NOTD*10: Avon Glow - Fuchsia

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Avon Glow - Fuchsia (1 coat) + Avon Opal Top Coat (1 coat on ringfingers)

Slovenian Bloggers 15. - 21. 9. 2014

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Fall Inspiration


Essence Rock Out! Trend Edition - Preview

"Essence loves music! Things are going to get musical in october and november 2014 with new trend edition “rock out!” - Essence is once again an official sponsor of the MTV European Music Awards. Glasgow is ready to welcome the who’s who of the international music scene on the 9th of november 2014 and fans can look forward to a breathtaking show.

This trend edition offers cool beauty pieces and an exciting color scheme consisting of silver, mint, pink, purple and black. Highlights include the vinyl shine lipgloss, which comes in two trendy colors with a high-shine finish. and your nails are sure to shine as bright as the stars on stage: four nail polishes, a top coat as well as nail and body tattoos are here to create a pure party feeling with their glow-in-the-dark effect. and with the shoe accessory in a retro-cassette design, your shoes are spreading the rock’n’roll vibe, too!"
Essence Rock Out! - cream eyeshadow
 Eyes on me… in stylish silver, hip mint and light purple! The three ultra cool cream eyeshadows offer great coverage, create trendy color effects for your eyes and are easy to apply with your fingers. Available in 01 best rock, 02 best look and 03 best female.


Essence Rock Out! - liquid eyeliner
Music united! The two liquid eyeliners in purple and sparkling silver set gorgeous accents on your eyes. The slim brush guarantees a particularly accurate eyeliner style. And it rocks as a mascara topper, too! Available in 01 best pop and 02 best rock.

Essence Rock Out! - vinyl shine lipgloss
 As glossy as vinyl! This lipgloss with a trendy high shine finish is the ideal EMA companion. The high coverage combined with an ultra-glossy look is reminiscent of vinyl and is an absolute must-have. In a choice of rock-chic silver with glitter or an intensive bright pink. Available in 01 best pop and 02 best rock.

Essence Rock Out! - multicolour blush
Ready to rock…! The multi-color blush consisting of light and bright pink as well as purple has a soft and velvety texture to give your cheeks a touch of color. Available in 01 global icon

Essence Rock Out! - nail polish
Hands up! The four sparkling nail polishes in pink, dark purple, silver and black have a trendy glow in the dark effect. Absolute must-haves as you’re sure to stand out from the crowd with your glowing nails! Available in 01 best rock, 02 best hip-hop, 03 best pop and 04 best female.

Essence Rock Out! - glow in the dark top coat
Shine bright like a diamond! This top coat contains star-shaped flakes that glow in the dark to create extraordinary effects on your nails. Simply apply over your favorite nail polish and shine as bright as the stars on stage. Available in 01 biggest fan

Essence Rock Out! - glow in the dark finger & body tattoos
Glow… on your nails and body! The new glow in the dark finger & body tattoos are available in various designs like stars, music notes or cool sayings. Simply stick them on the desired areas of your nails, face or body and all eyes are sure to be on you! Available in 01 glow in glasgow.

Essence Rock Out! - hair dye powder
 Encore, encore! Now’s the time for colorful highlights in your hair! The hair dye powder creates a beautiful color gradient in pink or purple. Simply apply the powder on individual strands of hair or the ends to create a unique look. Washes out easily. Available in 01 best pop and 02 best female

Essence Rock Out! - shoe accessory
Play it loud! Get your dancing shoes on – not a problem with this shoe accessory in a cute retro-cassette design. Simply place the cassette on the front of your shoe and then thread your shoelaces thorough the holes on each side. Available in 01 EMAzing performer

 This LE will be in stores from mid October till end November.

What do you think, will you buy anything? I love the nail polishes and top coat :)


NOTD*9: Maxfactor Glossfinity - 145 Noisette

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Maxfactor Glossfinity - 145 Noisette (2 coats)

NOTD*8: Essence Hello Autumn LE - Beauti-fallred

Essence Beauti-Fallred (2 coats)

Avon C13


Hiii! :)
I got a package from Avon today and I'll show you the things I bought in campaign 13 :)

1. Senses Mood Therapy Indulgent Moisturising Shower Creme – 500 ml; 1,50€

These Mood Therapy shower cremes are actually new and I decided to try one of the scents because I loved the smell in the catalogue :D It was also very cheap and contains shea butter extract. 

2. Naturals Lip Moisturising Vanilla Lip Balm ; 1€

I don't have many lip balms anymore, so I decided to get this one and it was also on sale. I already tried it and the smell of vanilla is really nice, almost like cake or cookies :D  It adds shine and leaves my lips soft.

3. Senses Romantic Garden Of Eden Exfoliating Body Scrub – 200ml; 1.90€

This is AMAZING :D The smell is very sweet, like candy. It contains vitamin E and it's very liquid. You're supposed to massage it into damp skin and rinse off.

4. Glow Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel Fuchsia– 12 ml; 1,90€

This nail polish was on sale and being that cheap and beautiful,  I couldn't resist it :D The colour is nice, a very bright pink. Avon says: Glossy and long wearing chip resistant formula. I haven't tried it yet, so I can't say, but you'll definitely see this one in my NOTD posts :)

5. These 3 products were all together on offer for 4.20€:

- Heel rasper
- Men Invisible Protection Anti-perspirant Roll-on Deodorant – 50 ml
- Naturals Herbal Hair Care Complete Recovery shampoo – 250 ml

The heel rasper was a must because I recently broke the one I had and it was old anyway. Haven't tried it yet but I'll hope it will work :)

The Deodorant is for my boyfriend, because he ran out of it and he loves this one so I keep repurchasing :D

A shampoo that I didn't really need but because the offer was very good I decided to get this Complete Recovery that contains chamomile & aloe vera. It's supposed to help replenish dry and damaged hair.

Well that's it :D There actually was another product that I bought but I'll give it as a gift for Christmas probably, so I didn't include it here ;)

I hope you like this and if you want a review on anything, comment below :)

SLOVENIAN BLOGGERS 8. - 14. 9. 2014

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REVIEW: Catrice Absolute Bright Palette

Hi everyone! :)

Today I decided to write a review of Catrice ABSOLUTE BRIGHT eyeshadow palette (010 Candy Warhol).

I decided to buy this one because I ADORE the Absolute Nude one and I thought it's gonna be the same with this one.

What Catrice says: Pretty in pastel. The latest trend, captured in one palette. Six wearable pastel shades and a practical duo-applicator offer accumulated know-how: soft textures with a high colour-dispersion, long durability and various effects from shimmering to extremely pearly.

The packaging is nice, travel friendly. The first time I had problems with opening it and it almost broke, but now it's ok.

It has 6 pastel shades that are supposed to brighten up the look. I like all the shades, except the fact that they are badly pigmented and all shimmery.

From L-R: White, pastel yellow, pastel pink, violet, blue, brown

Because of the bad pigmentation I'm using it for highlighting - well at least some of the colours :)

To conclude I really don't like this one and it can't compare with the Nude one. Especially for the price which is 4,99€.

From Down-Up: white, pastel yellow, pastel pink, violet, blue, brown
The swatches were made without a base and as you can see the colours are very similar, you can hardly tell a difference.

PROS: - travel friendly
            - the shades are lovely
            - good for highlighting

CONS: - price
             - bad pigmentation
             - all the shades are shimmery

I hope you liked this review :)

Do you have this palette and what do you think?


NOTD*7: Essence - Galactic Glam

Essence - Galactic Glam (1coat)

7 Deadly Sins Of Beauty TAG


Hi guys! :)
I was tagged by Invisibly Perfect and decided to do this because it's interesting and different :D 

1. GREED: What's your most expensive beauty item?
Hmm I actually don't have many expensive items. Probably it's something from Vichy or a Benefit foundation.

2. WRATH: Which beauty item do you have a love/hate relationship with?
I have a love/hate relationship with my eyeshadow pigments. I love the fact that they are in beautiful shades, but I hate them because they are just too messy to work with when I'm in a rush.

3. GLUTTONY: What makes up the biggest chunk of your make-up collection?
The biggest chunk takes Essence :) The products are very affordable and actually good quality. So I have so many different things from them… Eyeshadows, lipglosses, lipsticks,BB cream, powders, blushes, a lot of nailpolishes and brushes. I also LOVE their limited editions.

4. SLOTH: What product do you neglect due to lazyness?
Eyeliner. If I want to apply it nicely I have to take time and be concentrated.. If i'm lazy I can't do none of the above:D

5. PRIDE: Which beauty product gives you the most confidence?
I would have to say my foundation. I used to suffer from very bad acne, so I have a lot of acne scarring. So to be able to cover that up makes me feel a lot better.

6. LUST: Which beauty product is on the top of your list?
Hmmm on the top of my list are the Real Techniques brushes.

7. ENVY: Which make-up product/look looks great on others but not on yourself?
I would have to say black eyeshadow and orange/coral lipstick.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did :)

Thanks for reading xoxo,