mirror effect nail pigments in place to create a long-lasting look.
    Available in 01 Dance Till Dawn.

    Essence "Counting Stars" - Magic Mirror Effect Nail Pigment

    The ultra-fine, metallic pigments create trendy duo-chrome styles or iridescent effects on the nails – as magical as a starlit night. Fix in place with the water-based top coat.

    Available in 01 A Sky Full Of Stars, 02 Shine Bright, 03 Holo, It's me.

    Essence "Counting Stars" - Jelly Highlighter

    The highlighter with a special memory jelly texture practically melts with the skin to create a shimmering glow.

    Available in 01 Stars In A Jar.

    Essence "Counting Stars" - Silicone Makeup Sponge

    Innovative silicon sponge in a star-look for the smooth application of liquid or creamy make-up textures. Washable and reusable.

    Available in 01 Reach For The Stars.

    Essence "Counting Stars" - Star Hair Swirls

    The pretty golden stars can be twisted into the hair with ease to create a look with star appeal. Easy to remove again

    Available in 01 Rising Stars.

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