Essence "Blogger's Beauty Secrets" Trend Edition - Preview

My favorite beauty product is… top secret and super sought-after: which products do bloggers and trend setters like and why? essence worked with four of them to develop the new trend edition “bloggers’ beauty secrets”, which is offering beauty multitalents from June until July 2016. Diana zur Löwen from Dfashion created a true allrounder with her “touch up to go!” palette while Palmira from beautypalmira focuses on the eyes with her “vintage rose” palette. With “shape & shadows”, Mary Oliver from Strikeapose presents a contouring palette for the eyes and brows in keeping with the latest trend, and Serena Verbon from Beautylab ensures a wow-complexion and fabulous eye make-up for the summer with her “the glow must go on” palette. On top, the bloggers have revealed their favorite beauty tips, but shhhhh, they must remain top secret. A perfect match: bloggers and essence! 

Essence Blogger's Beauty Secrets - Touch up to go! one-for-all palette + nail polish by Diana zur Löwen

All4one! Diana’s “touch up to go!” palette is an absolute all-rounder and perfect for all girls who like to have their beauty must-haves close at hand at all times. Three eyeshadows in mauve, brown and nude, two blush shades and a pampering balm are perfect companions and ensure a fresh look at all times. The products can also be combined – the balm and blush create a lip gloss in a flash! Includes a small duo applicator for quick touch ups on the go. An ideal match: the nail polish with a beautiful semi-matt finish. 

The one-for-all palette is available in 01 touch up to go! and the nail polish 01 be happy + smile.

Essence Blogger's Beauty Secrets - vintage rose eye palette + nail polish by Palmira

Rosy beauty! The “vintage rose” palette by Palmira offers eyeshadows in shimmering white, soft pink and warm brown tones. An eyeliner and highlighter complement the set to create an expressive eye make-up style – this Berlin beauty has a penchant for unique eye looks! The eyeshadow, eyeliner and highlighter can be applied with the integrated duo applicator, and the metallic, rosé-gold nail polish completes the look. 

The vintage rose eye palette is available in 02 vintage rose and the nail polish 02 hello beautiful!

Essence Blogger's Beauty Secrets - shape & shadows eye contouring palette + nail polish by Mary

Eyes on. Mary prefers a combination of trendy eye make-up styles and wow-brows – so the “shape & shadows“ palette perfectly fits the bill! The eye contouring palette brings the contouring trend to the eyes and offers eyeshadow, eyebrow powder, highlighter as well as brow wax, which can be used as a basis for eyebrow powder or for keeping the desired shape in place. The palette contains an applicator for applying powder or combing the brows. The nail polish in a trendy mud shade with a matt-rubber finish complements the look. 

The shape & shadows eye contouring palette is available in 03 shape & shadows and the nail polish 03 all eyes on me. 

Essence Blogger's Beauty Secrets - the glow must go on bronzing and highlighting palette + nail polish by Serena

Shine bright! With her “the glow must go on” palette, Serena ensures a radiant complexion for all! Three different bronzers in warm shades can be used individually or in combination to create a fresh glow, while the two eyeshadows offer eye make-up styles with a glam factor. The highlighter emphasizes the best facial features and can easily be applied and blended with the mini-brush – just like the bronzer. The nail polish in bright turquoise is sure to get you in the mood for summer. 

The bronzing and highlighting palette is available in 04 the glow must go on and the nail polish 04 shine bright.

NOTD*59: Essence "Merry Berry" LE - 01 The Masked Ball

Essence "Merry Berry" LE - 01 The Masked Ball (2 coats) + Essence "Cinderella" LE Glitter Topper 

REVIEW: Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Lip Colour

Hey loves :3

I have a review of another lipstick that I bought. I'm not sure if it is available in Slovenia since I got it from Germany. I'm talking about the Maybelline Super Stay 24 hour lip colour.

The product comes in a tube, similar to a two step mascara, except there's a lipstick on one end and a clear lip balm on the other end. The instructions say to put on one coat of the colour, let it dry completely, and than apply a layer of the lip balm.

In my opinion you definitely need to put a lip balm over the lipstick, because only the lipstick makes your lips quite dry plus it's extremely sticky and I'm usually not that sensitive to sticky products, but this one is very extreme, so keep in mind that.

I'm not sure which colour I got, since it doesn't have the name written anywhere :( I was quite impressed with the longevity, because it did withstood drinking and eating, however I needed to reapply the conditioning balm after a few hours because my lips were feeling dry.

You're probably a bit hesitant to believe a 24 hour claim on this lipstick and yes, it definitely doesn't last that long. I'd say it lasts about 6 hours with drinking/eating, which is still a pretty good longevity!

- lasts about 6 hours
- kiss-proof, survives drinking/eating

- the lipstick itself feels extremely sticky/dry

All in all I think it's quite a good lipstick. I'm not that impressed with it since the lipstick itself feels extremely sticky, however that goes away when you apply the conditioning balm :) The longevity is pretty impressive indeed.

Let me know if you tried it, what do you think? :)


Essence "Juice It!" Trend Edition - Preview

Fruit up your life! On summery shirts, as cool accessories or as creative nail art styles – super cute fruit is everywhere this season. With the new trend edition “juice it!”, essence is offering juicy beauty-pieces in May 2016. The colours in the collection are reminiscent of a mixed peach, watermelon and cherry fruit basket, and the gel-like, partially scented textures conjure-up spring colour effects on the lips and nails. Favorites include the jelly tint lipstick with a semi-transparent formula and a unique colour effect as well as the detangle brush with a cool kiwi look. The fragrant nail stickers with lots of little fruit designs ensure colourful eye-catchers on the nails and the fruity-floral fragrance of the eau de toilette with cherry, nectarine sorbet and tonka bean is sure to put you in the mood for summer. essence loves fresh fruits!

Essence Juice It! - Jelly Tint Lipstick

Just juicy! The semi-transparent lipsticks have a tint-effect that colours the lips in cherry-red or juicy watermelon pink. The gel-like texture has a surprising colour gradient and leaves behind a glossy finish. 

Available in 01 cherry cherry lady and 02 a melon miles away

Essence Juice It! - Glossy Lipliner

Cherry or watermelon? The high-shine, glossy lipliner perfectly frames the lips in a soft shade of either cherry-red or watermelon pink. 

Available in 01 i love you cherry much and 02 you´re one in a melon.

Essence Juice It! - Lip Smoothie

Very cherry! This lipbalm provides intensive care and an extra-portion of moisture for glossy lips with a touch of soft pink colour. The fruity, slightly sweet fragrance and the cherry-shaped container are absolutely juicy, too. 

Available in 01 pretty, with a cherry on top.

Essence Juice It! - Ball Blush

Sunny teint. The ball blush with a powder texture and domed shape can be applied directly onto the cheeks and blended. Summery pink or intensive apricot conjure-up a fresh complexion. 

Available in 01 you´re one in a melon and 02 give peach a chance. 

Essence Juice It! - Nail Polish

Fruity nails! Four nail polishes with a semi-transparent texture provide an ultra-shiny finish with a jelly-effect in light peach, orange, pink and red. 

Available in 01 i love you cherry much, 02 you´re one in a melon, 03 orange is the new black and 04 peach dreams are made of this

Essence Juice It! - Scented Nail Stickers

Aromatic fruit mix. Cheerful designs like pineapples, melons, cherries and co. can now decorate the nails, too. And the best thing is: all stickers have the wonderfully fruity fragrance of the cherry eau de toilette in the trend edition. 

Available in 01 easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

Essence Juice It! - Detangle Brush

Cool kiwi! The brush with a mix of short and long rubber bristles can comb through any hair structure without tugging, pulling or tangling. Comes in a cute kiwi design. 

Available in 01 melon dollar baby. 

Essence Juice It! - Cherry Eau De Toilette

Mon cherry. This refreshing, floral-fruity fragrance welcomes the summer and spreads a feeling of fun. The eau de toilette has a fruity top note with cherry – which dominates the fragrance – passion fruit and apple blossom. Lilly of the valley, heliotrope and nectarine sorbet in the middle note add a lovely floral element, while musk, sandalwood and tonka bean provide a warm and slightly sweet basis – simply irresistible! 

Available as a 30 ml EdT.

Your best stop for wedding dresses -> CocoMelody*

Hi everyone :)

Since spring has definitely sprung and the summer will be here in a heartbeat, the formal events will start or they have already. Weddings are one of them :) If you're a future bride to be, I have something for you today, but if not, the brand offers prom and any other special event dresses as well! :) 

You all probably know online store CocoMelody by now, since I have worked with them in the past. Their wedding dresses are amazing, they offer a great variety of other special event dresses and they do offer free worldwide shipping, which is really great. In addition the dress you want can be custom tailored for your exact fit!

They also offer designer wedding dresses which are beautiful! My favourite is this one from Lily White:

You can also take a look at their wedding dresses with sleeves if that's your cup of tea :) My top 3 are these:

I'm especially head over heels with the last one, since it's quite a unique dress :) 

They have very affordable prices but yet they're still having amazing deals all the time! At the moment they offer a great deal you can see on the picture below:

Let me know which of the dresses I picked is your favourite ;) Thank you CocoMelody again for the opportunity, it's always been a pleasure to work with you!


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NOTD*58: Kiko Velvet Satin - 693 Cadet Blue

Kiko Velvet Satin - 693 Cadet Blue (2 coats) + Essence "Merry Berry" LE Top Coat

Ebay Finds #3

Hello loves :3

Another post in the series of my Ebay finds :) If you haven't seen my last one, you can check it here -> CLICK

The first item I'll show you is another adult colouring book :) If you have seen my other Ebay finds, I also got two adult colouring books in my first post. This one however is made of better material than the other two, hence I paid a little bit more for it. 

It's called a Fantasy Dream by Amily Shen and it's an Alice in Wonderland colouring book :) It's really beautiful as it has some very detailed pictures and some more simple ones.

It has 14 pages and it is made of paper. I paid 1,63$ for it from this seller -> click, but he sells them for much cheaper now, 1,09$ so if you want it, it's a bargain.

The second item is this clear acrylic lipstick display. I ordered two of them, from different sellers, but one of them came broken since our postal service is handling the packages really nice (sarcasm :)) I'm still using it, but I did contact the seller to let him know and he kindly offered me a refund, so you can always work something out if the item you get isn't as described.

I really like these displays and I'll probably order another one in the future, since I have some lippies left in the boxes :P One display holds 24 lipsticks. I got it on the auction for 3,25$, but you can buy it here -> CLICK.

And the last item I want to show you is this stunning statement necklace. I love the blue colour lately :P

It's a nice quality necklace. I also bought this one on the auction for 1,69$, yes, I was really lucky to get it this cheap :P Otherwise you can buy it here for 2,27$ -> CLICK.

All the items come with free shipping also! :) I hope you enjoyed guys.


REVIEW: Sleek I-Divine Garden Of Eden Eyeshadow Palette

Hey everyone! :)

I was preparing this review for quite some time but I wanted to give the palette a proper try. I'm talking about the Sleek Makeup I-Divine Garden of Eden eyeshadow palette.

It's an earth toned palette that features six warmer, more neutral shades and then six cooler shades, for a total of twelve shadows. Sleek eyeshadows are all mineral based. You get 12 x 1,1g of product, so basically 13,2g of total product. I bought it on sale on Click2chic for 7,77€ which was a bargain, otherwise it costs around 13€.

I like the packaging, it's very sturdy, slim and looks sleek (get it :P). It does have a nice mirror inside as well so it's very appropriate for travelling. It also contains a dual ended sponge applicator.

The colours were the first thing that caught my eye when I was deciding which palette to get, since I do have green eyes and usually green shadows make my eyes pop! They're very beautiful, especially the greens! Their frost shades are very soft and smooth, have good color payoff and they were easy to work with. On the other hand the more matte the base the more problematic they seemed with a couple of them having a really sheer colour payoff and drier textures.

I like that the palette comes with a plastic sheet with the names of the shades written on it, however I would prefer to have the names printed on the bottom, but anyway, better than nothing at all :)

Gates of Eden - is a golden, coppery shade with frosted sheen. It has good pigmentation and the texture is soft and smooth.

Eve's Kiss - pinky mauve with a frosted finish. Soft, well pigmented and smooth as well.

Paradise on Earth - A frosted taupe. It's very pigmented, has the best texture from the palette.

Python - medium dark chocolate brown with a slight red-orange undertone. It's a touch less pigmented than previous shades as the texture is a little drier and stiffer to work with.

Forbidden - the first matte shade in the palette. It's a cool toned grey-purple shade which contains little gold glitter in the pan, but it doesn't transfer well on the skin.

Flora - warm toned medium dark brown. I was disappointed with the pigmentation with this one as well.

Entwined - is another matte shadow. The texture is very stiff and it was difficult to actually get any colour payoff.

Adam's apple - I was very excited about this shade however the pigmentation is very poor with this one. It's a matte yellow-toned green.

Fig - is my favourite shade in the whole palette ;) It has amazing pigmentation and metallic finish. It's yellower and much more shimmery compared to Adam's apple.

Evergreen - frosted mint green, has nice, smooth texture.

Fauna - dark, forest green with a slightly metallic finish.

Tree of life - medium dark green with matte finish. The pigmentation is a little patchy.

- 12 eyeshadows
- different finishes
- unique shades
- mineral based

- some of the shadows are less pigmented

Overall this palette is very beautiful! It has a gorgeous collection of shades that are very unique. They last on my lids for about 6-7 hours with an eyeshadow primer, but consider that I do have oily lids. I'm a little disappointed in the matte shades, I was expecting better pigmentation, since Sleek palettes are usually very raved by the bloggers, but by no means is this one bad at all :)

Do you own this palette, what do you think? :)

Have a lovely week,