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Spring favourites

TOP 5 Summer Nailpolishes

Hello everyone :)

A summer inspired post is here today :D And I'll just show you my top 5 nailpolishes for summer, which I'll post in a random order ;)

1. KIKO 389 - Mint Milk

I don't know about you, but mint is one of my favorite colours for summer, and I love it also on nails ;) As you can see on the picture above I included 2 mint nailpolishes in this post, but let me tell you, they are different ;) This Kiko one is more green based mint. You definitely need to put 2 coats on with this polish, because the first coat is a bit streaky. 

2. ESSENCE - 24 Indian Summer

This next nailpolish from Essence is this beautiful peachy orange. The formula of this new gel nailpolishes is really good. I didn't take pictures when I had this nailpolish on my nails, so I'll show you a photo I found on Google.

3. YES LOVE - T3 Mint

Another mint nail polish ;) But this one is more blue based than Kiko. So they are quite different :) Oh and for anyone that doesn't know, you can find this Yes Love nailpolishes in Chinese stores, they are quite cheap and they do have a lot of colours to chose from. The formula is really nice, however you do need 2 coats to have it fully opaque. 

4. ELF - Innocent

Well this here is my favourite nude nail polish ever, EVER :D I'll run out of it soon, and I hope the Essence nude nail polish from Nauti girl LE will be similar to this, I haven't tried it yet.

5. AVON GLOW - Fuchsia

A bright colour is definitely nice for the summer and looks beautiful when your skin is tanned ;)

I hope you enjoyed this post. Oh and if you liked it, please let me know if you would like to see my top 5 summer lipsticks or anything else! :) 

Have a nice day,

REVIEW: La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat

Hello everyone :)

I'm back with another review for you, I hope you'll enjoy it ;) Today I'll share with you my opinion on the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat moisturizer. La Roche-Posay is a French skincare brand, for anyone that doesn't know. In basic, the Effaclar line is designed for those of us who have numerous imperfections like blocked pores, blemish prone and uneven skin tone.

What they promise: "an oil-free blotting effect texture with a proven long lasting mattifying effect resulting in moisturized, mattified skin immediately which works excellently as a make up base. Prolonged use in mornings and/or evenings claims to refine skin texture, tighten pores and slow down sebum production."

The packaging is nice, it has a squeeze top.  Give it a gentle squeeze and you can easily control how much product comes out. This however becomes a pain when you're coming to the end of a tube.

I didn't have a problem with my skin texture before, but I've noticed my skin feels really soft and smooth lately. I haven't really noticed a difference in my pores and also I didn't notice it had an impact on sebum production.

Well I don't know, but this product didn't impress me, especially for the price. It does make a good makeup base, but for that only you can find much cheaper makeup bases..

- good makeup base
- does make your skin smooth

- the price
- doesn't tighten my pores
- doesn't slow down the sebum production

All in all I'm quite disappointed in this product, I expected a lot more.
Let me know what you think ;)


NOTD*35: Essence Superheroes LE - 04 Super Man!

Essence Superheroes LE - 04 Super Man! (2 coats)

REVIEW: Balea Soft & Care klärendes Gesichtswasser

Hi guys! :)

Today I'll have for you a review of this Balea face water (toner), that I always rave about, and I just realized yesterday that I haven't posted a full review of this, so here you go ;)

 What they promise: "Refines the pores, deep cleansing, mild formula and skin is refreshed."

It's basically a facial toner that contains fruit acid to refine the pores and clarify mixed skin after cleansing. It's suitable for combination skin. You get 200 ml of product for about 2€. The smell reminds me of a lime a little bit, however you can also smell the alcohol in it, which may bother some people.

When I apply this to my face, my skin feels really clean and I also noticed that my pores are a little bit more refined, which I think became more visible now when I've been using this for quite some time. It's probably my 5th or 6th bottle already, I use it everyday, also for removing makeup, and it does an excellent job. It also acts soothing actually.

- very cheap
- cleans nicely
- refines the pores

you can smell the alcohol (which may bother some people)
- the packaging is not that travel friendly, because the lid may open

I hope you liked this post, let me know what you think about the product ;) I've heard some people really like it, and some don't, which I guess is normal.


Slovenian bloggers 15. - 21. 6. 2015


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Empties #7

Hey everyone :)

I'm back with another empties post. I hope you enjoy reading this ;)

There's not a lot of products, but there are quite a few big ones, and I decided just to write this post, so I can put them in the trash, because they started to annoy me a little bit :D

Avon Senses Seventh Heaven Shower gel (500ml) - I bought this shower gel on sale, it was quite cheap about 1,50€ for 500 ml and I really enjoyed it. The smell was nice, sweet and like roses. 

Repurchase: Maybe, if it's on sale.

Balea Gesichts Wasser - talked about it 3252353 times :D I use this almost every day so I go through them quite  quickly.
Repurchase: I did already.

Avon Advance Techniques Supreme Oils Shampoo - this one is supposed to be for all hair types and I'm always "allergic" to these claims, because most of the time that's not true. My hair gets greasy very quickly, on the second or third day after I wash them. This shampoo smelled nice, but my hair got greasy even quicker and it also didn't make them soft like other shampoos. I think it would be appropriate for dry or damaged hair.

Repurchase: Nop.

Balea Farbglanz Shampoo - For coloured hair.  It was on sale and I decided to give it a go. It actually made my hair nice, but of course it didn't help with prolonging my hair wash :D I loved the smell, orangey like and my hair smelled the same quite some time :)

Repurchase: Maybe.

Nivea Nourishing Body Milk - for very dry skin. I actually don't have extremely dry skin, but I bought this one because my boyfriend has, and we both used it. It was nice, but because I don't have dry skin I can't say it did miracles to me. But I can tell you that my boyfriend only uses this body milk, because he says it makes his skin very smooth and hydrated, the smell is also a plus.

Repurchase: Yes.

Mybody Hand Cream - Mercator brand. Contains aloe vera extract and it was nice. I liked the smell and it absorbed in the skin quite fast, which I like. Also it didn't left that greasy feeling afterwards.

Repurchase: No, because I have many other hand creams.

Balea Streichelzarte Pflege - it's basically a day cream for sensitive skin. Most of the time I use it as a base for makeup, and it works very nice.
Repurchase: I did already.

Balea Peel Off Mask - this was the first time I used a peel off mask. I had my doubts about using this, but it pleasantly suprised me. It was very nice and when I peeled it off I actually saw the "dirt" that it removed. Very nice mask indeed.

Repurchase: Yes!

L'occitane Ultra Rich Face Cream - this sample was waaaay too small, so I really couldn't appropriately try it out. I had it for one use only.

Purchase: I would have to try it out more, so not at the moment.

Oriflame EverLasting Foundation -  unfortunately this colour I got as a sample, was too dark for me. But I still tried it once, and I quite liked it, but I'll definitely try it in a lighter colour.

Purchase: Not right now.

Avon Nail Experts Mineral Fix - omg I can't even express how much I hated this one. There's still a half of the product left, and there's no way I'll use it again. It's suppose to make your nails harder. As you can see the product has a weird orangey colour and it stained my nails very badly. I used it a couple of times, because I didn't think at first that this caused the staining, but yeah.. It did. It looked so ugly, when I didn't have my nails painted, because they literally were orange.

Repurchase: Never again.

We've come to the end :) If you tried any of the products, let me know your opinion ;)


REVIEW + swatches: Essence How to make bright eyes (Make-up Box)

Hi cuties :)

I'll have a review for you today. I'll talk about Essence's How to make bright eyes, Make-up box. I bought this one second hand, because I thought that the price is quite high, I mean 6-7€ for basically six eyeshadows.. However, I absolutely ADORE the packaging, I think it's extremely cute :) btw, the similarity to Benefit of course, is not to deny, very clear ;)

What they say: "big bright eyes! six eyeshadow colors including apricot, vanilla, rosé and iridescent grey create two different looks – one classic and fresh, the other glamorous. depending on the mood and the occasion, the how to make bright eyes make-up box offers the equipment for gorgeous “bright eyes” styles. the box also contains a styling card with step-by-step instructions on how to create the styles. including an eyeshadow applicator and mirror."

This make-up box has 6 eyeshadows, a nice mirror, a dual-ended brush and sponge applicator plus 2 cute cards with looks. The packaging is not that big, it's about the size of my hand and it's made from sturdy cardboard. You get 4,2g of products.

The eyeshadows could be more pigmented and I also had problems when I blended them, because the colour intensity faded.

Light up - soft shimmery pink
Eyes bright open - salmon shimmer
Team bright - taupe beige shimmer

These are quite pigmented, except for the salmon shade.

Vanilla eyes - cream shimmery colour, ideal for highlighting
Natural beauty - light pink
The irresistible - lilac

- travel friendly
- cute packaging
- very little or no fallout

- pigmentation could be better
- they don't blend very nicely
- quite pricey

Overall I really like the concept of these make-up boxes, and these one is an ok box, not that great and not that bad either.

I hope you enjoyed this :) Let me know your opinion if you have this product ;)


NOTD*34: Essence 178 Hello Spring!

 Essence 178 Hello Spring! (2 coats)

First Impressions: Avon Nutra Effects Tinted Moisturiser

Hello everyone ;)

Today I'll talk about new tinted moisturiser that Avon came up with, and it is the Nutra Effects Tinted Moisturiser.

This line of products is called a Radiance line, because the products target dark spots and dull complexions. The line contains this tinted moisturiser that I bought, and a night cream.

It contains a SPF 20. Formulated with Strelitzia seeds, it diminishes hyper pigmentation and brightens the skin, at the same time boosting collagen production.

I like the smell of it, and it does brighten my face. The moisturiser is white at first, when you put it on your face.

When you blend it out, it's suppose to get "your skin colour". However, the colour I got is quite dark. It's darker than my skin tone, but ok for the summer when I'm tanned anyway.

I think it is a very nice moisturiser, it does moisturises my skin nicely which I really like in the summer and the SPF is always a plus; but I would prefer there would be a few colour choices.

Hope you liked this ;)


Essence "Fun Fair" Trend Edition - Preview

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fun and excitement is guaranteed at the fun fair! with the trend edition “fun fair”, essence is taking a fantastic tour of the fairground. the wonderful scent of cotton candy, popcorn and candy apples is in the air and thrilling attractions ensure a lively atmosphere and cheerful visitors.
the colour scheme consists of pastel shades like vanilla, apricot, rosé and mint with pink and lavender as a bright contrast. highlights are the four satin matt nail polishes in sweet colours with four different candy fragrances and the two cotton candy nails for a cool cotton candy effect! the stretchy hair ties are another must-have with their cute lollipop design.
let’s take a ride on the ferris wheel… with essence! 

Essence Fun Fair - Baked Eyeshadow

FAIRly FUNtastic! the three different eyeshadows in vanilla-rosé, mint and lavender with a baked, soft and powdery texture as well as a fabulous marble effect ensure gorgeous colour highlights for your eyes. applied moist, the colour is even more intense.
available in 01 you´re mint-blowing, 02 be my marshfellow! and 03 plump it up!

Essence Fun Fair - Lipstick

summer lips! create summery accents on your lips in bright pink or fresh apricot. the lipsticks offer semi-transparent coverage and are easy to apply thanks to the slim stick shape.
available in 01 ring around the rosy and 02 sweetheart´s sweet tooth.

Essence Fun Fair - Blush

love at first blush. the blush with a soft, baked texture – available in a choice of intensive pink or radiant apricot – ensures a fresh, summery complexion. for naturally rosy cheeks like you’ve just come back from a ride on the ferris wheel.
available in 01 ring around the rosy and 02 sweetheart´s sweet tooth.

Essence Fun Fair - Shimmer Pearls

beauty bonbons! the slightly shimmering pearls offer your face and neckline a subtle glow. the perfectly aligned pastel shades are inspired by the fabulous nuances of the world of sweets.
available in 01 keep sweet and sparkle on!

Essence Fun Fair - Nail Polish

smells like candy… four nail polishes in the summery shades mint, rosé, pink and apricot – all with a trendy, silky-matt finish – give your nails a fashionable look. all nail polishes have different, subtle candy fragrances reminiscent of your last visit to a fun fair.
available in 01 you're mint-blowing, 02 be my marshfellow!, 03 ring around the rosy and 04 sweetheart's sweet tooth.

Essence Fun Fair - Cotton Candy Nails

cotton candy topping! conjure-up a fluffy cotton candy effect on your nails with the cotton candy nails – a cool mix of glitter and powder. simply sprinkle the nail powder in rosé-pink or mint on top of freshly applied nail polish that’s still wet, allow to dry and you’re done!
available in 01 candylicious and 02 sugar for my honey!

Essence Fun Fair - Lolly Hair Ties

so sweet… put your hair up in a ponytail with these soft, elastic hair ties before your next rollercoaster ride! the hair ties come in five pastel shades and are a really cool eye-catcher and present thanks to the cute lollipop packaging style.
available in 01 the bright ride of life.

First Impressions: Avon Luxe Silken Lip Perfector

Hello cuties! ;)

Today I'll share with you my first impressions on the Avon Luxe Silken Lip Perfector. As some of you know Avon always has some deals for members, for products that are gonna be in upcoming catalogues. This one is one of them, it will be in the catalogue 9 which starts with June 17th. 

The lip balm comes packaged in a box. (even the box looks pretty to me :D)  

It has a gold case, which is absolutely adorable, looks expensive. However, your fingerprints will show on it, which doesn't look that nice :/

I bought it in Natural Tint, which is the lightest shade in this collection. There are 3 more shades to choose from. When I first opened it I was very happy with how it looked, however it doesn't leave that colour on the lips, which is a shame.

However, it is a lip balm, so maybe I shouldn't expect a better colour payoff.. The other shades may give more payoff because they're brighter.

It works very nice as a base for lipstick. Oh and it has SPF 15, which of course is always a plus. It does moisturizes my lips, however I can't say more about it, because I haven't used it a lot.

For Slovenian readers, you can get it in the catalogue 9, for 3,90€.

And if anyone is interested in ingredients:

I hope you enjoyed this, I can report back when I fully test it ;)