REVIEW: Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama mascara

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I've bought the Maybelline the falsies push up drama mascara quite some time ago and I really gave it a fair try, so here comes the review ;)
At a glance it almost looks like a duo ended mascara due to the shape but that's not the case at all so the packaging is a little misleading.

It comes in a waterproof and non waterproof formula, I did buy the non waterproof. Before I bought it I only heard good reviews about it, so I decided to get it when it was on 1+1 sale, so basically I got one for free and gave it to my sister.

This mascara claims to give volume and lift to the lashes by scooping and cupping them with it's innovative push up cup type brush applicator. I didn't have issues with flaking, smearing or smudging.

Now to the performance ;) This mascara didn't do much for my lashes unfortunately. It has a very wet formula which my lashes never agree with, so I couldn't get them to hold the curl even using an eyelash curler before. The mascara was also making my lashes clump. I was hoping for some length that might be able to make this mascara work better for me, but it was coating my lashes and didn't give them anything to be impressed about. 

Here's my lashes before the mascara (without curling):

 And after:

As you can see my lashes looked clumpy and very messy.

I wouldn't pay the full price for this mascara, heck I wouldn't even want it for free haha:D and I'm not recommending it to anyone. Maybelline is known to have amazing mascaras and I can't believe they would put out something as horrible as this :(

And btw, my sister feels the same about it :D I wanted to love it, but unfortunately it failed me.

Let me know if you have tried this mascara, do you like it?

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  1. I love the post:)

  2. Great review dear! :)kiss
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  3. Such a lovely post! Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Thanks for your honest review katja
    Have a lovely week.
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  5. Sorry to hear about this products, considering the fact that Maybelline in generally does nice mascaras!

    1. Yeah i was pleased with every single one from Maybelline except this one, such a shame :(

  6. I tried it and I like so much it :D


  7. I think that mascara is horrible. So wet,and my short eyelashes hate that :))

  8. Great Review dear :D

    Have a nice day

  9. I can't believe that Maybelline has that kind of mascara:) The effect is really bad:)

  10. Hello, I got this mascara, too. But it does not satisfy me. Have a nice day. Best regards Jana

    1. Oh that's sad to hear it didn't work for you as well. Thanks and you too Jana, Kisses :)

  11. Have a lovely evening, Katja :)

  12. Ohh too bad it didn't work out for you! :(

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    Kisses, Isabelle

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