Essence Holiday Gift Sets 2016

Hey everyone!

Essence presents it's new Holiday 2016 Gift Sets from October to December 2016.

Essence I Love Sparkle Gift Set


Leave a little sparkle wherever you go! The set contains an eyeshadow palette with warm colors and a pearl finish – light shades for a subtle daytime look and darker brown tones for an intensive sparkle style in the evening. Black false lashes ensure a breathtaking look. A shimmering lipgloss as well as two nail polishes – with a satin and glitter effect respectively – complete the style. A perfect gift for all beauty addicts!
Available in 01 Leave a sparkle wherever you go.
Essence Like A Day In A Candy Shop

Candied Christmas! This fragrance is floral and fresh as well as sensual and sweet. Peach and orchid give the top note a light and fruity freshness while lilac, heliotrope and jasmine blossoms provide a flowery nuance in the middle note. Vanilla, tonka bean and musk in the base note give the fragrance its sweet, exotic touch. The hand cream with a moisturizing complex of shea butter, coconut and almond oil pampers the hands and makes them feel wonderfully soft and supple on cold winter days. On top, it has the lovely scent of the eau de toilette. essence fragrance set “like a day in a candy shop” with 50 ml EdT and 50 ml hand cream.

Essence Like An Unforgettable Kiss

Scented kisses! This fragrance is effervescent and floral. The top note with pink grapefruit, mango and tangerine creates a fruity freshness. Combined with lily of the valley and raspberry in the middle note, this results in a sweet and floral composition. Creamy sandalwood, musk and vanilla in the base note give the fragrance its warm touch. The hand cream is a must-have for the wintertime! It provides the hands with much needed moisture thanks to the shea butter, coconut and almond oil ingredients. On top, it has the lovely scent of the eau de toilette. essence fragrance set “like an unforgettable kiss” with 50 ml EdT and 50 ml hand cream.

Beautiful Dress From Sammydress*

Hello everyone, happy new week! :))

I've already shared with you my haul from, you can see it here -> click. Today I'll show you another piece I received from the company in exchange for an honest review, thank you Sammydress again for this amazing opportunity!

Sammydress is a leading global online wholesale supplier of the latest in Women's Clothing, Men and Women's Shoes, Bags and Accessories, Casual Dresses, Accessories, Fashion Jewelry, Intimate Lingerie, Wigs, Men's Clothing, Children's Toys, Home & Living, Lifestyle Products and many more fantastic items and gift ideas. Their commitment is to provide a wide range of high quality, trendy fashion clothing at stunning factory direct prices along with a class-leading customer service experience to our worldwide community of customers.

This time I chose a beautiful lacy dress I wanted to wear for a wedding, but unfortunately we didn't go to the wedding, however I'm sure I'll wear it a lot since you can definitely dress it up, or down.

Style: Club
Material: Lace,Polyester,Spandex
Silhouette: A-Line
Dresses Length: Knee-Length
Neckline: V-Neck
Sleeve Length: Short Sleeves
Pattern Type: Solid
With Belt: No
Season: Spring,Summer
Weight: 0.193kg 

This dress feels really lightweight, comfortable and I think because of the lace, it looks very classy :)

I got mine in 3XL and it fitted me very loose, (but that's mine fault since I measured myself and I was in-between two sizes, so I decided to go up a size) so I decided to add a plain black matt belt and I think it makes it a whole lot better :). The dress retails for 10,68$ (currently on sale) which is very affordable and you can buy it here -> CLICK.

I have to say it feels really nice and since I first wrote a review of their clothes, I worn the shirts a lot and they're still perfectly fine, even after a few washes.

Sammydress also has a blog, you can check them here and if you want to check their social media, you can use twitter, click.

Let me know if you like it ;)


*product was sent to me for review purposes

Romwe Wishlist

Hey everyone :)

Today I'll show you another wishlist from the online store called :)
Romwe was founded in Nanjing, China On Christmas Eve of 2009. From the catwalk to real world, their aim is to bring top fashion. 

Vintage Floral Loose T-Shirt -> click
Khaki Off The Shoulder Sweater -> click
Grey Long Sleeve T-Shirt -> click

Black Crochet Kimono -> click
Alien Hooded Sweatshirt -> click
Black Letter Print T-Shirt -> click

Let me know which one's your favourite! As you can probably see by now I love shirts with sayings :D


First Impressions: Trend It Up Ultra Matte Lipcream 085

Hey loves :)

DM has finally brought in Slovenia their own brand of makeup - Trend it up! I had to buy at least one of the products to see the quality. Today I'll share with you my first impressions on the ultra matte lipcream in shade 085.

The first thing I have to say is I don't like that the products don't have names, just the numbers.

Somehow I lost the receipt but I think I paid around 4€ for it and you get 5 ml of product. For comparison, I think Essence's XXXL matt lipglosses are around 2€ and you get 4,5 ml of product.

I picked up one of the darker, berry shades. The applicator is standard doe foot and somehow everything about this lip cream reminds me of Essence's ones :D

I have to say I didn't test it enough to give a full review, that's why only the first impressions since I used it a couple of times. To be honest, I'm not really a fan of it, at least not this colour, maybe the lighter shades are better, I'm not sure.

I feel like the texture and how it feels on my lips is exactly like the Essence's ones are. It feels slippery and doesn't completely dry down. I don't feel like it dries my lips but that's probably because the second your lips touch anything, it's gone. I don't like the slippery feeling since it moves all the time and than (at least this darker shade) looks gross since there's some missing on your upper lip or the other way around, it just gets streaky and not beautiful at all.

Unfortunately it didn't live up to my standards and I'm not sure if I'll keep it.

If you like this kind of lip products, you may like it, but I'd rather pick up some Essence ones again for the half of the price (and basically just 0,5ml less of product) and get the same result, I maybe even like the Essence's ones more.

What do you think about these lip creams, let me know if you have any lighter shades, how do they perform? .)


SheIn Wishlist

Hey loves :)

Since I decided to do outfit posts from time to time I definitely wandered into a world full of online stores :D Which is exciting and scary at the same time since my wallet's gonna hurt :P Today I'll show you my wishlist from one of the online stores called SheIn. 

If you haven't heard for them, SheIn has been around since 2008 and has now become one of the most acclaimed online stores for women's fashion. 

Blue V Cut Embroided Blouse -> click
Skull Print T-Shirt -> click
Grey Letters T-Shirt -> click

Long Sleeve Sweater -> click
Black Slogan Print T-Shirt -> click
Black Tote Bag -> click

Let me know how you like it ;)

Have a great day,

Ebay Finds #4

Hey everyone :)

Last month I ordered some things from Ebay again and wanted to share some of them with you today :) You can see my last Ebay finds post here -> CLICK.

The first item I got are these stunning statement earrings. Blue is definitely my kind of colour, so they're perfect :P

So far they seem to be nice quality, of course not amazing, but that's what you get for paying basically no money haha :P I got these for 0,22$ because they were on auction :) I bought them from this seller and he has relisted them again -> click.

The last two products I'll show you are both lip products. One is a wine lip tint, yes a lip tint in shape of a wine bottle and what surprised me that it actually smells like wine too :D Incredible! :)

There are six colours to choose from and I chose mine in RD02 which is a deep red shade.

I paid 1,07$ and bought it from this seller -> click.

And the last item I want to show you is a replica of Kylie Jenner's liquid lipstick. For Slovenian readers -> please don't buy these on since I can almost guarantee you 99% of the lipsticks people sell on the site is fake.

I decided to buy a replica since I heard mainly good things about them, and I have to say it really is good. Staying power is amazing.

I bought mine in shade 05 which I think is suppose to be replica of Kylie's Posie K.

I bought it on auction for 1,88$, but you can find them everywhere, for example -> click.

And that's it guys. Let me know if you enjoy my Ebay finds, so I know I'll post the more often ;)

Happy Monday! Kisses,

Guest Post: Isabelle from

Hey loves :3

Today I'm introducing you something different on my blog - guest posts. I decided I want to help fellow bloggers as well, so if you want to write a guest post for my blog, don't hesitate and contact me ;) Today I'm presenting you the first guest blogger ever, Isabelle. Her blog is definitely worth checking out and she's amazing, so genuine and lovely! :) Thank you Isabelle for writing this <3

Revealing your true artist doesn't have to be expensive these days. As for makeup, so do art supplies have their own cheap shops, you just need to know where to find them. This post will have its focus on painting and jewelry making, because those are the two hobbies I do in my free time, but I'm sure that you can find other creative hobby materials in the shops I mention here as well.
Being creative means having an open mind. It won't come as a big surprise that creative people are also very intelligent people, mostly because they see the possibilities in things. So working with a limited budget sure is a great way to train your creativity skills.

Let's start with checking these 7 ways to do your creative hobby on a low budget.

1.    Visit pop-up shops to get great deals

Pop-up shops are very much in trend right now. Investments these days are unreliable so entrepreneurs intend to invest little money in small, temporary enterprises. Customers can take much profit out of this kind of shops because the prices are often low. The goal of these entrepreneurs is to make as much money in a short time as they possibly can, that’s why they sell great deals – deals you should definitely check out. Pop-up shops are great to get some stash, but remember that you need to have a back-up plan.

2.   Look for big discount stores like Action, Flying Tiger, Zeeman and Wibra

Of course, this tip you probably already figured out when looking for cheap materials. The one thing you have to keep in mind is that, when searching for budget friendly supplies, you’re not going to find everything you need in 1 store. That’s probably the biggest disadvantage of shopping this way. When I need supplies for my jewelry making, I can find beads in Action but no ear hooks. Therefore I’ve got to go to Flying Tiger or a pop-up shop. Some people may find the detour a bit bothersome. A good solution you can keep in mind is that you can buy larger amounts in each store. That way you don’t have to run to every single store every week.
Also, the store examples here are for people who are located in Belgium. Every country has its famous discount stores, so you can replace the ones in the title by the ones you’re familiar with.

3.   Find recyclable products in second hand stores

You would be amazed what treasures you can find in second hand stores. It’s unique and it already has a story that you can rewrite. Anyway, in a society with the focus on consumerism it’s a good thing that valuable stuff can get a new destination in a second life. Show your charity spirit and recycle!
Examples of second hand stores: Think Twice, Oxfam, Opnieuw & Co, …

4. Ask your family for old jewelry

How many women buy jewelry, wear it one time for some special occasion, and then put it away in a box for years? Your mom, grandma, sister, aunt, or anyone in your family would probably be very happy to see that those pieces don’t end up in the trash. Don’t be afraid to ask, you can always give them a gift afterwards. It’s a great feeling to make someone you love happy with your handmade jewelry.

5. Make a list of things you can save money with and things that require high quality 

You can’t expect yourself to buy everything on low cost, some items do demand a higher level of quality and so a higher price as well. Like for instance paintbrushes, you just have to buy them at a specialized hobby shop because it’s crucial for your artwork that the bristles of the brushes won’t come off. It can be useful for yourself to make up a list of things you can save money with and things that require high quality.
Examples of specialized hobby shops in Belgium: Pipoos, De Banier, Veritas & Kreamax.

6. Get a customer card of your hobby shop

However, when you visit your favorite specialized hobby shop, it’s interesting to ask if they have a customer card. So when you buy your high quality items, you can get a discount when you show them your loyalty. Some shops work with a points system, others with the number of visits.

7. Buy huge amounts when there's sale and save money during the year

Last but not least: sales! The ideal moment to go shopping. Again it’s up to you: the longer you wait, the less choice but the cheaper the product will be. The earlier, the bigger the choice but the higher the price.

You see that there are a lot of options when saving money on hobby materials. It’s best to discover your own preferences by exploring every technique. What’s your best strategy and which shop has the most to offer at a reasonable price? It’s a journey you have to make on your own to find what suits you best. I hope you enjoyed reading my post, because I certainly enjoyed writing it.

For more creativity, don’t hesitate to visit my blog:

Also a big thank you to Katja, who gave me the chance to write on her amazing blog.

Credit to Google Image Search, in specific Funnymeme for the last meme.