New In - January

Hi cuties :) Oh I just can't believe it's the end of January already... So I'm here with new in January post.

I must warn you... I bought myself quite a lot of things this month -.-

Let's just start :P

Avon Planet Spa Amazonian Treasures - Hydrating Face Mask
Balea Streichelzarte Pflege (hydrating cream)
Avon Naturals - Hydrating peach and cotton 3 in 1 cleanser, toner and make-up remover

Avon Planet Spa Amazonian Treasures - Cramy Body Scrub
Balea Gesichts Wasser

Balea Dry Deo Roll-On
Balea Rasiergel Blueberry Love
Avon Advance Techniques Supreme Oils - Shampoo

Nivea Creme

Avon City Rush for her

Palmove Aquarium Hand Soap

Catrice -  38 Vino Tinto
Catrice - 540 Am I Blue Or Green?
Catrice GEL-LIKE Top Coat

Takko Earrings

Catrice Nude Illusion - 020 Rose Vanilla
Avon Calming Effects Mattifying Foundation - Nude
Makeup Revolution The ONE Foundation - Shade 2

Catrice Multi Colour Blush - 080 Peach Frappucino
Essence cream to powder Highlighter - 10 Look on the bright side

Lorac PRO Eyeshadow Palette 2
Lorac Eyeshadow Primer

Essence Studio Nails - Nail Polish Corrector Pen
Gold Studs

Foundation Brush

ELF Blush
L.A. Girl PRO.conceal - Natural

Catrice Absolute MATT Eyeshadow Palette
PUPA Satin-Finish Baked Eyeshadow - Luminys Silk

Artdeco - 90
Artdeco - 586
Artdeco - 89
Artdeco - 82

Catrice Ultimate Shine Gel Colour - 030 Orangina
Essence - 15 Oh so matt!
Fleur de Sante - 93668

 Catrice Made To Stay Smoothing Lip Polish - 030 Strawberry's Secret
Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer - 101 Celestial

Catrice Infinite Shine Lip gloss - 170 Peach Paradise
Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss - 1 Baby Doll's Favourite

Catrice Matt Mousse - 020 Natural Beige

& That's it, we finally came to the end :D If you want to read my new in December, you can find it HERE.

NOTD*22: Catrice - Vino Tinto

Catrice - 38 Vino Tinto (2 coats)

Slovenian bloggers 12. - 18. 1. 2015

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Essence "I Love Nude" Trend Edition - Preview


Subtle, delicate, nude! with the trend edition “i love nude”, essence is presenting one of the biggest trends of the season – nude.
whether you go for nearly white, soft beige, apricot and rosé or brown shades – your eyes, lips, face and nails are sure to stand out in these soft and natural nuances that flatter all beauties. the highlights are the baked eyeshadows in soft shades with a silky to matt finish. the cool lash princess false effect mascara provides lashes with dramatic volume and completes your perfect eye make-up style.
subtle and naturally beautiful… with essence!

Essence I Love Nude - Eyeshadow

so natural in love! nude is light, soft and now available in different eyeshadow nuances ranging from subtle beige to rosé to soft brown. the baked texture of the new eyeshadow range offers a silky to matt finish and an individual, natural look. the packaging matches the shape of the texture and shows the nude tones at their best. Available in 01 vanilla sugar, 02 cake pop, 03 crème brûlée, 04 sweet like chocolate, 05 my favorite tauping and 06 coffee bean.

Essence I Love Nude - Lash Princess False Effect Mascara

royal sister! there’s a fabulous new addition to the family of lash princess mascaras in black. the special, conic shape of the fiber brush provides lashes with length and dramatic volume as well as a false-lash effect. the packaging of the new drama queen is decorated with a gorgeous evening dress – in black-mint.

 Essence I Love Nude - xxxl Nude Lipgloss

nude news! the popular xxxl lipglosses highlight your natural beauty in soft shades and ensure the perfect style for every occasion. the subtle color pigmentation creates a fresh look. the reservoir brush offers just the right amount of texture and the soft applicator ensures an especially easy application. Available in 01 shy beauty, 03 taste the sweets, 05 just nude! and 06 soft almond.

Essence I Love Nude - Longlasting Lipstick Nude

sheer star! our bestselling lipstick is now available in gorgeous nude shades. the light and creamy texture feels wonderfully pleasant on your lips and offers long-lasting results in light nude, beige, light rosé, mocha as well as brown. absolute natural talents! Available in 01 wearing only a smile, 02 porcelain doll, 03 come naturally, 04 it's nude time! and 05 cool nude.

Essence I Love Trends- Nail Polish the Nudes

only nude… is sure to make the hearts of all nail polish fans beat faster this season! the new i love trends nail polishes cover your nails in light nude shades. from light beige to soft apricot and rosé shades to brown tones – the selection of different colors and effects is huge. the long-lasting formula ensures permanently pampered nails. Available in 02 i nude it, 03 i'm lost in you, 04 cupcake topping, 05 pure soul and 07 hope for love.

This TE will be available in February 2015. :)

First Impressions : Catrice Made To Stay - Smoothing Lip Polish

Hi cuties :)

Today I want to share with you my first impression about this Catrice Lip Polish.

This smoothing lip polish contains a 6 ml of product & has a nice applicator.

I have it in 030 Strawberry's Secret which is a lovely coral shade, quite pigmented and very flattering. :)

Catrice claims: "Discover the triple advantage. The colour of a lipstick, the longevity of a stain and the shiny finish of a lipgloss!"

I agree with everything above :) It does leave a nice stain, which I like, because I don't have to reapply it like 14210 times. :) The shiny finish is also nice, it's not sticky or anything. However, it has a scent (that I can't describe, because I'm very bad at describing scents:D) that may bother some people.

I'm sure I'll get a few other colours :P


Empties #3

New empties post is here :D You can find my previous one HERE.

Let's start, shall we? :P

Oriflame SilkBeauty Soap Bar - with silk proteins & orchid extract. Nice gentle smell and overall a pretty good soap bar I liked. A good price too :)
Repurchase: Not right now, because I purchased some other ones from Oriflame

L'occitane Sublime BB Cream Sample - omg I disliked this one so much... even the smell was terrible. It was in 01 clair/light, so it was also a little bit too light for my skintone. I don't know if it's just the sample that isn't impressive or what...
Purchase: If I don't have the opportunity to test it again.. never :D (I would give a sample another chance, because I don't know if mine was bad or what...)

Maybelline Jade Augen-make-up Entferner (spezial waterproof) - I got it a few months ago in DM for free. It contained two different liquids (white and blue) so you have to shake it before using it. It's a good make up remover, however I prefer the Ombia Cosmetics make up remover.
Repurchase: Probably not.

Oriflame Nature Secrets Shampoo (for greasy hair nettle&lemon) - I finally finished a bottle of this shampoo -.- I liked the smell, but it didn't do anything at all to my hair.
Repurchase: No!

Avon Advance Techniques 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner (anti-dandruff) - I really like this one, it really does help me get rid of anti-dandruff.
Repurchase: I recently purchased Avon's argan oil shampoo which I also love because it makes my hair so soft.. so yes, in the future!

Palmolive Aquarium Hand Soap - you can only guess why I bought this one... :D you guessed right, it's because of the lovely aquarium you get in your bathroom :D Apart from the nice decoration, it's also a pretty good soap :)
Repurchase: I did, but with a different "fish in the aquarium" hehe :D

Balea Dry Deo Roll-on - my favourite deodorant, I've written so many times about it :P
Repurchase: Not yet because I'm currently using another one from Balea, but I will!

Balea Street Art Deo-Bodyspray - nothing special about this one..
Repurchase: I think it was a limited edition, but even if it wasn't, no.

Parodontax Daily Toothpase (Fluoride) - omg this is a life saver.. My favourite toothpaste ever. It's a bit pricey, around 5€, but totally worth every cent! If you have a problem with bleeding gums.. you should try this. It contains 70% active ingredients that help stop bleeding and irritated gums. However, it has quite an intense taste, that requires a period of familiarization.
Repurchase: I did, but without Fluoride.

That's all guys, I hope you enjoyed it !


First Impressions: Catrice Matt Mousse

Hi cuties :)

Well I bought this Catrice Matt Mousse a couple of days ago & I have for you today my first impressions :)

I have it in 020 Natural Beige. The mousse is held in a glass pot with a plastic lid. Not the most hygienic solution, but it doesn't bother me.

It's very creamy and absorbs instantly on the skin. It blends really easy. However it did not made my pores invisible, but they certainly were less visible :)

As you can see above, the colour 020 that's supposed to be natural beige is actually quite dark. But no worries, it blends amazingly & doesn't make my face too dark. Perfect!

So far, I'm very pleased with this product, it really does exactly what it says.

 Oh and there are 4 different shades of this mousse.
For Slovenian readers, you can find it  on sale in DM, for 2,99€.


NOTD*21: Maxfactor - Madame Rose

Maxfactor Mini nail polish - 53 Madame Rose

Slovenian Bloggers 29. 12. 2014 - 4. 1. 2015

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