REVIEW: Mane'N Tail Shampoo & Conditioner

Hey guys!

Another post about the product we got in the LookFantastic beauty box. This time it's a Mane'n tail shampoo and a conditioner. I heard many great things about the shampoo but let's see if it stood up to my expectations :)

We got a sample size of these two, but it's a generous sample with 60 ml of product which was enough for me to properly try it out.

They both contain sulfates. After washing my hair a couple of times, I have to be honest with you, I really don't understand what the rave is about. Honestly, my hair didn't really feel good - straw-like. Of course I did use it in combination with conditioner but that was only worse. It made my hair super oily.

It's very thick in texture and hardly has any scent. As you would guess, it was made for horses but these products are also safe on cats/dogs.

I wouldn't recommend it for dry hair, or if you do use it, use it in combination with a good conditioner, since it does dry your hair out. Apparently it's also suppose to help you with hair growth, but I didn't notice anything.

To conclude, I didn't like it at all. My hair didn't feel clean and I would not recommend it even though it was raved about.

What do you think, have you tried this shampoo? Let me know!

Have a wonderful day <3

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