REVIEW: Merci Handy Love & Hand Cleansing Gel

Hey everyone! :)

Today's review is yet again about the product I received in my LookFantastic beauty box. It's a Merci Handy hand cleansing gel. I never heard of this brand before.

They offer 5 different scents but I received the Cherie Cherry, which is a slightly fruity fragrance. It has a liquid consistency rather than paste gel, which I like. I checked their website for the prices and they are very affordable. I also like the fact that it’s small sized and fits well into my purse, coat or pocket.

The idea behind these hand sanitisers is to inject some love back into personal hygiene with simple yet effective products. These cleansing gels not only leave your hands clean, soft and delicately fragranced they are unlike other hand sanitisers because they are enriched with emollient beads and vitamin E to hydrate and nourish your skin while fighting bacteria. 

 Ingredients: Ethanol, Eau, Glycerin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Fragrance.

Most cleansing gels are too strong in alcohol smell, sticky afterwards and I don't carry on using them. This is totally different. The smell is amazing and lasts ages afterwards. Non sticky and non greasy, leaving hands feeling mildly moisturized. 

Have you tried this already? I'd totally recommend it :)

Happy weekend guys <3

REVIEW: Oriflame Tender Care Protecting Balm

Hey loves <3

Oriflame recently came out with the golden edition of their Tender Care protecting balm, which is for their 50th anniversary. I decided to buy it because of the pretty packaging :)

Tender Care Protecting balm by Oriflame is one of the best selling products. It's natural ingredients make it a healthy cream to use. It is made of the bee wax and vegetable oils. 

You get 15 ml of product for about 3€. It comes in various scents as well, cherry, coconut, blackcurrant etc. 

It's suppose to be a multi purpose product, you can basically use it for any dry areas on your body. It comes in the cutest oval shaped pot packaging, though I love the packaging but I wish it was a little bit broader for convenient usage. I mostly use this balm on my elbows and feet.

It gets absorbed very quickly and leaves skin smooth and instantly soft. The balm is tasteless and does not have any odor. Whenever I use this balm it reminds me of Vaseline . It is quite similar to that but it is not greasy like Vaseline.

I absolutely love this balm (as well as my whole family :D); the only thing I wish it was in a tube. It looks cute in this tiny jar, but not really convenient, especially when you use it up a lot.

Would definitely recommend it if you don't mind the packaging ;)

Have a great day <3

Essence "Next Stop:Summer" TE - PREVIEW


Vacation mode on! In May and June 2017, the new essence trend edition “next stop: summer” awakens the urge to travel and offers beauty must-haves for all holiday girls.

Essence "Next Stop:Summer" - Wet Or Dry Eyeshadow & Eyeliner Palette

Sand tones and aquatic shades create summery eye make-up styles – no matter whether applied wet or dry. 

Available in 01 ready for take off...

Essence "Next Stop:Summer" - Colour Changing Lipstick

These lipsticks turn purple and mint into intensive pink and radiant apricot on the lips. 

Available in  01 wish i was a mermaid and 02 little miss sunshine

Essence "Next Stop:Summer" - Sun Protect Lip Conditioner

With an SPF of 20, the conditioner offers protection from UV-rays and provides plenty of moisture for velvety, smooth lips. 

Available in 01 destination: vacation.

Essence "Next Stop:Summer" - Nail Polish

Four bright nail polishes ensure a summery flair, and thanks to the matching flower rings, they’re really cute eye-catchers, too! 

Available in 01 fun is where you are, 02 vacation mood on, 03 made for sunny days, 04  no hurries, no worries.

Essence "Next Stop:Summer" - Sun Glow Top Coat

The top coat gives any nail polish a beautiful finish with a golden shimmer. 

Available in 01 be someone's sunshine today!

Essence "Next Stop:Summer" - Nail Polish Holder

Now a perfect manicure is no longer an issue when you’re on the go – simply place the holder including the nail polish on the finger like a ring. 

Available in 01 live life sunny side up!

Essence "Next Stop:Summer" - Nail Sticker

The self-adhesive stickers create a holiday feeling on your nails. 
Available in 01 summer lovin'.
Essence "Next Stop:Summer" - Matt Blotting Paper

Not without my blotting paper: the special paper absorbs excess sebum and mattifies the complexion. 
Available in 01 ticket to anywhere.
Essence "Next Stop:Summer" - Airbrush Bronze & Glow Face And Body

Spray-on that summer tan: the bronzing spray gives the face and body a gorgeous glow. 

Available in 01 here comes the sun.

Essence "Next Stop:Summer" - Luggage Tag And Decoration Kit

With the cool luggage tag and matching stickers, every beauty can instantly recognize her luggage when she’s on vacation. 

Available in 01 pocketful of sunshine.

REVIEW: Pür Disappearing Act Concealer - Light

Hey everyone :)

Today's review is yet again about one of the products that I received in my LookFantastic beauty box. It's a Pür Minerals concealer. 

I received mine in shade light, but they also offer it in medium, tan and dark.While you can use your fingers to apply, I prefer to use a concealer brush. This option is more hygienic and you can also get a better coverage with less product making it last longer. 

I was really surprised that a light powder could cover imperfections and smooth skin so well.  It feels like you’re wearing nothing at all on your skin, which is nice. There’s no smell and it really does let your skin breathe!

So all in all I think it's a great concealer, I'm glad that I got the chance to try it, so thank you to LookFantastic for introducing me to it :)

Let me know if you have tried any of their products, I'd love to know your recommendations :)

Happy Sunday <3

3 beauty tips to keeping your smile looking its best

Hey guys! :)

One is never fully dressed without a smile. While a smile is dubbed as the best embellishment one could ever wear, we cannot deny the fact that not everyone looks at their best when they smirk. Some dental-related problems, including crooked teeth and misaligned jaws ease off people’s confidence. There are individuals who tend to be too consciousness about their looks whenever their pearly whites show.

If you can relate to this, try not to let this kind of problem bother you. The beauty tips we list down below will surely give you the most beautiful smile with minimal effort.

  1. Keep your teeth white. Nothing beats a bright and clean smile. White teeth are attractive but they are also a sign of good health. It gives a lasting impression. In fact, a study in 2012 suggests that teeth are one of the things many look at when judging a woman. It is a given that yellow teeth are unattractive. However, having stain-free teeth is not always as easy as it looks. Teeth discoloration can happen even if we tend to brush our teeth correctly and regularly. Cosmetic dentistry can fix teeth discoloration better than over-the-counter whitening solutions, natural whitening treatments, and toothpaste products. The top cosmetic veneers dentist in Beverly Hills, CA can whiten your teeth with minimal effort, time, and cost.

  1. Do facial exercises. Ever tried facial yoga? If you haven’t, perhaps it may be the right time to try doing it regularly. When done religiously, facial exercises can make your face look slimmer. They can also tone and firm up the muscles on your cheeks. The good news is that it helps fight wrinkles, too. There are two simple kinds of exercises you can do to improve your smile. One is to act as if you are about to whistle. Hold on to this position for around 10 seconds. Do it once a day. The other one requires you to as smile as wide as you can. You should be able to feel some strain as you go along. Do this for 15 seconds for 10 times a day and you will see an improvement in just a couple of weeks.

  1. Use a lipstick that looks great on your skin tone. Ladies, it is the best time to make lipstick your best friend. Reds are quite overwhelming but they can actually do the trick in making your teeth whiter. Just be careful in choosing the right shade for you. A cherry red lipstick with blue undertone will look best on fair ladies while a deep red will be perfect for girls with darker skin tones. When it comes to the kind of lipstick you wear, the glossy ones will give you a better-looking smile than mattes since the latter can make your lips dry. 

At a time when taking a selfie is a usual norm, practicing that perfect smile almost becomes a force of circumstance. But that does not mean you have to practice a beautiful smile just for the sake of capturing a good photo. A smile is a universal language. A beautiful smile can do so much to boost your confidence and more than that, you never know who could fall for that smile! Follow the beauty tips above and wear your smile with confidence! :)

Have a lovely day <3

Empties #29

Hello :)

Another month, another empties post for you. This time I didn't gather a lot, but still..

Let's jump into it ;)

Balea Mizellen ReinigungsTucher - of all the cleansing wipes I really love this micellar ones from Balea. They're cheap and do their job amazing. Would totally recommend!

Repurchase: I did already.

Afrodita Mystic Argan Oil Shower Gel - I really like Afrodita shower gels, but unfortunately they're quite pricey. I like the fact that they're paraben, paraffin & silicone free. Loved the scent of this one and it was really moisturizing.

Repurchase: Maybe.

Balea Dusch Peeling Orange & Minze - this is actually the first of shower gels from Balea that I really didn't like. It's suppose to be a peeling shower gel. I didn't really enjoy the scent plus it didn't last on me at all.

Repurchase: No.

Balea Shining Berry Deo-Bodyspray - I love Balea deodorants, that's why I always use them. They're affordable, smell nice plus work great!

Repurchase: Different scent.

Body & Soul Wellness Handcreme - got this hand cream as a gift and really enjoyed it. Loved the scent plus it was quite moisturizing.

Repurchase: Maybe

Parodontax Classic Toothpaste - there's no empties post without this one to be honest haha ;) This is my forever repurchased toothpaste. Keeps my gums healthy plus it's fluoride free.
Repurchase: Forever.

We came to the end guys :) Hope you enjoyed!


REVIEW: The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors*HA

Hey loves :3

I've heard many great things about the Deciem products so I was extremely excited when we received The Ordinary product in LookFantastic beauty box. It's a natural moisturizing factors +HA.

The Ordinary is actually a brand from DECIEM which has won countless awards for it's products over the years and has even been labelled as ‘the hottest beauty company right now.’

You get 30 ml of product and The formula is very light and absorbs very quickly. The application directions on the box do advise to apply it after serum for an effective surface hydration. It doesn’t feel greasy and is fragrance free. It contains amino acids, dermal lipids and hyularonic acid as naturally found in the skin as well as triglycerides, urea, ceramides, phospholipids, glycerin, saccharides, and sodium PCA.

All Deciem products are completely free of; parabens, sulphates, mineral oil , methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, animal oils, benzalkonium chloride, coal tar dyes, formaldehyde, mercury, oxybenzone. Also, the company does not test on animals.

This is an extremely clever moisturiser that works in harmony with the skin and really does leave it feeling beautifully smoothed and nourished. After being so impressed by the Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA Surface Hydration Formula, I’m really keen to try out more of the range too. 
Let me know if you have tried any of The Deciem products, I'd love to hear your suggestions :)

Have a lovely day,

Trying Weird Beauty Products: Silisponge

Hey everyone :)

Today's review is about a beauty product that a lot of people rave about - Silisponge. I decided to buy a cheap version of it on Ebay because quite frankly the real one is just too expensive to try.

It's made of - you guessed it - Silicone. It's soft, practically unbreakable, resistant, dries up in seconds and doesn't soak up the product; basically it's the complete opposite of the regular sponge plus promising you to save more time, money and product. In terms of easy to use I find the Silisponge soft, but not as flexible as the regular beauty blender/sponge.

I actually had high hopes for it, because I heard a lot of great reviews, but I have to say there's actually quite a learning curve to it and it's actually not that easy to use, like a beauty blender for example. I wouldn't let go of my beauty blender because the application with it also takes quite less time than Silisponge.

A lot of people will or did buy it based on how cool/weird it looks as against if it really works. It's not a bad product to own, but I wouldn't trade my beauty blender for this.

Have you tried Silisponge? Let me know what you think :)



The fusion of lingerie and streetwear that can currently be seen on the international catwalks provided the inspiration for the Limited Edition ProvoCATRICE. Available from May until July 2017. 

Catrice "ProvoCATRICE" - Cushion Powder Lips

The Cushion Powder Lips in pink or a light berry shade offer an intensive colour and create a silky-matte finish on the lips.

Available in C01 Raspberry Belle and C02 Berry Bow.

Catrice "ProvoCATRICE" - Gradation Blush

Ensures a radiant complexion: the powder blush in pink or berry. Each blush consists of a light, shimmering tone and a darker, matte shade that blend together into a beautiful colour gradient. 

Available in C01 Raspberry Belle and C02 Berry Bow.

Catrice "ProvoCATRICE" - Nail Lacquer

Nail polishes with iridescent effects and a long-lasting formula. 

Available in C01 Provocative Pearls, C02 Mauve Magnifique, C03 Roseducteur. C04 Berry Bow, C05 Silk Sense.

Catrice "ProvoCATRICE" - Scented Powder

Finely ground, transparent body powder with a pleasant fragrance and a subtle, shimmering finish. 

Available in C01 Transparent Shimmer.

Catrice "ProvoCATRICE" - Volume Lash Dust

Micro-fine, white powder particles intensify the volume of the lashes. Simply apply on top of mascara and then add another coat of mascara for a fabulous effect. 

Available in C01 Irresistible Eyes.

Catrice "ProvoCATRICE" - Eye Palette

Two shimmering and two matte eye shadows in fashionable shades with a silky-powdery texture as well as a matching eyeliner in oxblood red. 

Available in C01 Une Touche Provocatrice. 

REVIEW: Kiko Skin Tone Foundation

Hey everyone :)

I ordered some things from Kiko website in the last month, among them was a sunscreen primer that I already reviewed you can read the review here -> CLICK. I also bought a skin tone foundation which I'm gonna review today :)

I got mine in shade Neutral Gold 10, because I have neutral undertone and this shade matches me really nice.

You get 30 ml and I paid around 15€ for it. The coverage is light to medium, perfect for everyday wear, plus it has SPF 15. If anyone's interested in ingredients:

The packaging is really standard and nothing special - a black plastic bottle with a pump.

It's really light weight and feels like you're not wearing anything at all. I've been using it every day for the past weeks. After applying the skin looks very radiant, but not shiny.

Having never tried a foundation from Kiko, I must say that the quality has impressed me a lot. I recommend it to all types of skin especially to dry and mix skin types, since I myself have a combination skin type and it works amazing for me.

It lasts the whole day, when I get home from work at the evening I can still see it there. Of course it doesn't look perfect as it did in the morning, but still, It's quite amazing :)

Have you tried already this foundation? Would totally recommend you to!


LookFantastic Beauty Box - April

Hey loves :3

My April LookFantastic box has arrived and let me tell you, it's a third in a row that I got and it's so far the best. Keep reading to see what was in the box :P You can see what I got in my March box here -> CLICK.

I love the design of this box, it's so pretty! The theme for this month's box is Natural beauty.

So these are the contents:

1. Madara Mini Smart Day Cream

This natural and organic face cream is enriched with botanical greens such as Lichen, Moss and Fern, which are incredibly rich in antioxidants to smooth out fine lines, reverse the signs of dryness, pump up the skin and even out it's tone. The result? A beautifully luminous complexion.

2. Alterna Caviar CC Cream

This unique multitasking product helps to perfect, polish and protect your hair with a blend of good-for-you ingredients. Free from chemical nasties, including parabens, mineral oil and paraffin, the cream has a huge 10 haircare benefits to improve strength and manageability and protect against heat and UV damage it can be used in conjuction with your other styling products or for when you're feeling a little more natural, on it's own for a perfected finish.

3. Omorovicza Cleansing Foam

The key to going barefaced is all in the skincare, which is why we love Omorovicza's cleansing foam. As it's sulphate-free, it's extremely gentle on the skin yet thorougly removes all signs of dirt, oil and impurities as your complexion looks just as good without having to wear an ounce of makeup.

4. This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle

This skin enhancing serum has been designed to perfect and repair the skin on your legs. The vitamin-c rich formulation helps to even out the skin tone and impart a beautiful sun-kissed flow, so you always look summer ready, no matter the month.

5. Vitamasques Pomegranate Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are becoming seriously trendy, and this one from Vitamasques is one of our favourites. Made with a unique triple layer sheet technology the mask locks in hydration, keeping your complexion looking well moisturised, plumped up and radiant.

6. Merci Handy Hand Cleansing Gel

These gorgeously scented hand gels are the perfect travel companions to always make sure you keep your hands clean on the go. Touching your face with dirty hands can lead to blemishes and dryness, so make sure that if you are applying your makeup, you are doing it with clean mitts! These ones from Merci Handy are infused with Cleansing Pearls, to keep your skin hydrated too!

7. Laura Geller Balance And Brighten - Fair

This brightening foundation is free from chemical nasties such as parabens and mineral oil and full of botanical ingredients like White Tea and Centella Asiatica, which help to keep the skin healthy. You can use it in place of your normal foundation for a lighter finish, or blended into your favourite one for a more natural and healthy glow.

I have to say I love this box, I'm excited for everything but especially for the Laura Geller foundation! Amazing box for the price of 20€ which includes free shipping as well!

Have a lovely day guys,