REVIEW: Wella System Professonal Reconstructive Elixir Luxe Oil

Hey loves :3

This time I'll review another product I received in my LookFantastic box. It's a Wella System Professional Luxe Oil. I haven't really used oil in my hair just because my hair gets greasy very quickly, but I decided to give this one a go.

Wella’s System Professional Luxeoil collection consists of keratin protect shampoo, keratin restore mask, ‘keratin boost essence spray’, light oil keratin protection spray and the ‘oil’/serum itself which Wella call ‘reconstructive elixir’. Each product promise to transform your hair’s texture while protecting, smoothing and softening without weighing down your locks. The hydrating oils in the mix are Argan as well as jojoba and almond. There’s also a good dash of hair strengthening keratin.

To use it, I simply pump one or two squirts into my palms, rub them together and then run them down the lengths of my hair while it’s wet. Once it’s dry, my hair definitely looks shinier and has a smooth, silky feel.

I went through the ingredients and a first few are almost all fragrances which explains the strong scent that this product has. I do like it though.

I like it a lot since it does make my hair feel really smooth, soft and silky. I do however warn you about the strong scent it has, you may like it or you may not.

I would recommend you to get a sample of it to try it at first if you consider it buying.


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  1. I always use similar products for haircare)


  2. The scent of a product is always something so personal....!

    1. I agree, that's why I think it's better not to scent beauty products!

  3. I really like your honest review, dear, good to know that this oil works on your hair :)

    Have a lovely evening dear,

  4. Seems like great product! Hope it works for you!