Empties #8

Hello everyone! ;)

Another empties post is here, the last one was in June, and I have accumulated some stuff since then.

Let's start, shall we? ;)

Avon Senses Moroccan Delights Shower gel (500 ml) - bought this one on sale, I think it was 1,50€, which is a bargain for 500 ml shower gel. I loved the scent (rich incense and teakwood), it was so unique, and it actually lasted on me for quite some time, which is nice.

Repurchase: Not at the moment, because I have other shower gels. 

Palmolive Hand Soap - I had this one before, so this was a repurchase and I liked it again, especially the whole aquarium theme just gets me :P Otherwise, it's just a regular hand soap, nothing special.
Repurchase: Maybe, when it's on sale.

Balea Deo-Bodyspray - of course I got this one when it was on sale also :D I liked the smell, it smelled like kiwi and it didn't contain aluminium, which is always a plus. However I did not like it as much as I like the Balea Dry deodorant.

Repurchase: I don't know if it's still available, but anyway, I wouldn't.

Jean Marc Giovanni Cote Bodyspray - I got this one as a gift and I didn't like it. The scent was too "heavy" for me and too strong. I prefer sweet scents :P Oh and it didn't last at all, not even for an hour.
Repurchase: Definitely not.

Balea Dry Deo Roll-On - My "standard" deodorant. I sweat quite a lot and this one really helps me, that's why I keep repurchasing it. :)

Repurchase: Yes!

Balea Rasiergel (shaving cream) - Caribbean Dreams - a limited edition shaving cream. I really enjoyed the scent, which was like cocos, so summery! However, it was blue coloured and it stained?? my legs.. I showered and my legs were still a little blue because of this... Horrible!

Repurchase: Never

Senza Intimate Wipes - alcohol free, hypoallergenic. Great for the price.

Repurchase: Probably.

Balea peel-off maske - this product is also a repurchased one, because I really enjoyed this mask. You can actually see the "dirt" when you peel it off, and my skin felt very clean. The only con I have is that because it contains alcohol, it actually burned my eyes when I applied it.

Repurchase: Maybe.

Fruttini Hand Cream - cherry vanilla. I liked the scent, however it was very strong, but it didn't last long on my hands. Otherwise, it was quite good hand cream.

Repurchase: No, because I have few other hand creams.

Oriflame Lash Booster - that I actually used as an eyebrow gel, because it didn't work for my lashes at all. As an eyebrow gel it was great, however it started smelling weird, and it was time to throw it in the trash.

Repurchase: I don't think they sell it anymore, I haven't seen it in the catalogue for quite some time.

E.L.F. Blush - I have no idea what was the shade of this product, however it was beyond beautiful. Very natural kinda rosy colour. I really liked it. And btw can we just take a moment and appreciate that I finished a blush? :D That's a first one! :D

Repurchase: They don't sell it anymore :(

Parodontax Toothpaste - my standard toothpaste, that is the only one that helped me with bleeding gums. + it is fluoride free. 
Repurchase: I already did!

Till next time, Kisses,

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  1. The Fruttini hand cream is one of my favourites! Love it!
    xx, Veni

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  2. OOO the Moroccan shower gel sounds amazing, thanks for sharing. Do you want to support each other's blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x



    1. It's really great, You're very welcome. Thank you for your lovely comment dear ;*

      Sure, I'd love to!


  3. Tudi jaz zelo rada uporabljam Baleo in Fruttini. Super post.