Wedding Gallery Summer/Fall 2020

Hello everyone!

I'm not sure how's the situation with COVID in your country, but here in Slovenia, it's finally a lot better and we're not in quarantine. We're also allowed to have gatherings up to 500 people in public places, which of course is perfect for future weddings! That's why I decided in collaboration with a professional design and sales company for prom and wedding dresses, to put up together a gallery for summer or fall 2020 weddings.

The company I'm talking about is called Their philosophy is to create a sexy, shining, simple, slim and stylish dresses to charm each girl, creating various dresses with high quality silk, chiffon and delicate lace and to create an elegant and refined look. They focus on unexpected details, tailoring to ensure the most feminine and flattering fit. They provide thoughtful customization services, as well as personalized experiences and great quality dresses which you can get in variety of different colours, from cool to warm tones.

The company is determined to pursue the latest designs that are in trend and at the same time constantly study latest fashion trends, pay attention to the latest fashion fabrics and actively integrate them into designs. In their workshop there are about 200 excperienced sample makers and tailors, as well as professional in-house fashion designers, who are always happy to provide clients with special customization options.

They offer different categories for different occassions for example: prom, homecoming, bridal, bridesmaid dresses, as well as accessories and fabrics. They're bridal dresses are absolutely stunning. You can get wedding dress with lace details, open back side, off the shoulder, mermaid and many other dresses as well. I love their ombre and multicolored dresses, they're something different and very unique, but still classy and elegant at the same time.

Here are my favourites:

Mermaid Scoop Wedding Dress

Open Back Side Dress

Simple Lilac Open Back Dress
Purple Chiffon Dress

I think these are stunning, what do you think?


Skincare Routine

Hey everyone!

Since I gave birth in October 2019, my skin was in terrible condition. It went from oily to extremely dry with a lot of acne. I didn't do anything at first, because I thought it's gonna sort itself out, but it did not :D 

So I started a whole new skincare routine and it actually improved my skin a lot. I do have some acne still, but it's hormonal - I still breastfeed so that's normal. Today I decided to share with you what I'm using at the moment. 

First Step -  in my morning and evening routine I use a cleanser. In the morning it's a cleanser bar soap from Erno Laszlo because it's mild and in the evening I use this cleanser from Avon's Planet Spa range. If I wear makeup I always double cleanse in the evening - micellar water first and then rinse and use a cleanser as well.

Second Step - always a toner, because it balances your skin's PH level and closes the pores. At the moment I'm using Oriflame's Love Nature tea tree toner. Tea tree helps me with blemishes and acne, it's amazing for the skin.

Third Step - is a serum. I currently use Avant's  Eight Hour Retexturing & Anti oxidising hyaluronic facial serum. I absolutely love it. Got it in LF beauty box.

Fourth Step - after serum comes moisturiser. I also use Avant's ultimate hyaluronic acid resurfacing duo moisturiser. An expensive moisturiser but it's amazing. Another one from my LF box.

Both serum and moisturiser contain hyaluronic acid which is perfect for dry skin, since it works like a sponge - holding up to a thousand times its weight in water and pulling it to the skin's surface to quench and plump. Hyaluronic acid can benefit all skin types - from sensitive and dry to oily and acne prone - because it helps reduce irritating side effects from stronger ingredients that can feel harsh or dry out the skin.

Fifth Step - is an eye cream, but I use it only in the morning. I currently use this Dr.Botanicals pomegranate brightening eye serum, but I'm not a big fan of it. I'll use it up and then use something else.

Let me know if you like skincare posts, I can write more of them and reviews of skincare products as well. It's important to treat your skin well to prepare it for makeup.


June 2020 Inspirations



LookFantastic May 2020 Unboxing

Hey loves :)

This month quite late I must say, but I'm here with unboxing of my LF box for the month of May. I can't believe it's almost summer! 

You pay 15.50€ per month for 12 month subscription plan. Regular price for one box is 20€. Oh and they have free worldwide shipping, which is amazing!

This month's theme is: "Botanical".

Let's start!

1. Magn!tone London - Wipe Out Eco Friendly Microfibre Cleansing Cloth

Let this Magnitone cleansing cloth remove your makeup with just warm water! Grab and hold microfibres remove even the toughest of makeup - simply throw in the washing machine at 30 and reuse up to thousands of times.

2. Dr. Lipp - 100% Natural Moisturising Colour Lip Tint in Sweet Potato - 3ml

Get a subtle pop of colour and ultra - hydration with this Dr. Lipp lip tint; a tinted balm made with just 4 natural ingredients. Lanolin gives the balm its moisturising properties, whilst sweet potatoes provide the tint. 100% natural and cruelty - free, this balm will leave your lips super soft.

3. Eyeko - Mini Eyebrow Gel

This Eyeko brow gel tames unruly eyebrows and provides long - lasting hold without flakiness or stiffness. Infused with beneficial ingredients, including Keratin and gingko bilabo, to condition and thicken the hairs. The nano - brush allows you to precisely define your brows, but keeps them looking natural.

4. Avant - Ultimate Hyaluronic Acid Resurfacing Duo Moisturiser

Get a bright and smooth complexion with the help of this rich, anti-ageing Avant moisturiser. Formulated with Hyaluronic acid, Shea butter and sweet almond oils to tighten and firm for a more youthful complexion.

5. Korres - Hydra - Biome Probiotic Superdose Face Mask

Suitable for all skin types, but especially great for sensitive skin, this Korres face mask soothes, hydrates and cools for the ultimate pampering and nourishing feel.

6. Balance Me - Hyaluronic Plumping Mist

Award - winning, skin quenching, brightening and incredibly hydrating, this Balance Me facial mist instantly rejuvenates dry skin. Designed to replace a toner in your skincare routine, fix makeup in place and refresh your face throughout the day.

This box is quite frankly reaaally good. Unfortunately it already sold out, but I can totally see why - only the Avant moisturiser costs around 100€, and the box only 20€ if you take it once. I already used up the Balance me mist, used it as a toner and I did enjoy it. I'm already using the Avant moisturiser as well and I have to say it feels really good on the skin. The ingredients are quite good too. If you want me to review anything, let me know.


May 2020 Inspirations

Hey guys! I'm really sorry this month's been hectic, so that's why there was no posts :( I have a few planned for this week, I hope I manage to post them :) I do have a few content changes planned too, but more about it with posts to follow.


LookFantastic April 2020 Unboxing

Hey guys!

Another month, another box from LookFantastic.You pay 15.50€ per month for 12 month subscription plan. Regular price for one box is 20€ though. Oh and they have free worldwide shipping, which is amazing!

This month's theme is "Spring".

Let's see what's inside, shall we :))

1. BellaPierre - Peach Blossom Palette

With 3 shimmers and 1 matte shade inside, this Bellapierre eyeshadow palette - exclusively launching in this month's Lookfantastic beauty box - is the perfect springtime addition to your makeup bag. Weightless, super blendable and the perfect size for travelling, with a handy mirror inside.

2. Erno Lazlo - Hydraphel Skin Supplement

This calming toner is perfect for dry and sensitive skin, formulated to hydrate and repair your complexion after cleansing. With a blend of active humectants, it boosts cell renewal to encourage soft and supple skin.

3. Ameliorate - Transforming Body Lotion

Specially formulated to treat Keratosis Pilaris (the dry, bumpy skin often found on the back of your arms), this rich moisturiser uses Lactic Acid to get rid of dead skin cells and reveal renewed, soft, healthy skin. Dermatologist approved.

4. Starskin - 100% Camellia 2-Step Oil Sheet Mask

Get your glow back with this Starskin facial sheet mask - a dual part treatment that effectively targets dry, dull skin to soothe and restore your natural radiance. Pure Camellia Seed Oil nourishes and softens skin, whilst the Niacinimide, Mulberry Back extract and Peony Root infused sheet mask replenishes moisture and brings a healthy, luminous complexion.

5. Minetan - Coffee Scrub

Give yourself a full caffeine kick from head to toe with this exfoliating body scrub! Made from freshly ground coffee as well as an array of natural ingredients, this scrub will remove dry, flaky skin to leave you feeling fresh, soft and with a more even skin tone.

6. Vintage Cosmetics Company - Tweezers

These high - quality stainless - steel tweezers allow for precise and effortless brow maintenance.

And that's it guys. What do you think? I quite like the box, it's a nice mix of products.,

Stay safe<3