Essence "Love.Joy.Care" Trend Edition - Preview


Girls time! Beauty time! There’s nothing more fun than relaxing at home with your best friends on a cold winter evening. With the new trend edition “”, essence transforms your own four walls into a personal wellness oasis from mid December 2015 to mid January 2016. The cheerful, bright colour scheme with pink, coral, fuchsia, violet and light blue spreads a feeling of pure joy. The collection offers the ideal products for a spa party with a fun factor! It all starts with exciting must-haves for a perfect manicure like the nail oil with a practical brush applicator or the nail strengthening colour+care nail polishes. The innovative lip oil with a light, glossy texture and subtle colour-dispersion ensures ultra-smooth lips. After the beauty treatments, the sleep mask guarantees a good night’s sleep. And thanks to the gel-pads, your eyes will look fresh and rested – even after a long night of partying. Have fun and care… with essence!

Essence Love.Joy.Care - Lip Oil

Colour & care! The glossy, non-sticky texture of the lip oil nourishes the lips with jojoba and avocado oil, and gives them a subtle touch of colour in fuchsia or coral. The oil is easy to apply thanks to the small applicator. 

Available in 01 i'm feeling gooood! and 02 good in the mood!

Essence Love.Joy.Care - Caring Lip Balm

Care for you. The caring lip balm with a light texture and a vanilla fragrance makes the lips feel supple and wonderfully soft. Simply apply the creamy lip balm with your fingers and say goodbye to chapped lips! 

Available in 01 i care for you.

Essence Love.Joy.Care - Smoothing Cuticle & Nail Care Oil

Softness! The rich oil protects and strengthens the entire nail with vitamin E, avocado as well as soya oil for a beautiful, well-groomed look. The brush tip guarantees an accurate application, and the nail oil is absorbed super fast. 

Available in 01 dare to care.

Essence Love.Joy.Care - Shareable Nail File

File it. Thanks to the practical nail files with two sides – one for shortening and one for shaping – it’s easy to file your nails into shape so that they’re perfectly prepared for a manicure. The file can be split into two in the middle – sharing is caring! 

Available in 01 sharing is caring.

Essence Love.Joy.Care - All In One Nail Care

All4one! The all in one nail care with vitamin E is a true multi-talent for your nails. It can be used as a ridge-filler, base coat, high-shine top coat and colour refresher! It also has a strengthening and protecting effect. 

Available in 01 time for you.

Essence Love.Joy.Care - Colour & Care Strengthening Nail Polish

Strong nails. Natural ingredients strengthen and protect the nails from daily stress. The bright colours coral, fuchsia-purple, yellow and green create a cheerful look while the creamy texture with a high coverage ensures a long-lasting finish. 

Available in 01 I care for you, 02 happy nails, 03 lean on me and 04 you made my day.

Essence Love.Joy.Care - Nail Polish Remover Pads

Easy removing! It’s quick and easy to remove nail polish with the pre-soaked pads. Each pad contains pampering vitamin E and is acetone-free with a pleasant apricot scent. 30 pads. 

Available in 01 good in the mood!.

Essence Love.Joy.Care - Intensive Care Hand Butter

Shake hands. The silky, soft texture of the hand and nail butter is moisturizing, makes hands feel wonderfully soft and ensures supple cuticles. The rich cream is quickly absorbed, has a cotton milk scent and won’t feel oily on your skin. 

Available in 01 have a piece of care!.

Essence Love.Joy.Care - Sleep Mask

Sweet dreams! For a quick power nap or a well-deserved good night’s sleep: the sleep mask with a cute “closed eyes” design makes sure that you get your rest. The high-quality fabric - silky on the outside and soft velour on the inside - and the elastic band offer a comfortable fit. 

Available in 01 good night sweetie!.

Essence Love.Joy.Care - Cooling And Relaxing Eye Pads

Fresh-up. The practical, cooling gel pads make tired, swollen eyes look fresh and relaxed again! Place in the fridge and then on your eyes. Re-usable and perfect for relaxing – the cooling kick for your eyes. 

Available in 01 it's cool to care!.

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