Empties #9

Hey cuties! :)

Another empties post is here, looks like I'm writing these every month now, so I'm quite happy with how many things I'm using up. (except the fact that I'm still buying more than using up :P)

And let's start with some samples :)

Maxfactor Whipped Creme Foundation (50 Natural) - I didn't even finish this sample, because I tried it twice a little bit, and it seemed too dark for me, which is a shame.

Purchase: No. 

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo - I've heard many great things about this one, so I was excited to try it out. It's suppose to reduce the number of breakouts, however I couldn't experience that with this small sample. It just didn't do anything to my skin, since I probably used it twice? and I wish I had a bigger sample or at least a few of these small ones, so I could properly try it out.

Purchase: Not at the moment. (I have to try it out more)

Gliss Kur Liquid Silk Gloss (Anti Frizz Serum) - this one I got as a gift and it was nice, like all the Gliss Kur serums. However I do not have problems with frizziness, so I can't say if this works for that.

Repurchase: No, because I don't have problems with frizziness.

Balea Seidenglanz Spülung - it's a hair coditioner and I think I bought it because it was on sale for less than an euro, which is really a bargain. I was actually quite pleased with it, it smelled pleasantly and my hair felt very soft after using this. The effect has really surprised me.

Repurchase: Maybe.

Nettle Shampoo - I mainly bought this one because I have quite a problem with dandruff and I was given the advice to buy this. So I did, and it didn't help at all. I liked the smell, but that's it. It didn't even made my hair soft..

Repurchase: No.

Balea Rasier Gel - a basic shaving cream. I always buy Balea shaving creams, because they're cheap and effective + they have limited edition ones which smell really nice.

Repurchase: Yes!

Balea Family Duschgel - If you follow me for quite some time now, you know I love sales, right? :) well, this one was also on sale :D I paid less than an euro for a 500 ml of shower gel, how amazing is that? :) It was nice (like all the other Balea shower gels) and it smelled like chamomiles. Really nice.

Repurchase: If it's on sale again, yes! :)

Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother (020 Apricot Cream) - I used this one just a couple of times and now it already started smelling very, very bad and I just had to throw it out.. Too bad.

Repurchase: No.

Essence The Gel Nail Polish Top Coat - I really loved this top coat, however it became thick very soon :( 
Repurchase: Probably yes.

I hope you enjoyed this and please, don't forget about my giveaway -> CLICK :)


NOTD*43: Essence - 32 Discreet Agent

 Essence - 32 Discreet Agent (2 coats) + Essence Effect Nail Polish - 31 #Rebel

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REVIEW: Avon Ultra Colour Matte Lipstick

Hello everyone :)

Today I have a review for you, that I'm very excited about :P It's a review of Avon Ultra Colour Matte lipstick. I had a sample of this beauty and I loved it so much, so I had to buy it in full size. The ultra colour matte line contains 5 other shades, but I haven't tried any of the others. It's a shame that the range doesn't include any nude shades, most are on the pink to red side.

I really like the packaging of this lipstick, it's a black sturdy plastic, however when you open it, the plastic is grey and matte, really nice touch. Oh and it has a transparent top, which is always a plus!

What Avon says: "Avon Ultra matte Color Lipsticks moisturises the lips while putting a vivid, dramatic, color. Their velvety texture envelops the lips in full rich color without drying and has SPF 15”
I bought mine in Matte Fuchsia, which is like the name says, fuchsia colour ;) I love how bright and fun this lipstick is. The formula however isn't completely matte, I would say it is a creamy-matte. It really glides on smoothly, without getting patchy or uneven, and has an amazing pigmentation.

The staying power is really great too,  it stays on around 5-6 hours. It does survive drinking and it does leave a slight stain. Doesn't leave my lips dry. These matte lipsticks cost around 5,50€ but it depends on the catalogue, still, the price is reasonable for the quality you get.

- pigmentation
- staying power
- spf
- smooth texture
- doesn't dry out the lips
- creamy matte formula
- bright, fun colour but at the same time really wearable

- smell may bother some people
- only 6 total shades

To conclude, I absolutely LOVE this lipstick, I've been wearing it constantly. I do however wish they had some more shades.


"DealSale" - Wishlist

Hey cuties! :)

I've been contacted by Daisy from the DealSale team and they asked me for a cooperation. My first cooperation ever! :D  Of course I said yes, and I'm really excited about this :)) 

Basically, Deal Sale is a shopping app for your phone (android only). You just open this app and you can browse through products such as fashion apparel, cosmetics, accessories and so on. You can get it here -> CLICK. I think it's great that you can order just from your phone on this app.

Currently my order is processing, and of course I'll post a review when I get the items, but still I wanted to share my wishlist items :)

1. This lipstick caught my attention first because of the colour. It's so pretty and I don't have anything like this in my collection, yet ;)


2. I've been searching for these kind of palettes on Ebay for quite some time now, but I haven't bought any. This palette looks so pretty with these natural colours! You get 28 eyeshadows for a bargain.


3. A girl can never have too many makeup brushes in her life, right? ;) This one is so similar to the Real techniques one, I wonder how's the quality :)


4. I can't even believe I don't have these nail wheels already.. These would be so handy for swatching purposes!


I'm sorry for the bad quality of the photos, they are all screenshots, because again, it is an app for your phone ;)

I'm looking forward to receiving the products I ordered and of course I'll let you know what I think about them. You should check this app, because it is great (however it bothers me that it is only available for Android) and they have very reasonable prices.

Katja (don't forget about my GIVEAWAY:))

This was a sponsored post through Dealsale.com 


Hello guys! :)

Exciting news!! Because I've recently reached 100 followers, I decided to do a giveaway, just to say thank you to all of you! :) I appreciate every one of you, thank you so much <3


What's the prize?

- Orange cosmetic bag
- Depend All-Round File

- Revlon Scented Nail Polish - Colada Fizz

- Barry M Trio Eyeshadow


- follow my blog
- follow me on instagram: Confessionsofamakeupshopaholic
- Like my Facebook page: Confessions of a make-up shopaholic
- comment bellow and write your email, so I can contact you if you win :)

I will pick a winner with Random.org. The giveaway is open until 1st of September. Good luck! ;)

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Mateji ustvarjata: Kriška poda.  

NOTD*42: Essence 115 Redvolution

Essence 115 Redvolution (2 coats) + Nail Foil (on middlefingers)

July Favorites

Hey guys!

I'm really sorry, I'm quite late with favorites of July, because I didn't have internet connection for a few days.

So let's just jump into it :)


I bought this moisturizing cream from Green Line in the beginning of July and I've been using it constantly since then. It's for normal and mixed skin and I do have mixed skin - oily, and dry on the forehead and cheeks. It promises to tighten the pores, which I haven't noticed, but still, it is a good moisturizer. I apply it every morning before I put my foundation on.

You get 50 ml of product for around 4€, which is really nice. The packaging is green and so is the cream. It smells so good - like apples, so fresh and nice :) The only negative for me is that it doesn't have any SPF, so do keep that in mind. Oh and btw, it contains parabens.


Another blush in this month's favorites :) This one is Essence blush from their limited edition Brit-Tea. It has a rose pattern, which is so cute, however so similar to Milani ;)

For me, this blush was definitely the star of the whole collection. It has very nice illuminating properties and I just love it for the summer!

As you can see the blush has three different shades, the white one is a perfect highlighter. When all shades are mixed together you get a light pink blush (as you can see on the swatch below) that is ideal for fair and light skintones.


Because of the heat waves my lips have been quite dry in the past month and a half, which is a shame because I've also been loving matte lipsticks. So I was using different lip balms and sure the Burt's Bees lip balm (which is my favourite) did help, but for a quick solution (so I could wear a matte lipstick) this Lush Santa's Lip Scrub is awesome! 

It smells like Coca-Cola - so yummy I could eat it - guess what, you can actually eat it :D Of course I don't mean you can get a spoon and eat it from the jar :D You just rub the scrub all over your lips to exfoliate them. Then — YES! — just lick your lips clean. It's made out of sugar and other edible ingredients, so don't worry ;) It tastes sweet and yummy and it does leave your lips with a slightly red tint. However, the santa's edition is a limited one that they carry during the winter, but they do have a lip scrub in their permanent range, it's a bubblegum lip scrub. This product is a must if you have dry lips, trust me!


A friend gave me this body spray because she didn't like the smell, however I fell in love with it completely. It's an Essence Body Spray from their limited edition Beach Cruisers, which was last year's summer limited edition.  Of course you probably can't get it anymore, but I included it because it does smell like their fragrance Like a day in a Paradise, which is in permanent range

The packaging is adorable, so summery! The smell is sooooo nice, however very very sweet, so if you don't like sweet scents, you probably shouldn't buy the fragrance ;) It smells just like summer - mangoes, sun tan lotion, coconut... perfection ;) The only downfall is that this body spray doesn't last very long on me.. however I don't know the longevity of a fragrance.

I hope you enjoyed, oh and btw, I reached 100 followers, thank you so much for your support, and there's a giveaway coming soon!! :))


Essence "Happy Girls Are Pretty" Trend Edition - Preview

We all know that a smile is the most gorgeous make-up, so the new essence trend edition “happy girls are pretty” is going to underline the natural beauty of all girls. The colour scheme consists of delightful pastel shades complemented by brown nuances that are sure to flatter all beauties. The ultra slim eye pencil with an extra thin mine creates fine, accurate eyeliner styles, while the contouring set accentuates the facial features and adds expression. The nails shine in six cool colours with three different effects. Loving designs with a knit-look reminiscent of the cozy time of year decorate the blush as well as the nail file.
Be happy, feel pretty … with essence!

Essence Happy Girls Are Pretty - Eyeshadow Palette

pretty beautiful. the eyeshadow palettes are available in two versions with five colours each: vanilla, apricot, pink, grey and beige or apricot, beige and three different brown shades. a matching colour for every single happy moment! the ball of wool with “knit” lettering dances across the entire palette and is a cute eye-catcher.
available in 01 happiness is … seeing your smile and 02 happiness is … following your heart. 

Essence Happy Girls Are Pretty - Ultra Slim Eye Pencil

precision work! the ultra slim eye pencil with an extra thin applicator is ideal for creating fine, accurate lines. the eyes are beautifully emphasized in cool grey and trendy brown.
available in 01 happy girls rock and 02 the choco side of life.

Essence Happy Girls Are Pretty - Sheer Lipbalm

soft lips. the lipstick comes in a practical stick-shape so it’s always close at hand in a choice of delicate colours like soft pink and a flattering rosewood tone. the light texture feels wonderfully pleasant on your lips and makes them nice and smooth.
available in 01 pretty you! and 02 live, laugh, love and repeat.

Essence Happy Girls Are Pretty - Multi Colour Blush

lovely cheeks! the mutli colour blush with a cute knit-print in light rosé ensures lovely rosy cheeks, while the more intensive shade adds a fresh highlight. the pretty heart embossment is a true eye-catcher, too!
available in 01 you sweeten my day! 

Essence Happy Girls Are Pretty - Contouring Set

happy as ever. the contouring set is ideal for naturally emphasizing your facial features. the matt contouring powder adds a touch of shade while the fine-shimmering highlighter accentuates the cheekbones. the supple texture blends smoothly.
available in 01 happiness is … a way of life. 

Essence Happy Girls Are Pretty - Nail Polish

messengers in a bottle! it’s easy to create trendy nail styles with the nail polishes, which are available in six pastel shades with cool effects ranging from plain to satin. they offer great coverage and are sure to put a smile on your face with their high gloss finish.
available in 01 make me smile, 02 happy girls rock, 03 enjoy the little things, 04 just happy!, 05 pretty you! and 06 the choco side of life.

Essence Happy Girls Are Pretty - 2 in 1 Nail File

cute file… the 2in1 nail file keeps nails in shape in a flash as one side gently shortens while the other shapes. and nail styling sessions are sure to be twice as nice with the cute heart print!
available in 01 keep calm and be happy.

NOTD*41: Essence Fun Fair LE - 02 Be My Marshfellow!

Essence Fun Fair LE - 02 Be My Marshfellow! (2 coats)

REVIEW + swatches: Nyx Eyeshadow Palette - Versus

Hey guys! :)

I prepared a review for today and I'll talk about Nyx 10 color eyeshadow palette in Versus. It's a part of the runway collection and I pretty much picked it up because of the purple eyeshadows. However, this palette also has some pretty awesome neutrals in it.

I really like the packaging. It's sleek and compact. The large mirror inside the palette is a plus and a foam tip applicator is included.

There are obviously 10 eyeshadows and you get 14g of product, which is really nice.

Oh and btw it is cruelty free, which I'm very happy about. The texture of the shadows is not very smooth, they sometimes crumble.  There's also quite a bit of fallout as you're applying, so be aware of that.

Overall the shadows are not as pigmented as I'd like them to be, specially the purples are pretty sheer. However, they'll still come out nice with a primer underneath. I like the variety of finishes these palette gives (some shadows are matte, some shimmery).

1. Nude with a satin finish
2. Taupe brown with a semi-matte finish
3. Light Champagne with a shimmery finish
4. Light taupe brown with a satin finish
5. Black with a satin finish

From Down-Up: Nude, Taupe Brown, Light Champagne, Light Taupe Brown, Black

6. Purple with a satin finish
7. Lilac purple with a satin finish
8. Rosy pink, gold shimmers, with a satin finish
9. Light lilac purple with a satin finish, silver glitters
10. Pearly white

From Down-Up: Purple, lilac purple, rosy pink, light lilac purple, pearly white
Oh and the eyeshadows don't have names, which doesn't bother me, but may some people.

- travel friendly
- 10 eyeshadows with different textures
- large mirror
- decent quality
- affordable
- cruelty free

- fallout
- lack of pigmentation in some shadows

To conclude, I bought this particular palette because of the purple/lavender shades and those are precisely the ones that are not as pigmented as I'd want. They are a little powdery, and it might take another swipe or two to get the full vibrancy of the color. Other than that, this is a good, affordable palette.
For Slovenian readers, I bought this one on Click2chic.si. I don't know if it's still available, but it was on sale for 5,50€.
I hope you enjoyed :)