Avon C13


Hiii! :)
I got a package from Avon today and I'll show you the things I bought in campaign 13 :)

1. Senses Mood Therapy Indulgent Moisturising Shower Creme – 500 ml; 1,50€

These Mood Therapy shower cremes are actually new and I decided to try one of the scents because I loved the smell in the catalogue :D It was also very cheap and contains shea butter extract. 

2. Naturals Lip Moisturising Vanilla Lip Balm ; 1€

I don't have many lip balms anymore, so I decided to get this one and it was also on sale. I already tried it and the smell of vanilla is really nice, almost like cake or cookies :D  It adds shine and leaves my lips soft.

3. Senses Romantic Garden Of Eden Exfoliating Body Scrub – 200ml; 1.90€

This is AMAZING :D The smell is very sweet, like candy. It contains vitamin E and it's very liquid. You're supposed to massage it into damp skin and rinse off.

4. Glow Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel Fuchsia– 12 ml; 1,90€

This nail polish was on sale and being that cheap and beautiful,  I couldn't resist it :D The colour is nice, a very bright pink. Avon says: Glossy and long wearing chip resistant formula. I haven't tried it yet, so I can't say, but you'll definitely see this one in my NOTD posts :)

5. These 3 products were all together on offer for 4.20€:

- Heel rasper
- Men Invisible Protection Anti-perspirant Roll-on Deodorant – 50 ml
- Naturals Herbal Hair Care Complete Recovery shampoo – 250 ml

The heel rasper was a must because I recently broke the one I had and it was old anyway. Haven't tried it yet but I'll hope it will work :)

The Deodorant is for my boyfriend, because he ran out of it and he loves this one so I keep repurchasing :D

A shampoo that I didn't really need but because the offer was very good I decided to get this Complete Recovery that contains chamomile & aloe vera. It's supposed to help replenish dry and damaged hair.

Well that's it :D There actually was another product that I bought but I'll give it as a gift for Christmas probably, so I didn't include it here ;)

I hope you like this and if you want a review on anything, comment below :)

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  1. O zakon :D Body scrub zgljda fajn pa lakec j ful lepe barve :))

  2. All products are so nice and your boy friend perfume also fantastic. Have you any lip care related product because I am looking to buy it for my chapped lips. But first tell me about that product how is it, its a brand or local product etc,...