REVIEW: Figs And Rouge Hydra Activ Smart Nutrient Day Cream

Hey guys!

Another review of a product that I got in my LookFantastic beauty box. This one was in December 2017 box and it's a Figs and Rouge day cream.

An ultimate replenishing day cream complex that delivers instant & long lasting hydration to leave skin smooth & radiant. Formulated with moisturising 'Smart Nutrient' Technology & Nourishing Vitamin Complex A, C, E. Three hydrating, deeply penetrating & rejuvenating phases to balance skin tone & optimally moisturise the skin.

I really love this product. Even though my skin is combination type - oily and dry this cream really worked for me. My skin feels smooth after using it and it soaks into your skin really quickly.

It works well under makeup and again, there's a bunch of amazing ingredients within like Chamomile extract for soothing and aloe vera for anti-inflammatory. To conclude, it's a nice day to day face cream that I would totally recommend for oily to combination skin types. Oily types may find it too "heavy" for their skin.

Have you tried it already? Let me know.


Look Of The Week - Natural

Hello everyone :)

Today's look is pretty simple. I wore a foundation that looks really fresh and natural - Rimmel Fresher Skin Foundation, a little bit of blush and a slight contour. Added a rose gold eyeliner and a nude lipstick + lipliner from Farmasi :)

Hope you like it, let me know!

Happy Sunday <3

Empties #37

Hey guys!

Another month, another empties post. This time I didn't gather a lot of products, but I tried anyway :P

Avon Senses Peaceful Reflection Oriental Orchid & Raspberry Shower Creme - I tried many of Avon's shower gels but this one is my favourite at the moment. I love the scent which lingers on my skin for a while!

Repurchase: Yes in the future.

Dusch Das Heavenly Vanilla Duschgel - this one I got as a gift at my work. I never tried this brand before and I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the vanilla scent and liked the texture of the gel.

Repurchase: Maybe.

Fitoval Dandruff Dermatological Shampoo - this one helps me a lot with my dandruff problem. Unfortunately you're not suppose to use it all the time, plus it's quite expensive.

Repurchase: I will yes.

Syoss Anti-Dandruff Shampoo - I didn't like this one at all. It didn't help me with dandruff.

Repurchase: My boyfriend likes it so maybe for him.

Essence "Like A Million Miles Away" Perfume - enjoyed the scent but unfortunately it did not last on me.

Repurchase: Probably not.

Cherryliscious Lovemore - cute packaging, fruity scent. I did like it.

Repurchase: No.

Oriflame Stretch & Curl Mascara (blue) - I liked the colour, but it didn't transfer to my lashes. It was barely visible on.

Repurchase: Nop.

Oriflame VeryMe Fat Lash Funky Mascara - silver coloured mascara but I had the same problem with it as with the previous one. The colour was pretty but it was barely visible on lashes.

Repurchase: Nop.

Rimmel Apolicalips Lip Lacquer 101 Celestial - I posted a review a while ago here -> CLICK. Loved the colour - dusty pink and it lasted for a while on my lips. Unfortunately I had a big problem with it, which was a scent (as I mention in a review as well). It was very unpleasant and it actually made me sick a couple of times, I couldn't stand it at all. Here I have to mention I usually don't have problems with scents and I'm not sensitive.

Repurchase: No.

Balea Nature Tagescreme - day cream with 95% ingredients of natural origins. It was nice, but nothing spectacular. Fair for the price point.

Repurchase: Maybe.

Vichy Normaderm sample - too small of a sample to make my opinion.. It felt nice, but my foundation didn't apply well on top of this. So I'm not sure, would have to try it more.

Purchase: No.

Avon Anew Platinum Night Cream - I have to say it felt really nice on my skin and in the mornings my skin was very soft and nourished. I liked the effect it gave my skin. The only con is that when it arrived to me it was already thickened up and wasn't creamy as it was suppose to be.

Repurchase: Maybe.

Ilorga Time Filler Absolute Wrinkles Correction Cream - I didn't notice anything special about this one.

Repurchase: No.

Balea Tuchmaske mit Aktivkohle - enjoyed this sheet mask a lot. My skin felt nourished and soft after.

Repurchase: Maybe.

Balea Tuchmaske Fancy Pomegranate - this one I didn't like at all. It didn't fit properly plus it wasn't moist enough. Also I didn't notice any effect.

Repurchase: No.

Parodontax Classic Toothpaste - my favourite toothpaste of all time. It's without fluoride and it's the only one that helps me with my bleeding gums. It has an unusual taste but you get used to it. would totally recommend!

Repurchase: I did already.

Essence "Vampire Love"TE Nail Polish - old polish which I had to let go now since it's almost empty. Liked it a lot. It was a greyish blue with silver sparkles.

Repurchase: No because it was limited edition.

And that's all for this month :) Hope you enjoyed!


REVIEW: Avon Heated Eyelash Curler

Hello everyone :)

Today's review is about something I've been wanting to buy off and on. I finally decided to do so, because I really wanted to see how it works. I bought it from Avon and it is a heated eyelash curler.

You just put one AAA battery in and you wait for it to heat up. In the directions it says you should wait for the indicator to turn off, that's when it's heated up and you can use it. Unfortunately, mine never turns off.

I tried it out even though the indicator never turned off but nothing happened. Even after leaving it on my lashes for about 45 seconds I still noticed very little curl - almost nothing at all.

I thought I was doing something wrong because it did absolutely nothing to my lashes so I decided to google it. I noticed many people were saying you should use it after you applied the mascara. I did that as well and still nothing happened.

All in all, this product didn't work for me at all. I'm sticking to my usual eyelash curler.

Have you tried a heated eyelash curler, did it work for you?

Have a nice day<3

LookFantastic Beauty Box - January 2018

Hello loves <3

This month's LookFantastic box arrived a bit later than usual but nonetheless it's here :) I do have to be honest here, I'm not a fan of the design this time. Not as pretty as other boxes.

As usual we got an Elle magazine with it. The box still costs 20€ with free shipping internationally.

Let's jump into it ;)

1. Balance Me Congested Skin Serum

A lightweight serum that will make your skin look flawless. Especially good on combination skin, it will get rid of all your imperfections and will keep your skin hydrated and glowy. Kanuka oil is a good natural antimicrobial and anti-bacterial that will clear congestions, while eucalyptus will calm any rednesses and inflammations.

2. Monuspa Warming Ginger Bath & Body Oil

A spa experience in the comfort of your own house. This body oil has an all-natural and clean formulation with a mixture of ginger, lemongrass and orange, uplifting and awakening it is the perfect body oil to use in the morning.

3. Espa Pink Hair & Scalp Mud

Give your hair some love and try this intensive treatment. This lovely rose paste will condition and nourish your hair & scalp (always up for a multitasker). It's clean formulation is full of good for you minerals and is enriched in Vitamin C, has red clay and Apricot kernel oil - all those ingredients to make your hair look fabulous and scalp feel hydrated.

4, Korres White Tea Fluid Gel Cleanser

Enjoy your morning was with this gel cleanser that won't dry out sensitive skin, and will leave your skin refreshed and clean, ready for the rest of your skincare routine. The concents are 88.3% natural and it's main ingredient is white tea extract - a natural antioxidant protection and toner for the skin!

5. Erno Laszlo White Marble Essence Lotion

For dark spots, dull and hyper-pigmented skins, it will brighten and even out your skin tone in no time while encouraging the repair and renewal of your cells.

6. Model Co 3D Lash Primer

If you don't have an eyelash primer in your makeup routine yet then this will revolutionize your mascara application. In addition to conditioning and volumizing it allows your mascara to stay put all day! It will also maintain the curve, and even enhance by giving some more thickness to your lashes.

And we came to the end! Unfortunately this month's box didn't blew me away like many others did. The Monuspa oil actually leaked a bit. I'm most excited about the Espa pink mud since I never used anything like it :)

Hope you enjoyed!
Happy Monday <3

Makeup Inspirations



Essence "Boys & Girls" TE - PREVIEW


Boy AND girl power! Unisex products are the trend of the hour! With the new trend edition “boys & girls”, Essence is helping boys and girls feel fresh, pampered and confident from February to mid March 2018. Practical beauty pieces with a cool product design in black, white and mint are sure to thrill all cosmetics addicts, no matter what gender.

Essence "Boys & Girls" - Nail & Cuticle Cream Treatment

The rich nail cream regenerates dry cuticles to ensure beautifully groomed nails. 

Available in 01 you better care!

Essence "Boys & Girls"  - 4in1 Nail File

All-in-one nail file with four sides to shorten, shape, smooth and shine the nails.

Available in 01 easy peasy, nail file-y

Essence "Boys & Girls" - Super Soft Intensifying Eye Pencil

Twistable, black eye pencil with a soft, longlasting texture gives the eyes depth and makes lashes look full and voluminous.

Available in 01 I'm an eyecatcher!

Essence "Boys & Girls" - Eyebrow Tweezer

Practical tweezers for quick and easy hair removal. Ensures perfectly shaped brows – no matter whether boy or girl. 

Available in 01 I like The Shape Of You!

Essence "Boys & Girls" - Eyebrow Intensifying Comb

Provides the brows with density and colour: the jagged applicator makes it easy to draw in extra hairs. For natural, defined brows. Tip: set the brows in place afterwards with the essence lash & brow gel mascara.

Available in 01 Ready, Steady, Brow!

Essence "Boys & Girls" - Lash & Brow Gel Mascara

The transparent gel keeps lashes and brows in perfect shape all day long. With pampering ingredients for smooth lashes and brows. 

Available in 01 Always In Shape!

Essence "Boys & Girls" - Smoothing Lip Peeling

Gently removes loose, dry flakes of skin from the lips and leaves them feeling soft and supple.

Available in 01 Peel me softly.

Essence "Boys & Girls" - Smoothing Lip Balm

The transparent lip care perfectly complements the peeling for soft, smooth lips.

Available in 01 Smooth Me Softly.

Essence "Boys & Girls" - Facial Sheet Mask

The pre-soaked sheet mask for the face offers intense moisture and leaves the skin looking soft and radiant. Suitable for all face shapes.

Available in 01 I'm Fresh About You

Essence "Boys & Girls" - Camouflage Cream Concealer

The concealer reliably hides skin irregularities and dark circles under the eyes. Simply apply the high-coverage, creamy texture on the desired area of skin and blend. 

Available in 01 Woke up like this - Flawless

Essence "Boys & Girls" - Refreshing & Moisturizing Primer Stick

Thanks to its cooling effect, the primer stick provides the skin with a boost of freshness and minimizes shadows under the eyes. It can be used on its own or as the perfect basis for other make-up products.

Available in 01 I'm Fresher than you!

Essence "Boys & Girls" - Mattifying & Fixing Powder

Suitable for all skin tones, the silky-soft, transparent compact powder instantly refines the complexion. It has a mattifying effect to make unwanted shine disappear.

Available in 01 Nobody is perfect, but I'm not nobody.

Essence "Boys & Girls" - 4 Every 1 Eau De Toilette

Fresh, dynamic unisex fragrance – for boys and girls. The eau de toilette is sure to create a fantastic mood and leaves a real impression!

Available in 01 BE Unique, BE Different, BE You!