REVIEW: Avon Ultra Colour Lip Tint Pen

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I have another review for you. I actually wanted to do a first impressions on this one, but I've been using it a lot for the past days and I think I can do a proper review.

So, I'm gonna talk about a product that Avon will just launch in campaign 11, which starts on 29th of July. And this is a Ultra Colour lip tint pen.  It promises to provide day-long lip colour and it comes in a range of seven shades.

What Avon says: "Easy-to-apply, fast-drying pen stains lips and gives even, comfortable coverage that lasts for hours. Non-sticky and non-bleeding"

When you first open it, it really looks like an actual pen, or it reminds me so much of a waterproof pens :D  The applicator feels a little rough and you have to build colour, because it isn't pigmented a lot at first application. It does have a nice smell, slightly fruity, and that might bother some people. On the packaging it says you shouldn't apply it to chapped or broken lips and I do agree, because if you do, it will end up being patchy and flaky. The application also isn't as easy as it is with lipsticks.

I bought it in a shade Freesia, which is a lovely hot pink colour. These pens are matte, not sticky and they do dry straight away when you apply it. They really do stain your lips and they are kiss-proof.

The swatch above is just one application, that's why the colour isn't as pigmented as it is in a few coats more. I think if you would use this a lot, it would dry your lips, like almost all matte products. I wore it in a past few days, that were VERY hot and I got dry lips throughout the day, which made this lip stain look horrible.. It was very patchy and not flattering at all, so I had to reapply it a few times, which is a shame.

Again, this lip tint pens will be available in Campaign 11 which starts on 29th of July and they will be 5,90€.

- kiss-proof! 
- range of 7 shades
- affordable
- stains your lips
- matte
- not sticky

- you have to build the colour
- they tend to dry your lips
- applicator is a little rough 
- it looks horrible on dry lips (patchy)

To conclude, I think these are really nice for people that don't have dry lips, however if you don't bother reapplying it if it gets patchy, it may be awesome for you too ;)


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  1. Lep odtenek, škoda da ima tudi nekaj slabosti ampak še vedno se zdi kot super izdelek :D

  2. So cool:) kiss

  3. Wow, this color is very pretty. *__*
    Lovely greets Nessa

  4. Kljub nekaterim pomanjkljivostim je čudovit odtenek, ti lepo paše :)

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    1. Thank you so much! :)

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  6. Ne glede na vse slabosti, izgleda prav lep izdelek. Aplikator mi je najbolj zanimiv, prav radovedna sem kako se zdi, ko se ga nanaša :) xx Maja

    1. Ja, res ni slab :) Mene res zelo spominja na vodoodporne flumastre :D aplikator je zelo podoben, škoda edino, da ni bolj mehek..