Ebay Finds #5

Hello :)

I found some great things on Ebay recently, so I wanted to share them with you. If you don't like replicas, you're not gonna like this post :D I found a replica of The Balm's travel palette and Colourpop's supershock eyeshadows. You can see what I found on Ebay in my previous Ebay finds -> CLICK.

So the first item I found on auction was this replica of The Balm's Voyage vol. 2 travel palette. I love The balm's designs/packaging so that's why I decided to buy it :)

I really love the retro packaging and design. It's very travel friendly since it's sturdy and comes with a nice size mirror integrated. It contains 9 eyeshadows, a bronzer, luminizer, two blushes and two lip colours. It seems perfect to travel with!

A few swatches from shadows:

Blush swatches:

And lip colours:

I actually think this is a nice palette, very travel friendly. I paid 4,04$ which is a bargain! :)

The second item I found on Ebay are replicas of Colourpop's eyeshadows. I decided to buy only one of the colours, to see how it performs.

I bought mine in Kathleen Lights, which is a gorgeous bronze shimmery shadow.

The texture is amazing, feels really buttery and it's very pigmented. I would never guess it's a replica if I had not known. This swatch is made only with one swipe:

I really enjoy using it. I paid 1,39$ for it.

Let me know if you like these :)

Happy Sunday <3

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  1. This make up is perfect, I really like it. Great post, dear Katja.


  2. Nice colors, have a good day


  3. Eyeshadows looks so good! :)


  4. how awesome! i have to be honest, buying make up on ebay kinda scares me! but those were some great finds :)
    TheNotSoGirlyGirl // Instagram // Facebook

    1. Thanks dear :) Oh it does scare me too, but I always test it on my hand before using it on my face, to see if there's any reaction.

  5. Look like a great products to try! theBalm is always great)

  6. I love the Balm! Your purchases are amazing <3

  7. Things are cute
    good post :)

  8. I really like that first travel palette, the price of its was really inviting :)


  9. Wow so great dear kiss


  10. Avtor je odstranil ta komentar.

  11. Avtor je odstranil ta komentar.

  12. OH MY GOD! This is incredible. I actually won very recently a couple of eBay auctions regarding those ColourPop eyeshadows and I was pretty bummed because I thought they were going to be pretty chalky or not pigmented at all, but that seems incredible. Hope mine are as good as yours :( .
    I also came across the In The Nude palette by The Balm (a replica, of course) and I am waiting for it to arrive. I'll let you know if it is as good as that one you got. (and probably do a post as well).
    Have a nice week.


    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I hope you receive great items as well :) waiting on you to report back ;)

      Have a lovely day my dear <3