Essence "Bootiful Nights" TE - PREVIEW

Dusk is here and the night of all nights can begin! In October 2017, the new essence trend edition “bootiful nights” invites all brave girls to a Halloween party at the end of a dark alley. The dress code is eerie, scary and beautiful – not a problem with these unique beauty products.

Essence "Bootiful Nights" - Make Up And Powder Sponges

The two make-up and powder sponges come in a cute ghostly packaging and make priming the face for Halloween as easy as child’s play. Washable.

Available in 01 The Boo Crew.


Essence "Bootiful Nights" - Eyeshadow Palette

Super soft eyeshadow textures in silver-metallic, black and pearl white ensure exciting eye make-up styles. 

Available in 01 No Tricks, Just Treats.

Essence "Bootiful Nights" - Duo Pencil Lip, Eye & Face

The duo pencil in black and white or silver and oxblood conjures-up harlequin styles or blood red effects on the eyes, lips and face. 

Essence "Bootiful Nights" - Lashes

Reusable cat-like lashes ensure a gorgeous look and are the ultimate eye-catcher at Halloween. 

Available in 01 Hello Queen And Pumpking

Essence "Bootiful Nights" - Liquid Matt Lipstick

The liquid texture turns matt upon application and offers long-lasting results in black, dark violet or oxblood. 

Available in 01 No More Batdays, 02 Where Did I Park My Broom and 03 You Make My Heart Go Boo.

Essence "Bootiful Nights" - Nail Decoration

Self-adhesive googly eyes and glow in the dark stickers with Halloween images ensure a spooky party manicure.

Available in 01 Those Boos Are Made For Spooking.

Essence "Bootiful Nights" - Nail Polish

Three long-lasting nail polishes with a high coverage ‒ available in black, oxblood and white ‒ in a cute witch hat packaging for bootiful nails.

Available in 01 I Witch You Were Here, 02 Dawn Of The Red, 03 Let's Boo-Gy-Woogy.

Essence "Bootiful Nights" - Glow In The Dark Topcoat

This semi-transparent, vaguely pumpkin - coloured top coat makes the nails glow in the dark for a unique look. 

Available in 01 Witch Off The light.

Essence "Bootiful Nights" - (s)Cream Contouring Set

Contouring set with two creamy textures in black and white for harlequin looks that last! 

Available in 01 Too Cute To Spook.

REVIEW: Avon Mark Big & Style Volume Mascara

Hello everyone :)

Today I have a review of new Avon's Mark Big & style volume mascara. I've been testing it for a while now so I can finally give you my honest opinion.

Here are the ingredients:

As you can see the first ingredient is water, then polyurethane-35 which is a standard ingredient in mascara, it's not on any list of toxic chemicals. Also includes cera alba, which is bees wax plus dimethicone which is a silicone oil.

I like the design of the mascara, it's standard for all their Big & ... mascaras :) You get 10 ml of product for 6,50€. Comes in two colours, brown black and black which is the colour I chose.

The first thing I did not like about this mascara is the wand. It's actually really big and I'm always scared to use it near my eyes. It has short and long bristles which are promised to help to add volume to every lash. I like my lashes really big and bold. The effect it gives, well ... nothing special at all. It did colour my lashes black but otherwise I did not see any volume. It also didn't separate my lashes which I want from mascara the most.

Here you can see my natural lashes, without mascara:

And with two coats of Mark mascara:

I naturally have quite long lashes as you can see on the before pictures, so other than giving them colour the mascara performed really poorly. But it also depends on what you like, if you like a natural look, this one might be for you. I like that it doesn't smudge at all.


- doesn't smudge
- ingredients

- doesn't give a lot of volume or length
- big wand that I'm actually quite scared of :D

To conclude, I prefer my lashes dramatic and this mascara definitely isn't one for that. It will however give you a nice natural look. If you like that, go for it.

Have you tried it, what do you think?
Happy Weekend,

LookFantastic Beauty Box - September

Hey loves :)

Another month, another LookFantastic beauty box :) The theme this month is The Birthday Edit, because LookFantastic celebrates their birthday this month :)

You get an Elle magazine with the box. It costs 20€ with a free shipping and let me tell you, I've been subscribed for quite some time now and I absolutely love the boxes.

Let's jump into it!

1. Holly's Lollies - Elderflower Flavour

A sweet celebration deserves something sweet! Enjoy this little treat specially made for us to celebrate our birthday.

2. Decleor Hydra Floral Hydrating Gel Cream

This unique formula is enriched with Moringa Olifeira extract and Neroli essential oils, which help to keep the skin hydrated while creating a protective layer against pollution. The gel cream texture also makes the perfect make up base for a luminous finish.

3. Illamasqua Mini Contouring Gel Sculpt - Silhouette

With its unique texture, the Illamasqua Mini contouring gel sculpt helps you create a very subtle definition to your cheeks, jawline and temples. For a more dramatic look, you can simply layer the product to intensify the colour.

4. Hikari Eyeshadow Quad - Tonya

Affordable, highly pigmented and the perfect colour combo, it's a quad that will never leave your makeup stash. There are two neutral matte shades and two darker shimmering shades to help you play around with colour and texture.

5. Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumizing Paste with pure rassoul clay and rose extracts

One of the latest new gems from famous French haircare brand Christophe Robin, this volumising paste with pure Rassoul Clay and Rose extracts will give density to your hair while protecting and preserving your hair colour.

5. LookFantastic Unicorn Eyeshadow Brush

As it's our birthday we wanted to treat you! So we have made a special and limited edition unicorn eye shadow brush so yo can pair it with your new favourite eyeshadow quad. A match made in heaven.

6. Eve Lom Cleanser And Muslin Cloth

It would not be a birthday box without the world's most desired cleanser. A multi-purpose balm that fits all skin types and skin concerns; the Even Lom Cleanser leaves the skin beautifully radiant and healthy. When combined with the Muslin cloth, it will exfoliate, tone and improve the skin circulation.

I am again speechless and this box must be my favourite ever. Love the Illamasqua gel sculpt, I've been using it everyday!

Hope you enjoyed <3

Look Of The Week - Violet

New In - August

Hey loves :)

As I've been saying a few months now I've been really trying not to spend much money on cosmetics since I have so much stuff. That's why my new in posts are not that long :)

Balea Viva Cuba Duschgel
Balea After Sun Duschgel

Balea Peppiger Papagei Rasiergel
 Balea Melone Creme Seife

Avon Naturals Vanilla & Sandalwood Shower Gel

Catrice Glam & Doll Volume Mascara
Avon Mark Big & Style Volume Mascara

Avon True Colour Glimmerstick Eyeliner - Blackest Black
Avon Liquid Chrome Eyeliner - Plum Dazzle

And that's it guys :) I've been really good again haha :))

Have a lovely day<3

Empties #34

Hey guys :)

It's September already and it's time for new empties post. Let's just start ;)

MojDan Cleansing Wipes 3 in 1 - these are affordable and work nice. Love using them after work when I'm too lazy to properly remove my makeup.

Repurchase: I did already.

Vichy Liftactiv Supreme & Neovadiol - both samples I got for free with my order on Feel Unique. Honestly, I didn't like either of them, they were nothing special at all.

Purchase: Nop.

Avon Rio Cocktail Cooling Shower Gel - a summery scent that I really enjoyed. It smelled like limes with rum, nice scent overall :)

Repurchase: It was limited edition. 

Avon Refreshing Lagoon Shower Gel - this one smelled like pears and I loved it even more, plus it was very hydrating. A win in my book :)

Repurchase: Maybe, I like to try different scents.

Parodontax Classic - forever repurchasing this toothpaste. The only one that helps me with bleeding gums, plus it contains no fluoride.

Repurchase: Forever.

Oriflame Love Nature Shampoo Nettle & Lemon - It actually was nice, my hair didn't get greasy that quickly, but I have dandruff problem and this one did not help me with that.

Repurchase: No.

Subrina Cherry Blossom Shower Gel - if you've been a follower of mine for some time you noticed this shower gel ;) I absolutely love it. The scent is really nice, gentle and lingers on my skin for quite some time. Love it!

Repurchase: Definitely!

Imedeen Advanced Beauty Shot - this was included in my LookFantastic beauty box. I didn't notice it doing anything, but of course it was only one shot of 15 ml Collagen and Vitamin C.

Purchase: No.

Oriflame Spiced Citrus Soap Bar - I'm not a big fan of this spicy frangrance. I did use it up but I wouldn't buy it again.

Repurchase: No.

Balea Nosestrips - these are quite pricey but it worked nice for me.

Repurchase: Maybe.

BioAqua Tender Mask - Animal Panda - I loved the mask, it felt really refreshing and nourishing. My skin after was very soft and felt very moisturized. I got it for free to review.

Purchase: Maybe.

Essence Lipstick 65 Glow Neon Glow - this one is so old I just had to throw it away. However it was a nice colour.

Repurchase: It's discontinued.

Dove Silk Dry Deodorant - I enjoyed it. It worked nice but nothing special however. I think the price is quite high and my usual Balea deodorants work just as nice.

Repurchase: Maybe if it's on sale.

Avon Dreams Perfume - it's a sweet floral fragrance. I liked the scent but unfortunately it didn't last on me very long. Disappointing.

Repurchase: No.

And we came to the end :) As you can see I finished quite some products ;)

Happy Monday!

7 Creative and Effective Solutions You Should Try For Acne

Hey guys!

As some of you know I've struggled with acne for a long period of time and let me tell you, it was very bad. Have you tried everything to reduce your acne symptoms? It may seem like you have tried every solution in the book but nothing has worked. Give these seven effective solutions a try if you’re at your wit’s end!

Diet Changes

Swap Out Dairy

While scientists aren’t exactly sure why dairy causes acne, there is absolutely a correlation between the two. Switching out dairy can be one of the simplest ways to reduce the likelihood of breakouts. If the thought of a coffee without milk is terrifying to you, there is no need to worry.

The number of vegans, and those who are lactose intolerant are rising, causing a surge in replacement products in supermarkets. Soy or almond milk is perfect for your coffee, and there are dairy-free cheeses, yogurts, ice creams, and basically any other milk product you are craving. This bb cream guide also talks more about helping your acne problem.

Watch Your Refined Carb Consumption

Making conscious diet choices is such an easy, and healthy solution for acne. It should come as no surprise that eating unhealthily will have a direct impact on your skin. Foods that are high on the glycemic index have been proven to worsen acne symptoms so when you eat foods with refined carbs, those carbs are quickly transformed to sugars in your body which are fed to bacteria.

The foods to stay away from are those with high quantities of refined or processed sugars as well as those with refined grains. Foods containing either one of these are usually stripped of healthy nutrients leaving you with empty calories. Eat a more whole food, plant-based diet, and you will help cure your acne symptoms.

Reduce Your Salt Consumption

Doctors are always considering new options for which aspects of our diet may cause acne. Another solution that some consider helpful for getting rid of acne is reducing how much salt you eat, specifically iodized salt.

While high sodium products haven’t been found to directly cause acne, however, they have been associated with worsening acne conditions. Salt has also been found to worsen bags under your eyes as well as cause swelling in your face. Products with high sodium levels are so unhealthy for you as well so cutting them out will do much more good than just helping with your acne.

Product Remedies

Birth Control 

Most women can confirm that when menstruating, they are more likely to break out. Regulating your period, and hormones are proven solutions for clearing up acne. It is important, as with any medication you are taking, to consult a professional, and do some research.

Some birth control pills have been proven to help your acne while others have been shown to worsen the symptoms. If you are currently taking birth control and have acne, maybe just consider changing your pill. For those who aren’t on the pill, explain to a doctor or pharmacist that you want a formula that will help with your acne levels.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a natural product that has been seen to help with breakouts. Applying oil may seem counterproductive, however, tea tree oil has been proven to help solve many skin issues you may be having.

Tea tree oil will help disinfect pores, and unblock your glands which will help lighten your acne. You can either use the oil in its purest form on your skin, which is sold at many health food stores, and even some common grocery stores.

Another option is to use a product that contains tea tree oil in its formula. Look for soaps or skin washes with at least a five percent concentration of the oil. I always loved the tea tree range from Oriflame, it's amazing and does wonders to your skin.

Lifestyle Changes

Washing your face

Tried and true, washing your face has been proven to help with acne. Probably the first tip of advice you received when you started dealing with acne was to wash your face. Most likely, if you have been dealing with acne for a long time, you have tried hundreds of products to no avail, however, this is still a step that shouldn’t be skipped.

While some acne-fighting products are helpful, simply washing your face with water and a face wash that your skin is used to can be the most beneficial. The easiest option may seem to be trying out every product on the market, however, this can possibly be the worst thing to do.

Find one or two good products that don’t worsen your acne, and try not to switch it up too often. If all else fails, just washing your face with only water has been proven to help with acne.

Reducing Your Stress

We all have been told that stress is a direct cause of acne, but what are we doing to reduce our stress levels? Consider what aspects of your life causes you stress; if it’s a relationship or job, try and solve the issue or reconsider whether you want to be there.

If you cannot prevent the stress, then you can most definitely reduce it. Activities such as yoga, and meditation or even just a simple creative hobby or sport can be found to reduce stress levels, and in turn reduce acne symptoms.

In conclusion, remedying your acne will take a lot of trial and error, but it isn’t impossible. All of these solutions have been directly associated with helping acne. Those with acne- especially those who have lived with it their whole life- shouldn’t expect their acne to clear up in a matter of a day. Give it some time, and you should hopefully expect less breakouts.

Hope you enjoyed!