What I'll take with me to the seaside :)

Hello loves :3

Tomorrow I'm leaving to Croatia for holidays finally, after a few years I definitely need some vitamin sea! :) I decided to share with you the products I'll take with me. I wanted to take so much more, but had to limit myself a lot :) So today's the final post and I'll be back after a week! :)

Ammm yes, I'm basically taking two bags of cosmetic products :D The large Bon Voyage cosmetic bag is from Avon and it's actually 2 in 1 since the smaller part can detach. And the second one is so old I can't even remember where I got it from, but it's nice since it can fit A LOT of products, especially the big, chunky ones :D

The Avon bag consists of some Croatian money :D And there's makeup products. When I will feel like wearing makeup on hot days, I'm definitely gonna want to do my brows, so that's why there's Essence Make Me Brow and Essence brow pencil. 
I chose only one mascara and that's Avon's Supershock mascara. 
I opted for the BH Malibu eyeshadow palette since it's very travel friendly and has also a nice mirror inside plus it also has a bronzer, highlighter and a blush :) Very nice for travelling!
There's also a Maybelline white kohl pencil and I wasn't sure which foundation should I bring with me, but than decided for the Avon's nutra effects BB cream, since it's a bit darker for me and will be nice when I have a tan :) 
Of course since I'm a big lipstick junkie, I couldn't decide for only a few lipsticks.. That's why there's a whole bunch of sample lipsticks from Avon :D 

Oh I'm also taking a few of my brushes with me and a beauty blender!

And then the larger bag..

Mostly consists of must haves for sun bathing ;)

There's sun bathing products: Avon Sun+ Face & body cream SPF 50 and Avon Sun+ After Sun Cooling Spray. 
I also wanted to try the very popular Jam/Marmelada from Afrodita. It's suppose to be for fast tanning, we'll see how it'll work on me :)

I didn't want to take my favourite toothpaste with me, which is Parodontax, since it costs quite a lot and I'd be sorry if I'd forgot to take it back home:P That's why I decided to go with Aquafresh High definition toothpaste. I also decided to take a detangler brush from Essence's LE Juice it! :) Of course, razors are a must as well, these are limited edition from Balea :)

I'm taking with me this shower gel from Balea, called Frische Energie, because it's 500 ml and smells nice :) For the hair I'm also taking the Balea After sun 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner :)

And that's basically it guys :) I hope you're all gonna have a lovely week! :)


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  1. The Avon bag looks super practical! Awesome ;) I loved all your products! Have some great holidays ;)


  2. Interesting beauty products. We keep in touch. xx

  3. Loving all your products! Have a great day at the seaside! I hope you keep in touch, I would love to hear from you!

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    Qing's Style

  4. Essentials for summer ;)

    Federica Di Nardo

  5. These sample lipsticks from Avon looks like great solution for holidays, have a great time in Croatia, Katja!


  6. Great post katja hope you have lots of fun

  7. I can see many interesting and useful products there!!

  8. Great products and hope you enjoy your summer vacations!
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  9. Thanks for such a detailed post! Interesting beauty products)
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