50 Random Facts About Me

Hello everyone :)

Today's post is a little bit different, because I thought this would be very fun to do. Enjoy getting to know me better ;)

Empties #15

Hey loves :)

Another empties post because I managed to empty some products, yaay, and I'm excited to throw them away so I wanted to write this post as soon as possible :D

Let's start :)

Avon Senses Mood Therapy Shower Gel - of course I bought this huge bottle (500ml) on sale. I think I paid around 1,50€ for it which is a bargain and I usually like Avon's shower gels, however this one smelled horrible to me. It contained an eucalyptus extract and oh god with every shower I hated it more :D Hate is a strong word but I really, really didn't like it :P (Plain White T's fans will know haha) my boyfriend however liked it and I think it really depends whether you like herbal scents or not. I usually like it, but not for showers apparently :P

Repurchase: Hell no :D

Avon Extralasting Liquid Foundation Sample (Ivory) - I had a couple of this samples because I was trying to find my shade and guess what.. I still couldn't, not one shade matched me -.- Otherwise I've read/heard only good stuff about this foundation.

Purchase: No, I can't find the right shade.

Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation (50 Natural) - again this shade didn't match me, however I did like it, the coverage was medium with a dewy finish and despite the medium coverage it looked pretty natural on the skin.

Purchase: Maybe

Catrice Our Best Length Ever Mascara (black) - I didn't like it all. To be honest, it just didn't do anything to my lashes.. nothing, no volume, no length... don't waste your money on this one.

Repurchase: Definitely no.

Essence Ultra Strong Nail Hardener - I bought this one because I've read a lot of positive reviews and I wasn't disappointed. It did made my nails stronger and I used it before every manicure.

Repurchase: Yes!

Oriflame "Be Mine"" Hand Cream - strawberry scented, I loved the scent a lot. This was a limited edition for last year's Valentine's day so yeah, it lasted me almost a year :D Really great hand cream, I always buy hand creams from Oriflame, they're so worth it, plus really affordable!

Repurchase: Not this one, because it was limited edition.

Oriflame Face Primer - a transparent primer that I first used as an eyeshadow primer and it worked great! Lately I've been using face primers daily so I used it as a face primer and it was really nice too. So all in all a great multi-purpose product.

Repurchase: Maybe, if they still sell it.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat - I've had a love hate relationship with this product. Sometimes it really didn't make a difference on my skin and sometimes I felt like a miracle has happened :D However for the price I expected a lot more.

Repurchase: Nop.

That's all guys :) I've been thinking about sharing my makeup collection with you guys, let me know if that is something you'd like to see/read. :)