REVIEW: Lush Santa's Lip Scrub / Blogmas Day 5

Hey, ho, let's go! :D

Today I have for you a review of the only Lush product that I own - Santa's Lip scrub. I've had it for quite some time now so this will be a proper review :)

What they say: "Smooth and soften lips with our scrumptious, cola-flavored lip scrub. Caster sugar exfoliates away all the rough, dry bits while coconut oil moisturizes for soft, supple kissers. You'll be smitten with the yummy cola flavor and the smattering of tiny, edible red hearts. Simply rub onto lips and lick off, then apply your favorite gloss, lipstick or our Santa Baby lip tint. Soft and tasty lips for the winter season - perfect!"

Let me tell you, this product completely knocked my socks off.. it's phenomenal. But let's start at the beginning. For anyone that doesn't know Lush is a company that makes fresh, handmade cosmetics. 

This lip scrub is cola-flavoured and Lush says the ingredients are caster sugar, coconut oil and extract of cherries and dates. The santa's version is a limited edition one, however they do have lip scrubs available all year round.

These scrubs are perfect for this time of the year when the cold weather dries your lips out. Use this once or twice a week and you're lips will be in perfect condition. I especially like to use it whenever I'm using a matte lipstick, because than the lipstick really looks perfect.

You use this by rubbing the scrub into your lips, then simply wipe the excess off or lick it off - YES, IT'S EDIBLE!! :D Well, don't get a spoon and start eating from the pot haha ;)

I think I have it for about a half a year and it looks like I barely touched it, because you really don't need much, so it lasts you for a long time.

To conclude, if you're in the market for a good lip scrub then I really recommend you this one! plus it tastes delicious :P

- handmade
- fresh
- cruelty free
- cola-flavoured
- edible

- it's not as moisturizing as they say, but anyway, it's a scrub and I really don't expect that from it

I hope you're enjoying my Blogmas posts! :))

Have a lovely weekend,

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