REVIEW: Avon Ideal Flawless CC Powder

Hey everyone:)

Another new addition to the Avon's Ideal Flawless range is a CC Powder. Because I'm an Avon rep I had a chance to buy it before it was released, so I have already properly tried it. You can buy it now in the catalogue for 7,90€ (Slovenian readers).

I got mine in shade Fair, which is the lightest shade, but you can also get it in light medium or medium. You get 10g of product.

It's suppose to brighten your skin and as the name suggests - colour correct your skin. They claim it's also a full coverage product. Contains vitamins A, C and E and white tea extract.

The packaging is standard packaging for Avon's products. You get a mirror inside, which comes very handy while traveling plus it's sturdy enough to survive travels ;) You also get a sponge type applicator with it.

To be honest, I didn't completely get what they wanted to market this product as, a foundation or a powder. So I did use it as both :D I tried using it as a powder, with a regular powder brush and I wasn't really impressed by the results, since it didn't really do any colour correcting which is supposed to be a main thing this product does.

But then I started using it as a stand alone foundation. I used it with a sponge applicator that you get with the product and guess what? I fell in love! It does the job of colour correcting your skin and I have to say the thing I love the most about it is that it fills in my enormous pores! Yay! :) 

Some before photos (please don't laugh, one side of my face is quite red because of the sun haha:D):

Would I say it gives a full coverage? Definitely not, but I'd say it's pretty medium, which is really nice, however I don't think it's buildable since I tried it but it started looking cakey.

After photos:

You can see there's a huge difference, especially on the left side of my face since the powder really hid almost all the redness I had.

Oh and btw the powder also contains SPF 30, which is pretty amazing I must say. I will probably take it to the seaside with me, since my vacations are coming really sooon ;) PS: let me know if you want to see what I'll take with me :P

- SPF 30
- colour corrects your skin nicely
- fills in pores
- mattifies skin
- sturdy packaging with a mirror
- no scent!!
- medium coverage

- doesn't really work as a powder
- not buildable

To conclude, if you're in need of colour correcting your skin, I would totally recommend you this product. It does the job perfectly, plus it has a SPF 30, fills in the pores and also gives a little bit of a matt effect! I have to mention also that the product doesn't have any scent at all.

I hope you enjoyed guys, let me know your opinion ;)


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  1. molto bella non copre molto e non rende pesante il viso.ottimo

  2. Uf, super, hvala za tole oceno! zdaj vem, da tole ne bo dovolj prekrivno zame.. :)

  3. Great review Katja, very in debt
    have a great week

  4. Totally agree with you - I see huge difference, sounds like great product from Avon :)

  5. I have this product:) it's wonderful kiss

  6. Great review sweetheart...thx for sharing!

  7. I have to try this!!
    Have a wonderful day doll,
    Johanna ❤

  8. Looks lovely and really natural x