3 beauty tips to keeping your smile looking its best

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One is never fully dressed without a smile. While a smile is dubbed as the best embellishment one could ever wear, we cannot deny the fact that not everyone looks at their best when they smirk. Some dental-related problems, including crooked teeth and misaligned jaws ease off people’s confidence. There are individuals who tend to be too consciousness about their looks whenever their pearly whites show.

If you can relate to this, try not to let this kind of problem bother you. The beauty tips we list down below will surely give you the most beautiful smile with minimal effort.

  1. Keep your teeth white. Nothing beats a bright and clean smile. White teeth are attractive but they are also a sign of good health. It gives a lasting impression. In fact, a study in 2012 suggests that teeth are one of the things many look at when judging a woman. It is a given that yellow teeth are unattractive. However, having stain-free teeth is not always as easy as it looks. Teeth discoloration can happen even if we tend to brush our teeth correctly and regularly. Cosmetic dentistry can fix teeth discoloration better than over-the-counter whitening solutions, natural whitening treatments, and toothpaste products. The top cosmetic veneers dentist in Beverly Hills, CA can whiten your teeth with minimal effort, time, and cost.

  1. Do facial exercises. Ever tried facial yoga? If you haven’t, perhaps it may be the right time to try doing it regularly. When done religiously, facial exercises can make your face look slimmer. They can also tone and firm up the muscles on your cheeks. The good news is that it helps fight wrinkles, too. There are two simple kinds of exercises you can do to improve your smile. One is to act as if you are about to whistle. Hold on to this position for around 10 seconds. Do it once a day. The other one requires you to as smile as wide as you can. You should be able to feel some strain as you go along. Do this for 15 seconds for 10 times a day and you will see an improvement in just a couple of weeks.

  1. Use a lipstick that looks great on your skin tone. Ladies, it is the best time to make lipstick your best friend. Reds are quite overwhelming but they can actually do the trick in making your teeth whiter. Just be careful in choosing the right shade for you. A cherry red lipstick with blue undertone will look best on fair ladies while a deep red will be perfect for girls with darker skin tones. When it comes to the kind of lipstick you wear, the glossy ones will give you a better-looking smile than mattes since the latter can make your lips dry. 

At a time when taking a selfie is a usual norm, practicing that perfect smile almost becomes a force of circumstance. But that does not mean you have to practice a beautiful smile just for the sake of capturing a good photo. A smile is a universal language. A beautiful smile can do so much to boost your confidence and more than that, you never know who could fall for that smile! Follow the beauty tips above and wear your smile with confidence! :)

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