What I'll take with me to the seaside :)

Hello loves :3

Tomorrow I'm leaving to Croatia for holidays finally, after a few years I definitely need some vitamin sea! :) I decided to share with you the products I'll take with me. I wanted to take so much more, but had to limit myself a lot :) So today's the final post and I'll be back after a week! :)

Ammm yes, I'm basically taking two bags of cosmetic products :D The large Bon Voyage cosmetic bag is from Avon and it's actually 2 in 1 since the smaller part can detach. And the second one is so old I can't even remember where I got it from, but it's nice since it can fit A LOT of products, especially the big, chunky ones :D

The Avon bag consists of some Croatian money :D And there's makeup products. When I will feel like wearing makeup on hot days, I'm definitely gonna want to do my brows, so that's why there's Essence Make Me Brow and Essence brow pencil. 
I chose only one mascara and that's Avon's Supershock mascara. 
I opted for the BH Malibu eyeshadow palette since it's very travel friendly and has also a nice mirror inside plus it also has a bronzer, highlighter and a blush :) Very nice for travelling!
There's also a Maybelline white kohl pencil and I wasn't sure which foundation should I bring with me, but than decided for the Avon's nutra effects BB cream, since it's a bit darker for me and will be nice when I have a tan :) 
Of course since I'm a big lipstick junkie, I couldn't decide for only a few lipsticks.. That's why there's a whole bunch of sample lipsticks from Avon :D 

Oh I'm also taking a few of my brushes with me and a beauty blender!

And then the larger bag..

Mostly consists of must haves for sun bathing ;)

There's sun bathing products: Avon Sun+ Face & body cream SPF 50 and Avon Sun+ After Sun Cooling Spray. 
I also wanted to try the very popular Jam/Marmelada from Afrodita. It's suppose to be for fast tanning, we'll see how it'll work on me :)

I didn't want to take my favourite toothpaste with me, which is Parodontax, since it costs quite a lot and I'd be sorry if I'd forgot to take it back home:P That's why I decided to go with Aquafresh High definition toothpaste. I also decided to take a detangler brush from Essence's LE Juice it! :) Of course, razors are a must as well, these are limited edition from Balea :)

I'm taking with me this shower gel from Balea, called Frische Energie, because it's 500 ml and smells nice :) For the hair I'm also taking the Balea After sun 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner :)

And that's basically it guys :) I hope you're all gonna have a lovely week! :)


Born Pretty Store Haul*

Hello guys! :) 

It's been extremely hot these days here in Slovenia, that's why I wasn't really feeling the whole writing a blog post idea :D So now I'm finally back :) 

Jenny from Born Pretty Store kindly gave me yet another opportunity to choose items from their store :) Thank you Jenny, I appreciate it a lot! The store offers amazing variety of products, they offer free worldwide shipping which is by itself pretty much amazing, plus they always gave great deals going on! :) Definitely worth checking them, to Slovenia it usually takes the package about 5 weeks to arrive.

The first item I chose are these hair ropes that I heard that they don't damage your hair. 

You get 5 pieces of hair ropes in a set, but you get random colours. They're easy to use, colourful which I like and they hold your hair nicely. I do think these are cute even worn as bracelets :)

This set retails for 0,99$ (it's currently on sale) and you can get it here -> CLICK.

Another item I chose are these beautiful boho earrings. I love the design, it's extremely detailed and very beautiful, very bohemian! :)

I have to say if you like very light weight earrings, these are not for you. They do feel quite heavy on your ears, but for me that's not a problem. They are also quite long. about 7,2 cm. I've been wearing them constantly, they make any outfit look amazing :)

I got mine in silver, but you can also get them in gold. They retail for 3,05$ and are currently on sale as well, you can buy them here -> CLICK.

And the last but certainly not the least is this beautiful necklace:

This necklace takes me back to my teenage punk years haha :D I love the design and it's really nicely made. 

It's very lightweight and you can totally dress it up or down :) 

You can get it for 4,63$ (on sale currently) here -> CLICK

If you want to save even more money, you can use my code TJAT10, which is valid for all non-discounted items on Born Pretty Store! :)

Huge thanks goes to Born Pretty Store <3

Hope you enjoyed guys :) Kisses,

*products were sent to me for review purposes

Empties #20

Hey loves :3

I gathered some empty products again and wanted to quickly share them with you guys :)


Essence Gel-look Plumping Top Coat - this one is not actually empty, it's less than a half of it left, but it became too thick. I did like the shiny effect it gave to the nails, but I really hated that it became too thick very quickly.

Repurchase: I have one left, but then I won't repurchase.

Essence "Into the ocean" LE nail polish 02 Dive Deep - this polish is from a limited edition from 2009. Yep, it's that old :D I think it was my first nail polish ever so it has a sentimental value, but it has to go now :) I did finished it completely since it was an absolutely gorgeous shade, so unique!

Repurchase: It was an old limited edition, so I can't. 

Afrodita Mineral Water Peeling Shower Gel - with aloe vera. I liked the fresh scent of it (smelled like lemons) and the fact that it's paraben, paraffin & silicone free. The peeling was very mild.

Repurchase: Maybe, but not at the moment.

Afrodita Raspberry Cream Shower Gel - I did like it, but I liked the orange version of this cream range much better. This scent is too sweet for my liking, maybe I'd like it more in the winter. It also contains cocoa particles.

Repurchase: Maybe in the winter.

Balea "Sail Away" Plegecreme - basically a body cream that was a limited edition last summer I think. I liked the scent and it was nice, but nothing specially. However it's extremely affordable, so it's amazing for the price.

Repurchase: it was limited edition.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Sample - I did like it, but it was too small of a sample (2ml) to be the judge honestly. I do however have a full size since I got it as a gift, so yay! :) I hope it will work better than the effaclar mat moisturizer, which didn't really do anything for my skin unfortunately.

Purchase: Got it as a gift :)

Palmolive Magic Softness Foaming Handwash - this is a unique hand wash since it instantly makes foam when you press the pump. I loved the scent and the uniqueness of this product! I think it lasted us actually longer than the normal hand soaps, however it did made my hands dry and I don't have dry skin on my body at all so I'm not sure how it would work on really dry skin types.

Repurchase: Yes if it's on a discount.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Energising Face Spritz - it did refresh my face, but the scent was too sweet and I didn't really notice it did anything to my skin at all, except refreshing it before applying makeup.

Repurchase: No.

Essence "50's Fever" LE Lipstick 01 Love Me Tender - another very old limited edition product, from 2009 actually as well as the previous old nail polish :P It was a rosy coloured lipstick and I wasn't a big fan of it that's why it lasted me so long, but now I finally used it up :)

Repurchase: It was limited edition :)

Avon Planet Spa Amazonian Treasures Creamy Body Scrub - with Brazilian acai & berries. This product smelled heavenly! I really smelled the berries and it actually contained tiny berry particles. As a scrub it wasn't too harsh but I liked it anyway. All in all it's an awesome product.

Repurchase: When it's on sale definitely!

That's all guys, let me know if you have tried any of these products ;)

Have a lovely weekend <3 Kisses,

Essence "Exit To Explore" TE - Preview


Next stop: paradise! With the new trend edition “exit to explore”, essence is discovering the exotic world of the Amazon. Inspired by the extraordinary nature and diversity of species, the collection offers intensive colours like apricot and purple, textures with a high coverage and a summery floral product design. The absolute jungle highlights are the eyeshadow with an iridescent holo-effect and the refreshing lipsticks with a mint scent. Discover the rainforest – with essence!

Essence Exit To Explore - Eyeshadow

Chameleon eyes! Three soft powder eyeshadows with high colour dispersion create intensive eye make-up looks in green, purple and
apricot with an iridescent, holographic finish.

Available in  01 You can, toucan, 02 Queen of the Amazons and 03 Apricot Cockatoo

Essence Exit To Explore - Blush

Tropical! The blush with a unique colour gradient from apricot to pink gives the cheeks a fresh flush like you’ve just returned from an Amazon river cruise. With a colourful blossom design.

Available in 01 My heart is beating like a jungle drum.

Essence Exit To Explore - Refreshing Lipstick

Cooling colour. The slender pen in warm apricot and bright pink provides the lip with a mint scent and a slightly cooling finish.

Available in 01 Pink parrot, 02 Apricot Cockatoo

Essence Exit To Explore - Lip Glow

Natural glow. The transparent gloss develops an individual pink shade, subtly tints the lips and leaves them looking nice and shiny.

Available in 01 Lily's kiss.

Essence Exit To Explore - Nail Polish

Jungle-like. Green with an oil-slick effect, shiny apricot, metallic purple with a foil finish and pink with a holographic shimmer bring the fantastic colour scheme of the Amazon to the nails.

Available in 01 Liana's in the jungle, 02 Apricot Cockatoo, 03 Queen of the Amazons and 04 Pink parrot.

Essence Exit To Explore - Body & Cuticle Tattoos

No matter whether parrots, hibiscus blossoms or palm trees – the cool tattoos with holographic effects can be applied on selected areas of the body or on the cuticles as cheerful eye-catchers.
Available in 01 Feel the jungle vibes.

Essence Exit To Explore - Hair Ties

In full bloom. Two frangipani flowers in white and purple give any hairstyle a tropical touch.
Available in 01 My hair is a jungle.

Essence Exit To Explore - Like A Jungle Dream EDT (10ml)

The beauty of nature. This fruity-floral fragrance with exotic coconut and flowery notes is sure to awaken a desire for exciting expeditions through the rainforest with its tropical flair.

REVIEW: Avon Ideal Flawless CC Powder

Hey everyone:)

Another new addition to the Avon's Ideal Flawless range is a CC Powder. Because I'm an Avon rep I had a chance to buy it before it was released, so I have already properly tried it. You can buy it now in the catalogue for 7,90€ (Slovenian readers).

I got mine in shade Fair, which is the lightest shade, but you can also get it in light medium or medium. You get 10g of product.

It's suppose to brighten your skin and as the name suggests - colour correct your skin. They claim it's also a full coverage product. Contains vitamins A, C and E and white tea extract.

The packaging is standard packaging for Avon's products. You get a mirror inside, which comes very handy while traveling plus it's sturdy enough to survive travels ;) You also get a sponge type applicator with it.

To be honest, I didn't completely get what they wanted to market this product as, a foundation or a powder. So I did use it as both :D I tried using it as a powder, with a regular powder brush and I wasn't really impressed by the results, since it didn't really do any colour correcting which is supposed to be a main thing this product does.

But then I started using it as a stand alone foundation. I used it with a sponge applicator that you get with the product and guess what? I fell in love! It does the job of colour correcting your skin and I have to say the thing I love the most about it is that it fills in my enormous pores! Yay! :) 

Some before photos (please don't laugh, one side of my face is quite red because of the sun haha:D):

Would I say it gives a full coverage? Definitely not, but I'd say it's pretty medium, which is really nice, however I don't think it's buildable since I tried it but it started looking cakey.

After photos:

You can see there's a huge difference, especially on the left side of my face since the powder really hid almost all the redness I had.

Oh and btw the powder also contains SPF 30, which is pretty amazing I must say. I will probably take it to the seaside with me, since my vacations are coming really sooon ;) PS: let me know if you want to see what I'll take with me :P

- SPF 30
- colour corrects your skin nicely
- fills in pores
- mattifies skin
- sturdy packaging with a mirror
- no scent!!
- medium coverage

- doesn't really work as a powder
- not buildable

To conclude, if you're in need of colour correcting your skin, I would totally recommend you this product. It does the job perfectly, plus it has a SPF 30, fills in the pores and also gives a little bit of a matt effect! I have to mention also that the product doesn't have any scent at all.

I hope you enjoyed guys, let me know your opinion ;)


Essence "Try it, Love it" TE Fall 2016 - Preview

Drum roll, please - the beauty choices for the upcoming fall/winter season by Essence are here! In August 2016, "Try it. Love it!" will be delighting us all with new it - products for the eyes, lips, face and nails - in excellent quality at the best possible price.

Essence Try it. Love it! - Contouring Eyeshadow Set

Contour the eyes! The eyeshadow duo offers two perfectly aligned shades to contour the eyes. The "highlight" and "contour" embossment on the surface of the texture offers you to select the correct eyeshadow for accentuating or shading. And thanks to the step-by-step instructions, it's easier than ever!
Available in 01 Mauve meets marshmallows, 02 Brownies with frosting and 03 Roses meet mahogany.
Essence Try it. Love it! - The False Lash Mascara Dramatic Volume Unlimited and Volume & Curl

No limit! The iconic shape of the fiber brush ensures dramatic volume and a false lash effect in a deep black texture.

To the extreme. This new mascara version with a curl fiber brush offers maximum volume for curved lashes with a false lash look.

Essence Try It. Love it! - Matt matt matt Lipstick

Matt matters. The light, creamy texture  of the new lipstick range unites a matt finish with a high-colour dispersion in shades like fuchsia and statement brown. 

Available in 02 Perfect match, 04 Pink up your life and 08 It's a statement. 

Essence Try It. Love it! - Camouflage 2 in 1 Make-Up & Concealer

Beauty partner: make-up and concealer. The long-lasting texture with a high coverage hides all skin imperfections and provides a matt, flawless finish - without a mask-like effect.

Available in  10 Ivory beige, 20 Nude beige and 30 Honey beige.

Essence Try It. Love it! - Satin Touch Blush

Blush addicted! The new, silky-soft powder blush instantly provides the cheeks with fresh colour reflections - in rosewood and coral - both with a light pearl effect.

Available in  10 Satin coral and 20 Satin love.

Essence Try It. Love It! - The Gel Nail Polish

Dream nails: are easy to achieve thanks to the special formula. For a long-lasting, high-shine finish. Perfect coverage united with intensive colour. 

Available in 73 More than a feeling, 83 Pretty cool life and  87 Gossip girl.

Essence Try It. Love it! - Get Picture Ready Eyeshadow Palette

#selfietime. The new eyeshadow palette ensures a "picture ready" look any time and any place with seven perfectly aligned nude nuances with a matt, slightly shimmering or metallic finish.

Available in 1...2...3...Smile!

Essence Try It. Love it! - Camouflage 2 in 1 Powder & Make-up

Team player! This practical combination product offers the coverage of a make-up and the lightness of a powder. It balances skin imperfections and softly mattifies the complexion.

Available in 10 Ivory beige, 20 Nude beige, 30 Vanilla beige and 40 Honey beige.

Essence Try It. Love it! - Light Up Face Luminizer Palette

Strobing star. Applied individually or in combination on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose or below the lips, these three highlighter powders with light - reflecting pigments accentuate the features with a light pearl, intensive shimmer or golden glow finish.

Available in 10 Ready, set, glow!

Essence Try It. Love it! - Jewelry Top Coat

Dazzle nails. With it's gold and silver shimmer particles, this top coat turns any nail polish into true gems.

Available in 33 Where is my crown?