Ebay Finds #1

Hi loves :)

I decided I'll share with you from time to time some of my Ebay finds.. I'm buying on Ebay a lot and there are really some great stuff you can find ;)

Today I'll show you three items that I got in the last month.

The first two items I'll show you are the adult colouring books :) These have been really popular lately and because I like to colour I decided to buy them. However, they are quite expensive for what they are, and I decided to look for them on Ebay. I found quite a few of them and I decided to buy two.

The first one is called Echanted Forest and it is by Johanna Basford.

It's really beautiful for the price, I paid only 1,61$ with free shipping and bought it from this seller -> CLICK

As you can see some of the pictures are not that complicated, but there are also a few of them that are sooo precise, like this one for example:

Pretty amazing, ha? :)

The other adult colouring book is called Secret Garden and it is also by Johanna Basford. These two may look similar, but they are really different ;)

As the name suggest the theme of these is garden ;) I paid 1,57$ for this one with free shipping from this seller -> CLICK.

And the last but certainly not the least is this beautiful statement necklace :) I actually had a winning bid, so it was an auction. I won with 1,50$ bid with free shipping! :)

I hope you enjoyed and let me know if you want to see more! :)


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  1. Great post

  2. I love the Enchanted Forest!!! Those kinds of book are so amazing and great to color! *-*

    1. Thanks! They really are awesome, I've been enjoying them a lot! :)


  3. Love the coloring books! I recently purchased The Mindfulness Coloring Book: Anti-Stress Art Therapy For Busy People and it's absolutely wonderful!


    1. Oh me too! :) Just googled the book you mentioned, looks amazing as well! :)

  4. great post love your necklace

  5. You bought amazing things, this Secret Garden looks stunning :)


  6. Po naključju sem naletela na tvoj blog in morem naročit te pobarvanke ! <3

    Beauty of a Lemon