NOTD*39: Avon Colortrend - Lioness

 Avon Colortrend - Lioness (2 coats) + Revlon - 140 Fall Mood (2 coats on ringfingers)

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NOTD*38: S-he - 279

S-he - 279 (2 coats) 

Empties #8

Hello everyone! ;)

Another empties post is here, the last one was in June, and I have accumulated some stuff since then.

Let's start, shall we? ;)

Avon Senses Moroccan Delights Shower gel (500 ml) - bought this one on sale, I think it was 1,50€, which is a bargain for 500 ml shower gel. I loved the scent (rich incense and teakwood), it was so unique, and it actually lasted on me for quite some time, which is nice.

Repurchase: Not at the moment, because I have other shower gels. 

Palmolive Hand Soap - I had this one before, so this was a repurchase and I liked it again, especially the whole aquarium theme just gets me :P Otherwise, it's just a regular hand soap, nothing special.
Repurchase: Maybe, when it's on sale.

Balea Deo-Bodyspray - of course I got this one when it was on sale also :D I liked the smell, it smelled like kiwi and it didn't contain aluminium, which is always a plus. However I did not like it as much as I like the Balea Dry deodorant.

Repurchase: I don't know if it's still available, but anyway, I wouldn't.

Jean Marc Giovanni Cote Bodyspray - I got this one as a gift and I didn't like it. The scent was too "heavy" for me and too strong. I prefer sweet scents :P Oh and it didn't last at all, not even for an hour.
Repurchase: Definitely not.

Balea Dry Deo Roll-On - My "standard" deodorant. I sweat quite a lot and this one really helps me, that's why I keep repurchasing it. :)

Repurchase: Yes!

Balea Rasiergel (shaving cream) - Caribbean Dreams - a limited edition shaving cream. I really enjoyed the scent, which was like cocos, so summery! However, it was blue coloured and it stained?? my legs.. I showered and my legs were still a little blue because of this... Horrible!

Repurchase: Never

Senza Intimate Wipes - alcohol free, hypoallergenic. Great for the price.

Repurchase: Probably.

Balea peel-off maske - this product is also a repurchased one, because I really enjoyed this mask. You can actually see the "dirt" when you peel it off, and my skin felt very clean. The only con I have is that because it contains alcohol, it actually burned my eyes when I applied it.

Repurchase: Maybe.

Fruttini Hand Cream - cherry vanilla. I liked the scent, however it was very strong, but it didn't last long on my hands. Otherwise, it was quite good hand cream.

Repurchase: No, because I have few other hand creams.

Oriflame Lash Booster - that I actually used as an eyebrow gel, because it didn't work for my lashes at all. As an eyebrow gel it was great, however it started smelling weird, and it was time to throw it in the trash.

Repurchase: I don't think they sell it anymore, I haven't seen it in the catalogue for quite some time.

E.L.F. Blush - I have no idea what was the shade of this product, however it was beyond beautiful. Very natural kinda rosy colour. I really liked it. And btw can we just take a moment and appreciate that I finished a blush? :D That's a first one! :D

Repurchase: They don't sell it anymore :(

Parodontax Toothpaste - my standard toothpaste, that is the only one that helped me with bleeding gums. + it is fluoride free. 
Repurchase: I already did!

Till next time, Kisses,

First Impressions: Avon Blush & Bronze Trio

Hi guys! :)

Back again with another first impressions and today it's all about the product, that  Avon will be launching in the next campaign, which starts with 29th of July. It's a Blush & Bronze Trio

I mainly bought it because I thought the concept of the 3 in 1 product is very nice, especially for traveling! This trio consists of a blush, bronzer and a highlighter. The packaging is standard for Avon's blushes, powders, etc. and it's black sturdy plastic with a very nice mirror.

You get 10g of product, (which is btw made in China, kinda bothers me a little bit, because you could probably order the same kinda thing from Ebay for far cheaper) and it will be 6,90€

The product has a strong smell, which is nice to me, however some people may not like it. I was a bit disappointed because each 3rd of the product is actually too small to use the brush or you have to be very careful so you don't mix the colours up.

The bronzer is matte, which I prefer, however I haven't worn it yet, so I can't say how it performs on the face.

The blush colour is very lovely and it's also matte. 

My favorite of the three is a higlighter, which is beautiful and I really like it because it's so glittery! What can I say, I love glitters :P 

To conclude, I think this is a great idea, very travel friendly and nice for the beginners with makeup! Again, it will be available in campaign 11, which starts on 29th of July.


Slovenian bloggers 13. - 19. 7. 2015

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REVIEW: Avon Ultra Colour Lip Tint Pen

Hey cuties! :)

I have another review for you. I actually wanted to do a first impressions on this one, but I've been using it a lot for the past days and I think I can do a proper review.

So, I'm gonna talk about a product that Avon will just launch in campaign 11, which starts on 29th of July. And this is a Ultra Colour lip tint pen.  It promises to provide day-long lip colour and it comes in a range of seven shades.

What Avon says: "Easy-to-apply, fast-drying pen stains lips and gives even, comfortable coverage that lasts for hours. Non-sticky and non-bleeding"

When you first open it, it really looks like an actual pen, or it reminds me so much of a waterproof pens :D  The applicator feels a little rough and you have to build colour, because it isn't pigmented a lot at first application. It does have a nice smell, slightly fruity, and that might bother some people. On the packaging it says you shouldn't apply it to chapped or broken lips and I do agree, because if you do, it will end up being patchy and flaky. The application also isn't as easy as it is with lipsticks.

I bought it in a shade Freesia, which is a lovely hot pink colour. These pens are matte, not sticky and they do dry straight away when you apply it. They really do stain your lips and they are kiss-proof.

The swatch above is just one application, that's why the colour isn't as pigmented as it is in a few coats more. I think if you would use this a lot, it would dry your lips, like almost all matte products. I wore it in a past few days, that were VERY hot and I got dry lips throughout the day, which made this lip stain look horrible.. It was very patchy and not flattering at all, so I had to reapply it a few times, which is a shame.

Again, this lip tint pens will be available in Campaign 11 which starts on 29th of July and they will be 5,90€.

- kiss-proof! 
- range of 7 shades
- affordable
- stains your lips
- matte
- not sticky

- you have to build the colour
- they tend to dry your lips
- applicator is a little rough 
- it looks horrible on dry lips (patchy)

To conclude, I think these are really nice for people that don't have dry lips, however if you don't bother reapplying it if it gets patchy, it may be awesome for you too ;)


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Mateji ustvarjata:
Tandem paragliding

June Favorites

Hello everyone :)

This post is a little bit late, but better late than never, right? ;) 

There are just 3 products that I'd like to show you that were my favorite last month.


I can't even believe how much I've been loving this Avon Naturals Cleanser! I bought it on sale, just because I needed a cleanser, and I didn't expect it to be as good as it is, because I've read quite a few reviews that were not that great. Oh and btw, I paid 1,50€ for it :O a bargain!

It really smells like olives, but it's not that strong. However, I like it. You get 125 ml of product. I've been using it everyday in the evenings, when I take my makeup off. It does a great job at cleansing my face!


I've began searching for something for my brows, because I ran out of my Oriflame clear gel I used. I decided to get this one from Catrice, it's basically an Eyebrow Filler. And fell in love with it :))

There's only one colour of this gel and I've had my doubts, because I have quite dark brows, but it actually does match my colour :) However, sorry to anyone with blond brows. It basically just fills and thickens the appearance of brows. 


This is basically the only blush I wore for the past month and a half :D It's from E.L.F. and I'm really sorry but it doesn't say the colour anywhere on the packaging :/

It looks really nice now when I'm tanned. It's a coral colour with gold glitter in it, as you can see on the swatch below ;) 

It's very loved as you can see :D

I hope you enjoyed this and I'm sorry this favorites are so late.


Essence "Try it, love it" Trend Edition - Preview

our most loved products of the new season! essence is introducing the new beauty must-haves of the coming season with the trend edition “try it. love it!”.
the excellent quality of the diverse textures for your eyes, lips, face and nails is extremely convincing as soon as you apply it. in addition to eight perfectly aligned shades the highly pigmented eyeshadow palettes offer a pleasant, soft texture with long durability. thanks to the liquid lipsticks, the lips are pampered with a reliable combo that provides the coverage of a lipstick and the shine of a gloss – for a radiant finish. the it-colours of the gel nail polishes and further highlights guarantee eye-catching styles. highly pigmented, full of effects and long-lasting: excellent quality at the best possible price – try it, love it! 

Essence All About... Eyeshadow
 these are the new eyeshadow palettes with a wow-factor. each palette offers eight trendy, perfectly aligned colours – from light shades to medium and dark nuances. the soft and long-lasting texture with various effects like matt, shimmering or metallic allows you to create diverse looks. soft nuances by day and more intensive shades in the evening. Available in: 01 Bronze, 02 Nudes, 03 Roses, 04 Greys and 05 Vintage.
Essence Multi - Action Mascara

 multifunctional pro! the new allrounder mascara provides lashes with extra volume, visible length and super separation. the conic shape of the elastomer brush covers each individual lash with mascara for wispy, fanned-out lashes and perfect definition. 

Essence Sheer & Shine Lipstick

a new favorite for your lips! the super-soft formula of the new sheer & shine lipsticks feels pleasantly light on your lips and gives them a soft, subtle colour with a fantastic shine. the translucent cap is the same colour as the lipstick inside so it’s easy to reach for your favorite shade. sheer, shine and oh so stylish. Available in: 01 my first love, 05 Look at me, 13 Like a princess
Essence Liquid Lipstick

2in1… the innovative formula of the liquid lipstick unites the best of two lip pros by combining the coverage of a lipstick with the shine of a gloss. it’s a true it-piece! the packaging also underlines its duo-characteristics: the cool packaging of the lipgloss with a practical applicator has the appearance of a lipstick. Available in: 03 Almost Real, 04 Show off!
Essence Matt Touch Blush

coloured cheeks! the new matt touch blush with a soft powder texture creates a matt finish on your cheeks. an intensive apricot and a gorgeous rich berry shade - for either warmer or cooler skin types - give your complexion a fresh touch for a healthy look. Available in: 10 Peach me up!, 20 Berry me up!
Essence The Gel Nail Polish
 dream-nails… are easy to achieve with the nail polishes in new, trendy colours! the special formula of the gel nail polishes provides your nails with a long-lasting, high-shine gel finish. the nail polish range offers intensive colour united with perfect coverage. Available in: 47 Va-va-voom, 48 My love diary, 52 Amazed by you, 53 Rock my world!
Essence Pure Nude Make-Up
natural nude… the new foundation convinces with its light texture and natural finish. it reliably conceals irregularities of the skin and has a subtle mattifying effect. the liquid formula blends wonderfully with the skin for a gorgeous “no make-up” feeling. Available in 10 Pure beige, 20 Pure sand, 30 Pure honey

REVIEW: Catrice Made To Stay Smoothing Lip Polish

Hi guys!

Today I have for you a review of a Catrice made to stay smoothing lip polish. I bought it in a 080 What's your atti-nude?, which is a shade that they're gonna discontinue, so if you like it, go grab one as fast as you can :D This 3 in 1 lip polish combines the color of a lipstick, the durability of a stain and the shine of a lip gloss.

What Catrice says: "Radiant color that lasts up to 8 hours The Made To Stay Smoothing Lip Polish is a real innovation: it combains the color of a lipstick, the durability of a stain and the shine of a lip gloss. The result: long-lasting, brilliant color and comfortable wearing, no drying out and no sticky feeling."

This smoothing lip polish contains a 6 ml of product & has a nice, pretty standard applicator. I don't know if it's just mine or what, but the packaging or the twist up is really weird, when you want to close it, it feels like it's not closed enough.. if you know what I mean, but I didn't have the same problem with the other colour I got in the past.

 080 What's your atti-nude? is a rose/nude colour, it's basically almost my natural lip colour and I love it! 

This is a second lip polish that I bought, the first one was a  030 Strawberry's secret, that I've written first impressions of -> HERE

However, there is a big difference between them, not only in the colour ;) What's your atti-nude doesn't leave a nice stain, and it really doesn't last on my lips.. It's just like a regular lip gloss to me, and that's pretty disappointing, because I was very happy with 030 strawberry's secret :/

Anyway, it is a nice colour! They do have some other shades that they will discontinue, so check them out :)

- nice natural colour
- not sticky
- quite pigmented

- doesn't leave the stain
- you have to reapply it a lot
- the packaging (maybe it's just mine)

To conclude,  it's a miss for me because it doesn't last, but if you don't bother reapplying it through the day, this may be a great product for you! :)


NOTD*37: Essence Nauti Girl LE - 04 Crew First!

Essence Nauti Girl LE - 04 Crew First! (2 coats) + China Glaze - Bermuda Breakaway + Essence Nauti Girl LE nail stickers