REVIEW + swatches: Nyx Eyeshadow Palette - Versus

Hey guys! :)

I prepared a review for today and I'll talk about Nyx 10 color eyeshadow palette in Versus. It's a part of the runway collection and I pretty much picked it up because of the purple eyeshadows. However, this palette also has some pretty awesome neutrals in it.

I really like the packaging. It's sleek and compact. The large mirror inside the palette is a plus and a foam tip applicator is included.

There are obviously 10 eyeshadows and you get 14g of product, which is really nice.

Oh and btw it is cruelty free, which I'm very happy about. The texture of the shadows is not very smooth, they sometimes crumble.  There's also quite a bit of fallout as you're applying, so be aware of that.

Overall the shadows are not as pigmented as I'd like them to be, specially the purples are pretty sheer. However, they'll still come out nice with a primer underneath. I like the variety of finishes these palette gives (some shadows are matte, some shimmery).

1. Nude with a satin finish
2. Taupe brown with a semi-matte finish
3. Light Champagne with a shimmery finish
4. Light taupe brown with a satin finish
5. Black with a satin finish

From Down-Up: Nude, Taupe Brown, Light Champagne, Light Taupe Brown, Black

6. Purple with a satin finish
7. Lilac purple with a satin finish
8. Rosy pink, gold shimmers, with a satin finish
9. Light lilac purple with a satin finish, silver glitters
10. Pearly white

From Down-Up: Purple, lilac purple, rosy pink, light lilac purple, pearly white
Oh and the eyeshadows don't have names, which doesn't bother me, but may some people.

- travel friendly
- 10 eyeshadows with different textures
- large mirror
- decent quality
- affordable
- cruelty free

- fallout
- lack of pigmentation in some shadows

To conclude, I bought this particular palette because of the purple/lavender shades and those are precisely the ones that are not as pigmented as I'd want. They are a little powdery, and it might take another swipe or two to get the full vibrancy of the color. Other than that, this is a good, affordable palette.
For Slovenian readers, I bought this one on I don't know if it's still available, but it was on sale for 5,50€.
I hope you enjoyed :)

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