TOP 5 Summer Nailpolishes

Hello everyone :)

A summer inspired post is here today :D And I'll just show you my top 5 nailpolishes for summer, which I'll post in a random order ;)

1. KIKO 389 - Mint Milk

I don't know about you, but mint is one of my favorite colours for summer, and I love it also on nails ;) As you can see on the picture above I included 2 mint nailpolishes in this post, but let me tell you, they are different ;) This Kiko one is more green based mint. You definitely need to put 2 coats on with this polish, because the first coat is a bit streaky. 

2. ESSENCE - 24 Indian Summer

This next nailpolish from Essence is this beautiful peachy orange. The formula of this new gel nailpolishes is really good. I didn't take pictures when I had this nailpolish on my nails, so I'll show you a photo I found on Google.

3. YES LOVE - T3 Mint

Another mint nail polish ;) But this one is more blue based than Kiko. So they are quite different :) Oh and for anyone that doesn't know, you can find this Yes Love nailpolishes in Chinese stores, they are quite cheap and they do have a lot of colours to chose from. The formula is really nice, however you do need 2 coats to have it fully opaque. 

4. ELF - Innocent

Well this here is my favourite nude nail polish ever, EVER :D I'll run out of it soon, and I hope the Essence nude nail polish from Nauti girl LE will be similar to this, I haven't tried it yet.

5. AVON GLOW - Fuchsia

A bright colour is definitely nice for the summer and looks beautiful when your skin is tanned ;)

I hope you enjoyed this post. Oh and if you liked it, please let me know if you would like to see my top 5 summer lipsticks or anything else! :) 

Have a nice day,

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  1. Čudovita izbira :) Z veseljem bi prebrala objavo top 5 šmink ;)

  2. love the colors! <3 nice blog:)
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know:)
    kisses from Poland

    1. I followed you back:) Have a nice week:)

  3. Zakon barve :) In zelo rada bi videla tvojih 5 top šmink :))

  4. Tudi če bi imela samo Kiko in essence; zadoščala bi za celo poletje :) Barve so res na mestu, tako si tudi predstavljam poletje- zelo, zelo barvno :) xx Maja

    1. Ja res je, ampak rada menjam lakce oz. se hitro naveličam ene barve :D Hvala Maja :*

  5. Kiko je res izjemen lak. Všeč mi je barva, ki si jo izbrala. Tudi Elf je zelo lep. Popolne barve za poletje.