Essence "Boys & Girls" TE - PREVIEW


Boy AND girl power! Unisex products are the trend of the hour! With the new trend edition “boys & girls”, Essence is helping boys and girls feel fresh, pampered and confident from February to mid March 2018. Practical beauty pieces with a cool product design in black, white and mint are sure to thrill all cosmetics addicts, no matter what gender.

Essence "Boys & Girls" - Nail & Cuticle Cream Treatment

The rich nail cream regenerates dry cuticles to ensure beautifully groomed nails. 

Available in 01 you better care!

Essence "Boys & Girls"  - 4in1 Nail File

All-in-one nail file with four sides to shorten, shape, smooth and shine the nails.

Available in 01 easy peasy, nail file-y

Essence "Boys & Girls" - Super Soft Intensifying Eye Pencil

Twistable, black eye pencil with a soft, longlasting texture gives the eyes depth and makes lashes look full and voluminous.

Available in 01 I'm an eyecatcher!

Essence "Boys & Girls" - Eyebrow Tweezer

Practical tweezers for quick and easy hair removal. Ensures perfectly shaped brows – no matter whether boy or girl. 

Available in 01 I like The Shape Of You!

Essence "Boys & Girls" - Eyebrow Intensifying Comb

Provides the brows with density and colour: the jagged applicator makes it easy to draw in extra hairs. For natural, defined brows. Tip: set the brows in place afterwards with the essence lash & brow gel mascara.

Available in 01 Ready, Steady, Brow!

Essence "Boys & Girls" - Lash & Brow Gel Mascara

The transparent gel keeps lashes and brows in perfect shape all day long. With pampering ingredients for smooth lashes and brows. 

Available in 01 Always In Shape!

Essence "Boys & Girls" - Smoothing Lip Peeling

Gently removes loose, dry flakes of skin from the lips and leaves them feeling soft and supple.

Available in 01 Peel me softly.

Essence "Boys & Girls" - Smoothing Lip Balm

The transparent lip care perfectly complements the peeling for soft, smooth lips.

Available in 01 Smooth Me Softly.

Essence "Boys & Girls" - Facial Sheet Mask

The pre-soaked sheet mask for the face offers intense moisture and leaves the skin looking soft and radiant. Suitable for all face shapes.

Available in 01 I'm Fresh About You

Essence "Boys & Girls" - Camouflage Cream Concealer

The concealer reliably hides skin irregularities and dark circles under the eyes. Simply apply the high-coverage, creamy texture on the desired area of skin and blend. 

Available in 01 Woke up like this - Flawless

Essence "Boys & Girls" - Refreshing & Moisturizing Primer Stick

Thanks to its cooling effect, the primer stick provides the skin with a boost of freshness and minimizes shadows under the eyes. It can be used on its own or as the perfect basis for other make-up products.

Available in 01 I'm Fresher than you!

Essence "Boys & Girls" - Mattifying & Fixing Powder

Suitable for all skin tones, the silky-soft, transparent compact powder instantly refines the complexion. It has a mattifying effect to make unwanted shine disappear.

Available in 01 Nobody is perfect, but I'm not nobody.

Essence "Boys & Girls" - 4 Every 1 Eau De Toilette

Fresh, dynamic unisex fragrance – for boys and girls. The eau de toilette is sure to create a fantastic mood and leaves a real impression!

Available in 01 BE Unique, BE Different, BE You!

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