July Favorites

Hey guys!

I'm really sorry, I'm quite late with favorites of July, because I didn't have internet connection for a few days.

So let's just jump into it :)


I bought this moisturizing cream from Green Line in the beginning of July and I've been using it constantly since then. It's for normal and mixed skin and I do have mixed skin - oily, and dry on the forehead and cheeks. It promises to tighten the pores, which I haven't noticed, but still, it is a good moisturizer. I apply it every morning before I put my foundation on.

You get 50 ml of product for around 4€, which is really nice. The packaging is green and so is the cream. It smells so good - like apples, so fresh and nice :) The only negative for me is that it doesn't have any SPF, so do keep that in mind. Oh and btw, it contains parabens.


Another blush in this month's favorites :) This one is Essence blush from their limited edition Brit-Tea. It has a rose pattern, which is so cute, however so similar to Milani ;)

For me, this blush was definitely the star of the whole collection. It has very nice illuminating properties and I just love it for the summer!

As you can see the blush has three different shades, the white one is a perfect highlighter. When all shades are mixed together you get a light pink blush (as you can see on the swatch below) that is ideal for fair and light skintones.


Because of the heat waves my lips have been quite dry in the past month and a half, which is a shame because I've also been loving matte lipsticks. So I was using different lip balms and sure the Burt's Bees lip balm (which is my favourite) did help, but for a quick solution (so I could wear a matte lipstick) this Lush Santa's Lip Scrub is awesome! 

It smells like Coca-Cola - so yummy I could eat it - guess what, you can actually eat it :D Of course I don't mean you can get a spoon and eat it from the jar :D You just rub the scrub all over your lips to exfoliate them. Then — YES! — just lick your lips clean. It's made out of sugar and other edible ingredients, so don't worry ;) It tastes sweet and yummy and it does leave your lips with a slightly red tint. However, the santa's edition is a limited one that they carry during the winter, but they do have a lip scrub in their permanent range, it's a bubblegum lip scrub. This product is a must if you have dry lips, trust me!


A friend gave me this body spray because she didn't like the smell, however I fell in love with it completely. It's an Essence Body Spray from their limited edition Beach Cruisers, which was last year's summer limited edition.  Of course you probably can't get it anymore, but I included it because it does smell like their fragrance Like a day in a Paradise, which is in permanent range

The packaging is adorable, so summery! The smell is sooooo nice, however very very sweet, so if you don't like sweet scents, you probably shouldn't buy the fragrance ;) It smells just like summer - mangoes, sun tan lotion, coconut... perfection ;) The only downfall is that this body spray doesn't last very long on me.. however I don't know the longevity of a fragrance.

I hope you enjoyed, oh and btw, I reached 100 followers, thank you so much for your support, and there's a giveaway coming soon!! :))


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  1. I like this post!!


  2. You have the best eye when it comes to beauty products ;)
    xx, Veni

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  3. Odgovori
    1. jaaaaa res je, to je moj prvi izdelek od Lush... definitivno ni zadnji :P

  4. lip scrub <3 same super izdelke si izbrala :D

  5. Odlični favoriti! Res je presenetljivo, ampak tudi meni so všeč tile majhni parfumčki od essence- niso preveč močni, kar je popolno zame :) xx Maja

    1. Hvala Maja!

      Res niso slabi, škoda edino, da niso bolj obstojni :)


  6. Odlični izdelki :) Čeprav nobenega še nisem preizkusila :)

    1. Hvala :) Joj, če katerega, ti najbolj priporočam Lush piling za ustnice, neverjeten je! :)