First Impressions: Avon Blush & Bronze Trio

Hi guys! :)

Back again with another first impressions and today it's all about the product, that  Avon will be launching in the next campaign, which starts with 29th of July. It's a Blush & Bronze Trio

I mainly bought it because I thought the concept of the 3 in 1 product is very nice, especially for traveling! This trio consists of a blush, bronzer and a highlighter. The packaging is standard for Avon's blushes, powders, etc. and it's black sturdy plastic with a very nice mirror.

You get 10g of product, (which is btw made in China, kinda bothers me a little bit, because you could probably order the same kinda thing from Ebay for far cheaper) and it will be 6,90€

The product has a strong smell, which is nice to me, however some people may not like it. I was a bit disappointed because each 3rd of the product is actually too small to use the brush or you have to be very careful so you don't mix the colours up.

The bronzer is matte, which I prefer, however I haven't worn it yet, so I can't say how it performs on the face.

The blush colour is very lovely and it's also matte. 

My favorite of the three is a higlighter, which is beautiful and I really like it because it's so glittery! What can I say, I love glitters :P 

To conclude, I think this is a great idea, very travel friendly and nice for the beginners with makeup! Again, it will be available in campaign 11, which starts on 29th of July.


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