First Impressions: Catrice Matt Mousse

Hi cuties :)

Well I bought this Catrice Matt Mousse a couple of days ago & I have for you today my first impressions :)

I have it in 020 Natural Beige. The mousse is held in a glass pot with a plastic lid. Not the most hygienic solution, but it doesn't bother me.

It's very creamy and absorbs instantly on the skin. It blends really easy. However it did not made my pores invisible, but they certainly were less visible :)

As you can see above, the colour 020 that's supposed to be natural beige is actually quite dark. But no worries, it blends amazingly & doesn't make my face too dark. Perfect!

So far, I'm very pleased with this product, it really does exactly what it says.

 Oh and there are 4 different shades of this mousse.
For Slovenian readers, you can find it  on sale in DM, for 2,99€.


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  1. Ja zdej je akcija..mal po tem ko ga kupm ne :P Men je tut ful ušeč :))

  2. Great post!!! :) I follow you :) Would you like follow me? :)

    Kisses. Andrea

  3. i love use mouse in my opinnion its better than traditional fluid