Essence "Winter Dreamin" - PREVIEW


Let's head to the mountains! From mid December 2017 to January 2018, the new trend edition "winter dreamin" is sure to put you in the mood for a day in the snow - with crisp, clean air and the sun's rays gently warming your face. And we're bringing along lots of pampering beauty products in pastel shades with cute snowflake designs and Norwegian style patterns.

Essence "Winter Dreamin" - Eyeshadow Palette

Twelve highly pigmented nude tones with matt, metallic and shimmering effects in a top-quality packaging.  The included eyeshadow brush makes it easy to apply and blend creamy textures.

Available in 01 Warm Blankets & Hot Chocolate.

Essence "Winter Dreamin" - Inner Eye Rim Pencil

The longlasting eye pencil is applied along the waterline for an instant wake-up effect.

Available in 01 Snowflake Kisses, 02 Sleigh Rides & Snowball Fights.

Essence "Winter Dreamin" - Sheer Lipstick

The lipsticks in a wintery packaging come in soft colours and offer a light shine.

Available in 01 Hot Cocoa & Fuzzy Socks, 02 Girlstalk At The Fireplace.

Essence "Winter Dreamin" - Nail Sticker

Norwegian-style patterns, hot chocolate and sleighs are here to adorn the nails - thanks to the cute nail stickers.

Available in 01 Sprinkle Me With Snowflakes.

Essence "Winter Dreamin" - Snow Ball Topcoat

Applied on top of nail polish, the top coat conjures-up a cute snowflake look on the nails. A donation will be made to the charity Off Road Kids for every instagram post of a wintery snowflake designs with #mynails4charity.

Available in 01 Ready, Set, Snow.

Essence "Winter Dreamin" - Nail Polish

The wintery nail polish colours in pine green, dark purple, ice blue and rosewood are fast-drying and create a longlasting manicure with a high coverage.

Available in 01 Cozy Mountain Mornings, 02 Hot Cocoa & Fuzzy Socks, 03 Sleigh Rides & Snowball Fights, 04 Girlstalk At The Fireplace.

Essence "Winter Dreamin" - 2 in 1 Highlighter And Blush Powder

This highlighter and blush comes in an innovative duo packaging and creates a fresh complexion like you've just taken a walk in the cool morning air.

Available in 01 A December To Remember.

Essence "Winter Dreamin" - Fluffy Snow Touch Hand Cream

The innovative hand cream texture feels as light as fresh powder snow and makes the hands feel soft and supple.

Available in 01 Ready, Set, Snow.

Essence "Winter Dreamin" - Heat Pack

The reusable mini heat pack provides warmth for 60 minutes after activation to keep hands nice and warm in the wintertime.

Available in 01 Cold Days, Warm Hearts.

Essence "Winter Dreamin" - Colour Correcting Powder

This correcting powder made up of three colours optimizes the complexion, reduces redness and conjures-up fresh accents for a flawless look - even at sub zero temperatures.

Available in 01 Footprints In The Snow.

Essence "Winter Dreamin" - Lip Butter

Dry lips are a thing of the past thanks to the rich, pampering lip butter.

Available in 01 Snowflake Kisses.

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