REVIEW: Revlon Nearly Naked

Hello everyone :)

The last foundation I bought was Revlon Nearly Naked foundation because it was on sale and today I wanted to review it for you guys :) I went with shade 120 Vanilla after spending way too much time looking at swatch photos. 

I paid around 6€ (on sale) for 30 ml of product. The formula itself is relatively watery but surprisingly pigmented. The biggest con I have about the product is the same one shared by bloggers all over, which is the lack of a pump. Pouring the foundation out  is not convenient. It’s not a deal breaker for me, but it might be for some.

This foundation is perfect for those looking for light coverage. I find that it can even act as a concealer/eye primer because of how light it is. It glides on the skin smoothly and covers up pores and redness.

It has never oxidized on me, which is great, but I can't seem to get all day wear from it. Nearly Naked gives me roughly six hours of wear before it starts to break down. It is wonderful for day to day wear, but I'll need something more for work days. The finish and coverage is just right for me, this is probably the most natural looking, skin-like foundation that I've tried.

My only complaint really only has to do with the container of the product. I'm really not very fond of bottles you have to pour out of, it's just so messy and really wastes a lot of product. 

Do you have this foundation, what do you think? :)


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  1. It is a nice shade! Yes the bottle is not so comfortable..
    A big hug =)

  2. Great review Katja!!

  3. I haven't tried this brand in a while

  4. great post... have a nice day...

  5. Personally I prefer foundations with pumps, so good to know that this one doesn't have it!

    Have a lovely evening dear Katja,

  6. Amazing post, dear! Looks wonderful :)

  7. Great post. I didn't try this powder but I like your review.