Essence "Merry Berry" LE - My Picks

Hey loves :)

I think everyone and their mom waited for the Merry Berry limited edition from Essence to come to the stores :P This one got a lot of hype, and let me tell you, I was losing hope for a second, I thought I won't find anything :P

Lucky enough, I live in a very small city and I found a completely full stand :D You can guess how happy I was :P Honestly, I liked all the products but I had to control myself and I bought "only" hair fragrance and all of the nail polishes. Yes, all of them :D

1. Essence Merry Berry Hair Fragrance - 01 I love my golden pumps

I really enjoy this hair fragrance, though it doesn't contain any proper "Hair care" ingredients. The smell is really lovely and it does say on the bottle that it's the scent of the "Like the party of my life" fragrance. I had the fragrance and I pretty much loved it. The gold glitter is really visible in the bottle, however I can't see any on the hair.. The scent does linger for quite a few hours, sometimes I can even smell it the next day.

2. Essence Merry Berry Nail Polishes: 01 The Masked Ball, 02 Purple with Purpose, 04 Red Rocks, 03 Pink & Perfect

The packaging is sooo beautiful, I can't even.. So I "had" to buy them all :D the swatches are at the end of the post. My favourite is 02 Purple with purpose, because it's more unique shade, contains pink shimmer, very pretty.

3. Essence Merry Berry Top Coat - I love my golden pumps

I don't think I own a golden glitter polish in my collection, which is honestly very weird, because I own like 35235 polishes.. (#hoarder) So I had a good excuse for buying it :P
And the swatches: (they're all 2 coats)

Did you buy anything from this limited edition? ;) 


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