September Favorites

Hello again :)

Today I have for you my September Favorites :) Enjoy!

My favourite nail polish this September was Essence Beauti-fall Red from their Hello Autumn limited edition. It's a nail polish with thermo effect and that means that it changes colour when it's hot or cold. It goes from bright red (warm) to dark red (cold). Application is easy and it is opaque with 2 coats. I really love it, also for the fact that it lasted almost for a week on my nails :D I'll make a review on it. I also showed it in my NOTD's posts - here (click)

This month I rediscovered this Beauty Full volume mascara from Borjouis and I'm loving it. I use it in combination with different mascara, because it doesn't really separate eyelashes, but it does give them a lot of volume.

Also a SuperSHOCK Avon gel eyeliner that i've been loving lately. It's in shade Aqua pop and it is absolutly amazing. I love the shade, but also the fact that it is so soft and easy to use! I'm sure I'll buy more shades.

It's a product that I've been using everyday for the past two months. It's Avon Ideal Shade light make up in Nude. Actually it's a foundation and it really impressed me a lot. It has a light texture, covers well and doesn't seem that you have foundation applied. It doesn't give full coverage though.

First one that I use everyday is a lip balm in vanilla from Avon Naturals. It has a nice smell, is transparent and really moisturises my lips.

The lipstick I've been loving is this Essence 52 In the nude. It's just a perfect nude lipstick and I use it in combination with a nude lip liner or a lip gloss that I'll show you next.

And the last but not the least is this Avon Perfect Kiss Lip gloss in Naturally Nude. I love this one the most. It adds a little bit of shine and gives a beautiful colour to my lips. 

I hope you like my first Favorites post :))


8 komentarjev:

  1. Super post! Meni so te favorites najboljši :)
    Pa tale lak me že dolgo mika ;)

    1. Hvala :) Ja, jaz jih tudi rada berem :)) Hitro v nabavo dokler je še na voljo :D

  2. O nice :D zlo sta mi ušjč šminka pa lip gloss, pa barva ud eyelinerja j ful lepa :D

  3. Jst mam tud Avonov eyeliner, samo v vijolični barvi in se strinjam s tabo, da je super :)

  4. great post. i havent seen that essence nailpolish at my local drugstore yet....thanx for stoppig by my blog and sure i would love to follow each other but i dont see where i can follow you?

    1. thanks! :) Oh.. you should buy it when it comes, it really is awesome :)

      You can follow me here, through Blogger.

      I follow you now :)