REVIEW: Catrice Absolute Bright Palette

Hi everyone! :)

Today I decided to write a review of Catrice ABSOLUTE BRIGHT eyeshadow palette (010 Candy Warhol).

I decided to buy this one because I ADORE the Absolute Nude one and I thought it's gonna be the same with this one.

What Catrice says: Pretty in pastel. The latest trend, captured in one palette. Six wearable pastel shades and a practical duo-applicator offer accumulated know-how: soft textures with a high colour-dispersion, long durability and various effects from shimmering to extremely pearly.

The packaging is nice, travel friendly. The first time I had problems with opening it and it almost broke, but now it's ok.

It has 6 pastel shades that are supposed to brighten up the look. I like all the shades, except the fact that they are badly pigmented and all shimmery.

From L-R: White, pastel yellow, pastel pink, violet, blue, brown

Because of the bad pigmentation I'm using it for highlighting - well at least some of the colours :)

To conclude I really don't like this one and it can't compare with the Nude one. Especially for the price which is 4,99€.

From Down-Up: white, pastel yellow, pastel pink, violet, blue, brown
The swatches were made without a base and as you can see the colours are very similar, you can hardly tell a difference.

PROS: - travel friendly
            - the shades are lovely
            - good for highlighting

CONS: - price
             - bad pigmentation
             - all the shades are shimmery

I hope you liked this review :)

Do you have this palette and what do you think?


3 komentarji:

  1. Heiii:) Tole paletkoimam tudi sama in me tudi ni prepričala:) Slabi pigmenti, obstojnost, ni mat senčk. Za ceno okoli 5 eur že lahko dobiš kako boljšo senčko. Mene tale ni prepričala, pa čeprav imam zelo rada Catrice.Sem tudi spisala oceno o njej:) P.s zelo super blog, ti sledim:) Link do mojega bloga, če te kdaj zamika:) monika

    1. Živjo!
      Ja res je, škoda.. V primerjavi z Absolute Nude in pa Absolute Matt je katastrofa.
      Hvala za pohvalo! :)