First Impressions: Avon Nutra Effects Tinted Moisturiser

Hello everyone ;)

Today I'll talk about new tinted moisturiser that Avon came up with, and it is the Nutra Effects Tinted Moisturiser.

This line of products is called a Radiance line, because the products target dark spots and dull complexions. The line contains this tinted moisturiser that I bought, and a night cream.

It contains a SPF 20. Formulated with Strelitzia seeds, it diminishes hyper pigmentation and brightens the skin, at the same time boosting collagen production.

I like the smell of it, and it does brighten my face. The moisturiser is white at first, when you put it on your face.

When you blend it out, it's suppose to get "your skin colour". However, the colour I got is quite dark. It's darker than my skin tone, but ok for the summer when I'm tanned anyway.

I think it is a very nice moisturiser, it does moisturises my skin nicely which I really like in the summer and the SPF is always a plus; but I would prefer there would be a few colour choices.

Hope you liked this ;)


4 komentarji:

  1. I just tried mine couple of hours ago and it seems that it's getting darker with time :/ Is it with self tanner, do you know?

    1. It's not supposed to be a self tanner, just a moisturiser. I think that happened to you because it oxidized on your skin. Nonetheless it does give quite a dark colour anyway :/

  2. It totally makes sense, thanks :)