REVIEW: MUA Glitter Ball Eyeshadow Palette


This palette claims to "add sparkle to your eyes for ultimate impact" - so be aware all people who dislike glitter and shimmer, this is not the palette for you! 

There are 12 colours and in total this weighs 9.6 grams.

 Let's start with the swatches ;)

The first 3 colours are these:

Black - very pigmented
Peach Pink - not as pigmented as black one
Emerald Green - shimmery with heavy glitter

The next 3 colours:

Pale Green - greys out
Bright Blue - well pigmented

The next ones:

Plum/Taupe - such an unusual colour, much nicer than the swatch
Golden Copper - my favourite! 
Pale Pink - pigmented, but hard to blend

And the last 3:

Dark Plum 
Dark Golden Brown

My final complaint is, the most annoying to me - the fallout. There is an awful lot of it.

           - 12 shades 
           - very cheap
           - the shades are very wearable

           - a LOT of fallout
           - the palette doesn't have a mirror
           - applicator is useless

To conclude, it's still a good palette for the price :)

I hope you like this review and have a nice weekend :)


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