Empties #9

Hey cuties! :)

Another empties post is here, looks like I'm writing these every month now, so I'm quite happy with how many things I'm using up. (except the fact that I'm still buying more than using up :P)

And let's start with some samples :)

Maxfactor Whipped Creme Foundation (50 Natural) - I didn't even finish this sample, because I tried it twice a little bit, and it seemed too dark for me, which is a shame.

Purchase: No. 

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo - I've heard many great things about this one, so I was excited to try it out. It's suppose to reduce the number of breakouts, however I couldn't experience that with this small sample. It just didn't do anything to my skin, since I probably used it twice? and I wish I had a bigger sample or at least a few of these small ones, so I could properly try it out.

Purchase: Not at the moment. (I have to try it out more)

Gliss Kur Liquid Silk Gloss (Anti Frizz Serum) - this one I got as a gift and it was nice, like all the Gliss Kur serums. However I do not have problems with frizziness, so I can't say if this works for that.

Repurchase: No, because I don't have problems with frizziness.

Balea Seidenglanz Spülung - it's a hair coditioner and I think I bought it because it was on sale for less than an euro, which is really a bargain. I was actually quite pleased with it, it smelled pleasantly and my hair felt very soft after using this. The effect has really surprised me.

Repurchase: Maybe.

Nettle Shampoo - I mainly bought this one because I have quite a problem with dandruff and I was given the advice to buy this. So I did, and it didn't help at all. I liked the smell, but that's it. It didn't even made my hair soft..

Repurchase: No.

Balea Rasier Gel - a basic shaving cream. I always buy Balea shaving creams, because they're cheap and effective + they have limited edition ones which smell really nice.

Repurchase: Yes!

Balea Family Duschgel - If you follow me for quite some time now, you know I love sales, right? :) well, this one was also on sale :D I paid less than an euro for a 500 ml of shower gel, how amazing is that? :) It was nice (like all the other Balea shower gels) and it smelled like chamomiles. Really nice.

Repurchase: If it's on sale again, yes! :)

Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother (020 Apricot Cream) - I used this one just a couple of times and now it already started smelling very, very bad and I just had to throw it out.. Too bad.

Repurchase: No.

Essence The Gel Nail Polish Top Coat - I really loved this top coat, however it became thick very soon :( 
Repurchase: Probably yes.

I hope you enjoyed this and please, don't forget about my giveaway -> CLICK :)


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  1. Sem se že razveselila takoj, ko sem prebrala da je Gliss Kur proti 'frizziness' :) Sicer vsi izdelki, ki sem jih do sedaj uporabljala niso prinesli nobenih dolgotrajnih rezultatov, je pa vseeno bolje, da jih uporabljam, kot če jih ne bi ;) xx Maja

    1. Res je :)

      Meni pa se zdi, da po dolgotrajni uporabi nimam več tako razcepljenih konic.. **

  2. Pridna ker si porabila ponovno nekaj izdelkov in res ful škoda za Catrice, mislim, da imam isti odtenek nekje in upam, da se ni kj pokvaru:)

    1. Hvala, sem jih pa še vedno v tem mesecu kupila več kot porabila :D

      Ja res je, mi ga je ostalo še sigurno več kot pol :/

  3. Great products dear, have a nice weekend!:)


  4. Tudi moj gel nadlak od essence je hitro postal pregost :/

  5. Awesome post:)! Do you want to follow me? I follow back!:) http://livinlikeaileen.blogspot.com/

  6. Bravo za izpraznjene izdelke :)

  7. I have tried the La Roche Posay effaclar duo before and I wasn't too impressed either. Maybe my breakout at that time was hormonal and there wasn't much to be done about it but I feel like the gel didn't do anything. I guess it's nice for people with sensitive, oily skin but I don't think it works wonders on pimples.

    Thank you for all these reviews!


    1. Oh that's too bad. I tried their Effaclar Mat and I also didn't like that one :/

      Thank you for your lovely comment dear! Kisses

  8. hi Dear Friend Excellent working.

  9. Interesting post! I'm your new follower # 112 if you want to come on my blog ^ - ^