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Hi everyone :)

Since spring has definitely sprung and the summer will be here in a heartbeat, the formal events will start or they have already. Weddings are one of them :) If you're a future bride to be, I have something for you today, but if not, the brand offers prom and any other special event dresses as well! :) 

You all probably know online store CocoMelody by now, since I have worked with them in the past. Their wedding dresses are amazing, they offer a great variety of other special event dresses and they do offer free worldwide shipping, which is really great. In addition the dress you want can be custom tailored for your exact fit!

They also offer designer wedding dresses which are beautiful! My favourite is this one from Lily White:

You can also take a look at their wedding dresses with sleeves if that's your cup of tea :) My top 3 are these:

I'm especially head over heels with the last one, since it's quite a unique dress :) 

They have very affordable prices but yet they're still having amazing deals all the time! At the moment they offer a great deal you can see on the picture below:

Let me know which of the dresses I picked is your favourite ;) Thank you CocoMelody again for the opportunity, it's always been a pleasure to work with you!


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    1. They really are so pretty :) Thank you dear for reading.

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  2. These dresses are breathtaking, I love your selection, Katja :)

  3. Indeed, I really like their dresses :) Thanks for reading <3

  4. I love it the first dress
    Great store

  5. loving the dresses! so chic!

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  6. Ko bi vsaj takšne obleke lahko nosili še za kam- prelepe so za 'le' en dogodek ;) xx Maja