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REVIEW: Avon True Colour Illuminating Pearls

Hey everyone :)

I had an eye on the Avon's true colour illuminating pearls for a while and finally when they were on offer decided to buy them :) 

The pearls  come in a black plastic tub and though the packaging looks huge, it's not heavy. The cap is screw type and fits well.

You get 22g of product for (usually on offer) 6-7€.

I love the effect it gives since it gives you a subtle shimmery look with a touch of colour. Perfect for summer!

If you have a light skin tone you can use it as a blush by crushing the dark colored pearls. I have been using this almost every day to highlight my nose bridge, my cheek bones and my chin as well as using it instead of a blush.

It's not chalky at all and it's very smooth to apply. I love that it has no fragrance since so many beauty products nowadays do. The quantity is huge for the amount I paid I don’t think I will need to buy this again for this life time :D 

It really works as everyday blush and highlighter and gives a nice sheen to  my face without looking glittery. Would totally recommend it for summer!

Have you tried this product already, let me know :)


REVIEW: Wella System Professonal Reconstructive Elixir Luxe Oil

Hey loves :3

This time I'll review another product I received in my LookFantastic box. It's a Wella System Professional Luxe Oil. I haven't really used oil in my hair just because my hair gets greasy very quickly, but I decided to give this one a go.

Wella’s System Professional Luxeoil collection consists of keratin protect shampoo, keratin restore mask, ‘keratin boost essence spray’, light oil keratin protection spray and the ‘oil’/serum itself which Wella call ‘reconstructive elixir’. Each product promise to transform your hair’s texture while protecting, smoothing and softening without weighing down your locks. The hydrating oils in the mix are Argan as well as jojoba and almond. There’s also a good dash of hair strengthening keratin.

To use it, I simply pump one or two squirts into my palms, rub them together and then run them down the lengths of my hair while it’s wet. Once it’s dry, my hair definitely looks shinier and has a smooth, silky feel.

I went through the ingredients and a first few are almost all fragrances which explains the strong scent that this product has. I do like it though.

I like it a lot since it does make my hair feel really smooth, soft and silky. I do however warn you about the strong scent it has, you may like it or you may not.

I would recommend you to get a sample of it to try it at first if you consider it buying.


StyleWe Summer Wishlist*

Hey everyone :)

Today is another collaboration with StyleWe and JustFashionNow. I've written for StyleWe a couple times before, but If you haven't read the posts - It's an online fashion shopping platform featuring independent fashion designers. They believe fashion should be diversified and personal and fashion designers should not cater only to rich and famous, which I totally agree with :) 
This time I browsed through StyleWe tote bags selection. Here are some of my favourites:

Simple zipper tote

Large Green plaid tote

Let me know which one's your favourite! :) 

Since Summer is approaching very fast (it's basically almost here already:D) I decided to also browse through red tunic tops.
One of my absolute favourites is this one: 
Ruffled Tank
Let me know which piece is your favourite!

Have a great new week <3

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Essence "I Want Candy" TE - PREVIEW


Candy kind of day! From mid June to mid July 2017, essence is collaborating with Chupa Chups® to create a lollipop frenzy with the trend edition “I want candy”, which contains super-cute beauty pieces that have the irresistible fragrance of the bestselling Chupa Chups®.

Essence "I Want Candy" - Scented Nail Polish

The top coat with a peach scent gives any nail polish a fantastic pearl finish. Use in combination with the scented nail polish to create new fragrances. 
Available in 01 i want peach!

Essence "I Want Candy" - Scented Nail Scrub

A soft nail scrub with a lollipop look and strawberry scream scent - also ideal as a gift.

Available in 01 Sweet Sugar Shock.

Essence "I Want Candy" - Lolly Dots Eyeliner

A deep black eyeliner pen with a triple-ball tip for unique eye makeup-styles. 

Available in 01 Dot It All!

Essence "I Want Candy" - Scented Eyeshadow Palette

The four cheerful shades with different effects have a strawberry scent and ensure a summery look.
Available in 01 I don't care, I lolly!

Essence "I Want Candy" - Scented Lipgloss Palette

Four Lipglosses in candy colours put the lips in the spotlight and give them a delicious cherry scent too!

Available in 01 I don't care, I lolly!

Essence "I Want Candy" - Scented Nail Stickers

Cute images and a cool scent give any manicure an absolutely unique touch.
Available in 01 I want it all.

Essence "I Want Candy" - Blush Brush

The brush is ideal for applying and blending powder blush.

Available in 01 Lovely lolly looks for love.

Essence "I Want Candy" - Scented Blush Shimmer Pearls

The blush pearls in perfectly aligned shades with a gorgeous shimmer ensure a rosy complexion.

Available in 01 I want it all!

Essence "I Want Candy" - Scented Hair Brush

The small brush with a cola fragrance ensures perfect style - also thanks to the integrated mirror in the shape of Chupa Chups logo on the back of the brush head.

Available in 01 I put cola in my hairs, like I just don't care.

Essence "I Want Candy" - Scented Body Splash

The light body spray provides a boost of freshness and leaves behind a pleasant peach fragrance.

Available in 01 s'peach & splash

Make Your Dreams Come True with*

Hey guys.

You know I love beautiful dresses and I always browse through many stores on the web. I recently found an online store called Dressesofgirl and I fell in love with the dresses immediately! is a one stop shop for wedding and parties. They offer a range of beautiful dresses, matching shoes, exquisite accessories for brides and fashion ladies. The dress collections are updated every season according to the fashion trend, in order to provide you with the latest styles. Moreover, at, you can also have your dresses or gowns custom made if you can’t find a right size.

I'll show you a few of my favourite dresses I found on the site:

Elegant Lace Dress

Short Neck Dress

Two Piece Dress offers a safe and easy online purchasing experience. Their payment processes guarantee a safe and secure purchasing environment. Behind is an amazing team of real, live specialists who are happy to handle any issue you may have. The customer service is always ready to solve the problems you may come up, so feel free to turn to them when you need help or have any question.

They also have a rewards program which is a loyalty scheme, which DressesofGirl members accumulates points in respect of qualifying purchases. All accumulated points expire two years after they are earned so be sure to spend all the points before then. After the two years are up, the expiring points will automatically be removed from the points balance.

As a bigger girl myself, I love the fact that they offer plus size wedding dresses as well. I'll show you a few of them that really caught my eye :)

Ruffle Dress

Crystal Detailing Dress

Sleeve Dress
Love the variety of products that they offer and I really like browsing through their stunning dresses. So pretty!

Let me know which one is your favourite and definitely go and check them out ;)

Have a great day <3

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REVIEW: Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation

Hey loves :)

Lately I have found myself on a major foundation kick. I’ve been trying new releases left and right. Today's review is about the Maybelline Fit me Matte + Poreless foundation. I bought it because it was on sale recently and I really wanted to see how it would perform on my skin since I do have enormous pores.

Here are the ingredients if anyone's interested:

It comes in a squeezy tube which means it's lighter and less fragile than glass bottles. Additionally, the tube comes sealed as well. So it is easy to check in stores whether someone has already opened it. A tube contains 30 ml of product which is standard for a foundation.

This product is formulated for normal to oily skin. It should blur imperfections, minimize pores and match flawlessly with your skin. The texture of this is surprisingly liquid for a matte foundation aimed at normal to oily skin. Coverage is good, I’d say medium and buildable to more, if you feel you need more. One thing I noticed immediately is how easy it was to blend this foundation. Despite the claims that this is a matte foundation, it doesn’t look cakey and keeps a certain amount of luminosity.

This is how it looks on me:

Wear time on this was great. It lasted all day and definitely survives a work day. It didn’t crease on itself which I think is mostly due to the fact that it is such a lightweight formula. You only need a little bit to cover your entire face and while it doesn’t cover everything, I loved how natural this foundation looked. 

I would absolutely recommend this foundation :) Do you have it, what do you think?

Happy Monday <3

LookFantastic Beauty Box - May

Hey guys :)

My LookFantastic beauty box for the month of May has arrived a few days ago. You can see what I got in the month of April here -> CLICK.

Again, I really like the design of this box as well as a previous one, so cute. This one is also quite bigger than all the other ones I got before, you'll see why soon ;) The theme for this month is "Get the glow".

Let's jump into it ;)

1. Mellow Baked Eyeshadow - Peach

Whichever colour you receive, your eyes will thank you for. The softly pigmented shadow gives a gorgeous shimmer for a bright and luminous finish.

2. Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel

The Real Chemistry Peel gets your skin glowing thanks to it's unique blend of proteins that remove dead skin cells and leave you with a renewed complexion.

3. H20 Gradual Tan Mist

This fine mist hydrates and nourishes the skin, whilst also imparting a hint of colour for a sun-kissed finish.

4. System Professional Luxe Oil

The System Professional Luxe Oil is a potent elixir, enriched with a blend of oils to nourish and condition the hair.

5. Glov Hydro Demaquillage

The Glov Hydro Demaquillage is made from hypoallergenic fibers to gently remove makeup and impurities, and leave your skin healthy and glowing.

6. Scrub Love Coconut Cranberry Body Scrub

This natural exfoliant is formulated with 100% organic and roasted coffee, as well as coconut oil to gently smooth your skin. Oh, and it smells divine!

These are all the products that were inside my box, I'm totally loving it again! I already tried the Luxe oil and it made my hair super soft, plus the Mellow eyeshadow is very pretty - can also be used as a highlighter! For 20€ including free shipping these boxes have not failed me so far :)

Hope you enjoyed, happy Saturday <3