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Hey guys :)

Today's post is a little bit different than usual, but I find the store really nice. It's called FYY and you can visit them here -> CLICK.

It's a Chinese company that was founded in 1998 and specializes in school bags, laptop bags, phone cases and tablet cases and so on. Their products look really nice and I think everyone wants a cute phone case or a laptop case isn't that right ;) It's also some kind of a fashion accessory these days :)

I'll show you what caught my attention the most - it's an apple ipad pro case. Such beautiful design and you can get similar designs also for your phone here -> www cases. I love the fact that it's really stylish and looks so feminine. It's a case for apple ipad pro 12.9. It costs 22.99$.

Magnetic smart cover supports automatic sleep/wake function; magnet closure secures the case, easy snap on and off. It's also available in a variety of colours. You can click here for more if you want to know more infomation on the store.

I find it really nice and they've got quite a variety of different cases so everyone can find something for themselves.

Hope you enjoyed :)

Feeling Blue

Hey everyone :)

Today I'll show you a simple look I created for a work day. Since my work lasts basically whole day, I don't want to have to much makeup on. It's a simple blue look ;)

I used blue eyeliner, because I wore matching blue statement necklace and earrings ;) On my face is Avon's liquid foundation, blush from Psyhicians Formula and a highlight from one of the Essence's limited edition,  which is very similar to Mary luminizer. Mascara is Bourjois. Lipstick is from Lime Crime, one of their velvetines.

Have a wonderful weekend <3


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Back to blogging with a Rosegal Halloween Sale Wishlist :)

Hey loves <3

I'm back to blogging after a break that lasted a bit more than one month. I just couldn't balance new job, life with blogging. Pretty much I run out of time every day. But I decided to come back because I missed blogging and I'll post when I'll have time, there won't be any schedule :) 

Today I'm coming back with a Rosegal Halloween sale wishlist. Rosegal is a site that was started by a group of friends who all share a deep passion for stunning clothing and fashion. I love that they have a great plus size options which are also one of the most affordable ones so that you do not have to spend very much for looking beautiful and elegant.

I picked a few items from their sale section that I really liked.


Lace asymmetrical shirt

Blood Splatter
They also offer some great halloween leggings and dresses.

Skull Leggings

Halloween Flare Dress
Vintage Skull And Floral Dress

These are the items that caught my attention the most, but there are a lot more! They even offer accesories for halloween - blood necklaces, earrings and such.

You should definitely take a look at the store yourself, check them out -> CLICK.

Hope you enjoyed, I'm glad I'm back :)


REVIEW: Essence "Wood You Love Me?" TE - Eye Sheet Mask

Hey guys!

Today I have another review of a sheet mask for you. This one was a limited edition from Essence called Wood You Love me?. I actually bought both - a full face sheet mask and this one which is an eye sheet mask.

Of course the thing that intrigued me was the design :D The instructions how to use it are on the back and also the ingredient list.

Step 1: First clean your face thoroughly and then unfold the pre-moistened mask.

Step 2: Apply the mask to your face (or eye area) and smooth it with your fingertips. Leave the mask for 15 minutes.

Step 3: Carefully remove the mask. Use your fingertips to massage the excess lotion into the skin. Then apply skin care products, as you always do. The mask is not reusable.

The formula of this eye mask (a little fox!) Should refresh and brighten the skin around the eyes, as if you had 10 hours of sleep. I find the mask very nice. It contains a lot of lotion, so I could even massage the rest of my face with it.

I really like this mask from Essence, partly because of the amount of lotion. Unfortunately it was a limited edition. They do however cost a bit more than Balea ones - 1.99€.

Hope you enjoyed!

Happy Sunday<3

Essence "Fall Back To Nature" TE - PREVIEW

Boys and girls, fall is back! Evenings snuggling on the coach, binge-watching tv shows and drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream for all! Or aren’t you in cocoon mode yet? Then check this out: with its fall shades, the new essence trend edition “fall back to nature” inspires us to throw handfuls of leaves at each other, create exciting photo safaris or head out for a romantic walk in the nature. The indian summer invites you to dance – and from september to mid october 2018, essence offers a matching look with this new trend edition!

Essence "Fall Back To Nature" - Eyeshadow Palette

This eyeshadow palette with ten perfectly aligned shades creates endless fall looks. 

Available in 01 i love fall most of all

Essence "Fall Back To Nature" - I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Brown Mascara

Our best-seller from the standard range is ideal for a natural look with crazy volume. The mascara ensures optimal volume and maximum length thanks to its elastomer brush. 

Available in 01 stay natural

Essence "Fall Back To Nature" - Hand & Body Tattoos

Every fall look is sure to be an eye-catcher with these body tattoos! The playful and floral images are a perfect match for the cozy season and can be removed again effortlessly. 

Available in 01 autumn glam

Essence "Fall Back To Nature" - Highlighter & Blush Brush

Accurate application and easy blending – not a problem with the brush made of synthetic bristles. It is ideal for powdery textures and feels pleasant on the skin. 

Available in 01 happy fall y‘all

Essence "Fall Back To Nature" - Highlighter & Blush Palette

Five blush and highlighter shades each create a fresh and radiant complexion. The warm red and brown tones have a high pigmentation and are easy to blend. 

Available in 01 you’re so beautiFALL

Essence "Fall Back To Nature" - Eau De Toilette

Smells like the fall season! The light and floralpowdery fragrance of the eau de toilette creates a warm and fuzzy feeling, especially during the colder months of the year. 

Available in 01 fall in love

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