REVIEW: Sleek I-Divine Garden Of Eden Eyeshadow Palette

Hey everyone! :)

I was preparing this review for quite some time but I wanted to give the palette a proper try. I'm talking about the Sleek Makeup I-Divine Garden of Eden eyeshadow palette.

It's an earth toned palette that features six warmer, more neutral shades and then six cooler shades, for a total of twelve shadows. Sleek eyeshadows are all mineral based. You get 12 x 1,1g of product, so basically 13,2g of total product. I bought it on sale on Click2chic for 7,77€ which was a bargain, otherwise it costs around 13€.

I like the packaging, it's very sturdy, slim and looks sleek (get it :P). It does have a nice mirror inside as well so it's very appropriate for travelling. It also contains a dual ended sponge applicator.

The colours were the first thing that caught my eye when I was deciding which palette to get, since I do have green eyes and usually green shadows make my eyes pop! They're very beautiful, especially the greens! Their frost shades are very soft and smooth, have good color payoff and they were easy to work with. On the other hand the more matte the base the more problematic they seemed with a couple of them having a really sheer colour payoff and drier textures.

I like that the palette comes with a plastic sheet with the names of the shades written on it, however I would prefer to have the names printed on the bottom, but anyway, better than nothing at all :)

Gates of Eden - is a golden, coppery shade with frosted sheen. It has good pigmentation and the texture is soft and smooth.

Eve's Kiss - pinky mauve with a frosted finish. Soft, well pigmented and smooth as well.

Paradise on Earth - A frosted taupe. It's very pigmented, has the best texture from the palette.

Python - medium dark chocolate brown with a slight red-orange undertone. It's a touch less pigmented than previous shades as the texture is a little drier and stiffer to work with.

Forbidden - the first matte shade in the palette. It's a cool toned grey-purple shade which contains little gold glitter in the pan, but it doesn't transfer well on the skin.

Flora - warm toned medium dark brown. I was disappointed with the pigmentation with this one as well.

Entwined - is another matte shadow. The texture is very stiff and it was difficult to actually get any colour payoff.

Adam's apple - I was very excited about this shade however the pigmentation is very poor with this one. It's a matte yellow-toned green.

Fig - is my favourite shade in the whole palette ;) It has amazing pigmentation and metallic finish. It's yellower and much more shimmery compared to Adam's apple.

Evergreen - frosted mint green, has nice, smooth texture.

Fauna - dark, forest green with a slightly metallic finish.

Tree of life - medium dark green with matte finish. The pigmentation is a little patchy.

- 12 eyeshadows
- different finishes
- unique shades
- mineral based

- some of the shadows are less pigmented

Overall this palette is very beautiful! It has a gorgeous collection of shades that are very unique. They last on my lids for about 6-7 hours with an eyeshadow primer, but consider that I do have oily lids. I'm a little disappointed in the matte shades, I was expecting better pigmentation, since Sleek palettes are usually very raved by the bloggers, but by no means is this one bad at all :)

Do you own this palette, what do you think? :)

Have a lovely week,

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  1. I love the shade variety of this palette <3


  2. Love this! I enjoyed reading your post dear.

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  3. Nice shades!

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my earlier post :)

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  4. What a pretty palette! I have to try it too!

  5. This palette has so many beautiful shades, they're all look really great :)